Diff'rent Strokes

Season 2 Episode 12

Thanksgiving Crossover (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1979 on NBC

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  • A not-good episode of a not-good series.

    "Diff'rent Strokes" was never what you'd call "good television." But even the best series can sink to new lows when they waste entire episodes trying to launch spin-offs.

    Such was almost the case with this episode which wasn't an episode of "Diff'rent Strokes" at all; rather it was a crossover episode of the spin-off series "Hello, Larry." And if you thought "Strokes" was a bad series, you have to get your hands on some episodes of "Hello, Larry."

    A few of these crossover episodes were produced in an attempt to bolster the ratings of "Hello, Larry." It didn't work. "Larry" aired for two incredibly low-rated seasons. (By today's standards, the network would have ordered six episodes and yanked the series after airing four of them.)

    Interesting note: When this hour-long episode was split into two half-hour installments and included with the "Diff'rent Strokes" syndication package, series star Conrad Bain's name was omitted from the main titles for part one. It had returned in the titles for part two.