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  • Not really great but not bad either. It all depends on your tastes. This show has some potential, but rarely do many cartoons make the necessary adjustments to make their show even better. But if it can go further in quality, continuity, originality I wou

    I would have to say if i am up and need time to kill, I watch this show. Seen about maybe one or two epidsodes and well they were not bad but they were not great either. I do not know if this was inspired from Zoids, Power Rangers, Rescue Heroes or something but hopefully they take this to a mechanic to get some of the kinks worked out. Notice I was not totally prejudice and gave this a score like 5 or something but I guess 7.5 is a deserving score. I guess they have considerable amount of fans if they have a game for this show, but hopefully if this show wants to gain a massive fanbase, it should rework a few things. All things considered please people give this show a chance, let us see what will happen with it.