Diff'rent Strokes

NBC (ended 1986)


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  • What else is there to say? Gary Coleman made this show what it was...

    The family friendly series made a star out of Gary Coleman, forever immortalised as the loveable scamp with the chubby cheeks, Arnold Jackson and his catchphrase "What u Talkin' About?" made television history. Yet despite it's cosy sitcom settings Diff'rent Strokes was not afraid to address sensitive issues and during it's long run expertly dealt with the likes of racial prejudice, child molestation and bullying.

    Conrad Bain a distinguished actor played tycoon Phillip Drummond the kindly widower who adopted the Jackson kids from Harlem, Arnold and Willis ( Todd Bridges ) after their death of their mother Lucy who had served as his housekeeper. The kids had to adjust to living in a swank Park Avenue penthouse with a new housekeeper and a teenage sister ( Dana Plato ).

    Bain, Coleman, Bridges and Plato were a formidable team and you cannot help but warm to their likeable characters. Once Diff'rent Strokes ended the young cast were unable to escape the pressures of fame and their various scrapes with the law somewhat tarnished the show's image.

    It still lives today in the minds of 30 somethings who grew up in there teens with the Drummonds and Jacksons.