Dick Turpin

ITV (ended 1982)





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  • Series telling the adventures of highwayman Dick Turpin and his apprentice/partner Swiftnick.

    Dick Turpin is a classic historic adventure series detailing the adventures of famous Highwayman Dick Turpin and his partner Swiftnick.
    The series was created by Richard 'Kip' Carpenter, who also created other classics such as Robin of Sherwood and Catweazle, and this alons is almost a guarantee of its quality.

    Excellent scripts and great acting. Richard O'Sullivan and Michael Deeks had a great chemistry and they must have had to have a great time making this series because it shows in almost every episode.

    The stories are usually self-contained episodes, with an occasional two-parter. They centre around the life of the two main characters and their adventures as robbers, or highwaymen in England. They are written with humour and wit though, of course, they are a fictionalised account of the lives of these two men, both of whom are historical figures who lived in England in the early 1700s.