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Dick and Dom in da Bungalow

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Dick and Dom in da Bungalow is a games show for children. Dick (Richard McCourt) and Dom (Dominic Wood) invite 6 contestants (BungalowHeads) into their Bungalow. Throughout the two shows (on Saturday and Sunday mornings, 9am to 11am), the bungalow heads attempt to win Bungalow points to try and win prizes.

The first series was broadcast on the CBBC Channel in 2002/3, with each programme lasting 3 hours (9am to 12pm). It was recommissioned for 2003/4 and cut to two hours, the show gained a much bigger audience when it became BBC ONE's flagship Saturday children's show with the Sunday episode only being broadcast on the CBBC Channel.

In 2004 the show won a BAFTA for best Children's Entertainment show, and the hosts Dick and Dom won the best children's presenters BAFTA.

Throughout the duration of series 5 it was decided that this series of Dick and Dom would be the last. The show ended on a high with 3 clip shows from the previous years.moreless
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  • One of the most original programs on television; the only reason to get up at 9am on a weekend!

    It\'s nice to have something different in the weekend morning line-up, and Dick n Dom certainly is that! A program that stays as far away from the \"Show 5 minutes of cartoons then cut back to the woefully unfunny presenters and a performance by McFly or Girls Aloud (for the 10th week running)\" formula as possible.

    Dick and Dom genuinely seem to have fun, and they aren\'t afraid to throw a wobbly when they\'re annoyed by the kids - it just adds to the humour!

    It\'s a shame they have to have cartoons at-all, but I suppose they need time to clean up and setup for the next part of the show. The pre-recorded features like the ledgendary bogies and eniemeaniemakaraka... are just as entertaining as the live show.

    I think Da Bungalow is a classic case of \"you either love it or you hate it\", and I for one love it. I find the chaos and randomness just tickles my funny bone, it\'s obvious that they\'ve tapped into a market illustrated by the show\'s popularity and ITV\'s poor imitation; Ministry of Mayhem.

    It\'s just a shame that the show has now finished, I guess I\'ll be lying in on weekends from now-on.moreless
  • Pure Genius !!!!!

    I think dick and dom is the funniest programme on childrens television ever !!!!! Im 14 but i still thinks it's absolutely classic television ! all hail dick and dom ! If i had to pick between dick and dom it would be dick as dom tends to care more about the state of his clothes than what the kids are up 2 !!! well thats more than 50 words - long live the bungalow ( even though its the last series ! )moreless
  • Creamy muck muck

    I know the target audience is for kids under twelve but it is brilliant. I never would have thought something so silly could be so funny - especially BOGIES which makes me role around on the floor for ages laughing. I have tried it at school and got kicked my friends kicked out of the library for doing it. The one they do with the stickers is great too. I think however the Pants Dance is the best - where else can you see two grown men every week dancing with underwear on their heads. The words are great too.

    "You gotta take a chance

    and do the knickers on your noodle prance

    and dance in your pants"moreless
  • A very good kids program that will wake you up on the weekend.hosts dick and dom bring in a group of children to play games to earn points to win a prize at the end of the day.at regular periods cartoons are shown for the veiwing channel.moreless

    this show called dick and dom in da bungalow is a full morning program to get you up and raring to go(good to wake you up on the weekends).the hosts dick and dom bring in a group of children to play games and to compete to earn points to win a smashing prize(oooh).they regularly show programs(cartoons)from the veiwing channel.
  • Absolutely mental, but actually very smart and funny at times...

    Dick & Dom in da Bungalow is essentially just another children's Saturday morning show used to fill time between cartoons. However, it is one with a difference. It doesn't rely on celebrities plugging new films or tv shows, infact, celebrities aren't allowed in the bungalow (with a few exceptions).

    It is very unique in that aspect. It didn't just take Dick & Dom and get them to present another SMtv: Live clone. Instead, it let them try new things. They basically play rather insane games with their contestants and have little skits inbetween and a few "on the streets" segments. What really makes this show stand out however (if you can sit through the immature humour) is the fact that it can really be incredibly funny at times. This is usually due either to a completely mental skit that has been set up and caught you off-guard, the reactions of the general public to certain things, or most often, Dick & Dom's improvisation when things start to go wrong, which is very often.moreless
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