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  • i like dice.

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  • This show is about teenagers trying to save the universe.The main character is Jet and along with his other teamates, he stops crimes.They use these machines called dinobreakers that can transform into fighting things transportation.This show is cool.

    This show is awesome and I can't wait for the new episodes. My favorite character is Jet. This show is all about teenagers and that is what I like about it.I hope they don't get rid of this show.I haven't completely got to see the entire series yet and I want. The episodes that I have saw have been awesome. It starts out kind of boring but later on in the show it gets interesting. My favorite episode would have to be where Jet finds out that The Phantom Knight is his brother. I would recommend this show to everyone.
  • D.I.C.E. stands for DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises. They save those in trouble. This show is like Gundam, Power Rangers and Voltron crushed together.

    Okay, okay I thougt D.I.C.E. looked good from the commericals on YTV neat Gundam or Zoid thingies and all. But it has way to much crap in it, one minute there on a dinosaur the nex after a long transformation it becomes a robot warrior or something with them. I dunno I tried to watch two episodes and thats all I could muster. All the characters are like iconic Power Rangers ideas there's no real character development or anything. I just found it bland and boring. It need some Piazz or something and a focus instead of Just merging giant robots and kids all together. Maybe an Origin story as Episode 1 would of helped.
  • Dice is about people that save other people from random every day life dangers. They have transforming dinosaur vehicles.

    I tought this show looked cool, infact the theme song wasn\'t that bad, but man 30 minutes of what the show is and man i just couldn\'t stand to watch it again, it is a complete bore. and im glad that it doesn\'t take up anymore time on my tv schedule.
  • This show is so awsome! There is some other cooler shows then this, this one is one of the best! Every day it's on, I watch it! And the idea, Transforming Robots, and the idea of it being dinosaurs! Go DNA Intergrated Cybernetic Interpirces! You rule so m

    D.I.C.E, Is a great show. But the abreviations for what the show could be called, DNA Intergrated Cybernetic Interprices, very weird!
    The Coolest characters are:
    Captian Spike
    Cool! So cool!
    This show hits the big time, well with me anyway. I think this show is better then Absolutly Fabulos, but right now, thats the highest rank I can get here. :3
  • One of the favorite animè in the Philippines!

    This animè rocked the Philippines last January 7, 2006 with its premiere episode. The animè is in Tagalog (Philippine's Language). It was awesome! The CGIs were smooth, The story is well done. The characters were the best part of the animè is great! Theme song is good! If this was ranked among my personal favorites, it ranks first among 22 other animès. Also the video game was real good, although it got only 4-5 rating. The animè is my personal favorite. They have only shown 5 episodes since Jan. 7 and I'm waiting for the Season 2! Cool!
    Rating is 15/10.
  • Anime mechs, weird robots, hot chicks with HUGE eyes, and overly long and incredibly frequent transformation sequences. Could this be the hierachy of Western anime? Well, I could say that, but then I'd have to commit seppuku for such lies and treachery. T

    A bunch of orphaned, arrogant teenagers get these weird little machines that turn them into genetic little mechs, go to "battle" with a whole bunch of adults, and the whole generally ends up being a parody of itself. The only time a concept like that could ever work is in "Kids Next Door". DICE is not KND, it is an anime and it honestly makes an attempt to be serious about it. Lo and behold, it fails miserably. If I weren't so stingy with the lower scores, keeping a '0' as being the worst possible show ever (which would be a show so bad, it ends the world as we know it), I probably wouldn't have given it a 4.9.
    Whatever the case, this follows the standard plot of a bunch of kids becoming the heroes. As I said, Kids Next Door pulls this off great, being a parody of it more than anything else. DICE is not a parody. All the humor is... not even funny. The plots are incredibly underwhelming, and the characters- oh my god, the characters... You have surely seen a kids show where the kids on the show actually make you want to... not have kids. Imagine a group of seven of these kids, horribly voice acted, and all covering a stereotype of Western and Eastern anime. We have the hotheaded "Jet", the shopoholic "Puffy", and the badass who's name I can't even remember. Then the boring chick (not hot), the mechanic/geek, and someone else I couldn't be bothered to remember. I really wish these kids would just DIE, but for some reason, they don't. They get themselves into all kinds of stupid scenarios, through their own carelessness. The thingy that turns them into mechs got shot out of a girls hand once, and for some reason, one kid was in a WARZONE and managed to turn into a mech just fine. One guy was in a cave and had to activate a thingy that reverses gravity so he could fly, and this caused all the large boulders and very, very big rock spikes to actually burst through the ground on his getaway, being pulled up by the gravity reversal... which was turned off, but that's beside the point.
    And they always get through these scenarios on sheer luck. Every 'victory' is really just one big happy accident. If the characters weren't so heart-rendingly godawful, maybe I wouldn't WANT to see them die in a horribly, horrible way.
    I'm not even going to touch the facial expressions or the voice acting. Because... there are no facial expressions. At least Transformers have faces, the DICE mechs are just CGI models that have no faces or anything. The ones who do are limited to a talking animation. A bad guy will actually give his "evil mean headed" speech and look like he's talking about the weather. The facial expressions are just that bad. Voice acting is worse.
    The mechs and action sequences are just... awful. The animation, despite being CGI with a toon shader, manages to look like HORRIBLE hand-drawn animation. One punch takes about 3 individual drawings. A standard one uses, what, 10? 20? Whatever the case, it's jittery, it's awful, you really don't feel immersed at all. The action is terrible, and while they have mechs, they serve no purpose. These are mechs, damnit, and yet the mech-kid gets on a motorcycle and drives around. The mechs don't even have guns as far as I know. The action goes like this: Kid loses the ability to go mech (somehow) > Bad Guy gloats > Kid does something retarded > through some sort of divine intervention, kid gets mech thingy back > bad guy surrenders (that's right, no battle, just a quick surrender).
    And the music is just ONE song. ONE BLOODY SONG. It's used every episode, and is just terrible in itself. No ambient music, no variants, NOTHING.
    If you like anime, this is just going to make you go cry in a corner somewhere. If you aren't an anime fan, you'll just be thinking "wtf is all the fuss over this anime shite?"
    Don't watch this show. Kay? Kay.
  • Not really great but not bad either. It all depends on your tastes. This show has some potential, but rarely do many cartoons make the necessary adjustments to make their show even better. But if it can go further in quality, continuity, originality I wou

    I would have to say if i am up and need time to kill, I watch this show. Seen about maybe one or two epidsodes and well they were not bad but they were not great either. I do not know if this was inspired from Zoids, Power Rangers, Rescue Heroes or something but hopefully they take this to a mechanic to get some of the kinks worked out. Notice I was not totally prejudice and gave this a score like 5 or something but I guess 7.5 is a deserving score. I guess they have considerable amount of fans if they have a game for this show, but hopefully if this show wants to gain a massive fanbase, it should rework a few things. All things considered please people give this show a chance, let us see what will happen with it.
  • In the first episode the characters take some getting used to at first, but after that its a great show

    I like this show, just the characters leave a little to be desired in some of them. It\\\'s like a mix of Power Rangers, Transformers, and Zoids.
    It has Zoids like animation to it, which is pretty pleasing. Also the CGI is really well done. I believe it is a show that will grow on those who dont like it right now. I didn\\\'t like Yu-Gi-Oh at first, but I got into the show after a few episodes.
  • dice is about a group of people that save other people

    Why did i watch dice? becuase they took over the rave master!!! and I was annoyed at cnfor doing that , i tried to like dice i really did! but it was just boring to me!
    D.I.C.E is about a group of people that help people in a bad situation soumds good but not everybody will like it .
    It also seemed much like zoids and transformers which was not a good idea for the directors of dice. And the other reason was that they took over rave master which wasn't right becuase rave master is a popular show.
  • Of course, DICE doesn't disappoint, but, to some it's a waste of time. To me, this show looks futuristic for an anime show, & yet this show still pleases some, I think it's awesome! Many anime have futuristic things, but, DICE may still have chances.

    I think DICE might still have a great chance of interest, yet, so many haven't gave it a chance. I think this deserves a chance, & even if this is a kiddy show, I may take a chance to watch it. I might just give it a 10/10 in appreciation.
  • There isn't much to say.

    I'll be completely honest. I only watched 2 episodes of this show. I scarcely know what it's about, but I don't want to know anymore. When Toonami hyped this show to be something "good", I thought it looked a little funny, almost like a Zoids rip-off. But when I took the time to watch the pilot episode, I was in complete dismay. The one thing I absolutely hate about this show is the voice-acting. The actors are completely unenthusiastic, and almost seem like they didn't take the time to memorize the script, they're just reading it word for word off the paper.

    That's about it. I can't say I would suggest this show to anyone.
  • This show is not good

    When I first watch it does not make sence and I keep on watching it but it do not get better so I waiting then it show 3:00 am where I live so I stop watching it I hope some day it might be good and I can catch it in the afternoon on Saturday
  • DICE is an aweseome show about fortresses and dinobreakers and rescues and it's so much fun to watch. The F-99 fortress is made up completely of kids and it makes them interesting to watch them actually do this work and everything. It's absolutely fascina

    I really think that D.I.C.E. is an excellent anime for kids to watch. It teaches about teamwork and has excellent adventures for kids to watch and beocme familiar with. I am over 19 years old and I watch it because it iis an adventure to watch. I love it all.