Diff'rent Strokes

Season 7 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1984 on NBC

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  • Poor Sam!

    I know what he was going through, I had a bedwetting issue as a kid, but mine wasn't psychological, I had a HUGE bladder.

    Anyway, the way Maggie handled that was way off, especially in the beginning when she first found out. Reminds me of my mom in a way. Too bad they didn't have Good Nites back then!

    When Sam was holding that hairdryer on his sheets brought back horrid memories of my Mom waking me up and making me hold the hair dryer to my sheets.

    She was better than Michael Landon's mom was though. He had a bedwetting problem and his mom hung his sheets outside his bedroom window for all the kids in the neighborhood to see!

    I suppose I see where Sam had a problem though, because Arnold, even though I think he's great, treated Sam like a slave, almost making him kiss his you-know-what and bow down to him. Sam needs attention too. Not quite as much as they were giving him, in that forced way, but day-to-day attention.