Diff'rent Strokes

Season 1 Episode 5

The Spanking

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1978 on NBC
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The Spanking
Arnold ignores warnings and continues to drop water balloons from the balcony. Mr. Drummond's decision to punish Arnold for the prank with a spanking becomes a learning lesson for Willis too, when he insists that he be the one to spank Arnold -- but where's Arnold?

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  • Rookie mistake - it'd be much better if Mr. Drummond took the telescope away first, and how he forgot that is beyond me

    This was a very well-plotted episode except for one thing. It had all the right feelings and everything, and I believe was appropriate for something very dangerous. So why didn't I rate this higher. Because not taking the telescope away helped, and Mr. Drummond, having his own daughter, would have known exactly what to do - take that way first, and not give it back for a few days. By just threatening but doing nothing else it let Arnold think he was off the hook. If Mr. Drummond had had no children before this woudl be accepable - but he would never have made such a rookie mistake. Then again, *if* he did that, it still probably wouldn't have taught Arnold, and so I would say that it was still very good. He should just have done that after he got the telescope back after a few days.moreless
Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman

Arnold Jackson

Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae

Mrs. Edna Garrett (1978-1979)

Conrad Bain

Conrad Bain

Philip Drummond

Todd Bridges

Todd Bridges

Willis Jackson

Dana Plato

Dana Plato

Kimberly Drummond (1978-1984)

Frank Farmer

Frank Farmer

Police Officer

Guest Star

Jerry Marshak

Jerry Marshak

Little Boy

Guest Star

Weldon Bleiler

Weldon Bleiler

Maintenance Man

Guest Star

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    • Kimberly: Daddy, please don't spank him. You can break his tender little bones!
      Philip: Don't worry. Where I'm gonna spank him, he doesn't have any bones!

    • Philip: (about Arnold hitting Henry with a water bomb) I'm very sorry this has happened to you, Henry, and I can see to it that it doesn't happen again. Here. (gives him some cash) Will this cover the damage?
      Henry: Oh. Oh, sure it will. Usually I get hit by pigeons, and they don't tip!

    • Philip: Arnold, I'm afraid there's just one solution. This calls for a spanking.
      Arnold: A spanking?!? But there ain't enough of me to spank!

    • Kimberly: What's up?
      Philip: Well, Arnold dropped a water bomb on the maintenance man. Now, I've warned him about it before, and I promised him he'd be punished if he did it again.
      Arnold: He doesn't have to keep his promise to me.
      Philip: Am I being an unreasonable father?
      Mrs. Garrett: No, no. I agree with you, Mr. Drummond.
      Kimberly: So do I, Daddy.
      Arnold: Aww!
      Kimberly: What about no desserts for a couple of nights?
      Arnold: No dessert?!? I just sprinkled the man. I didn't drown him!

    • Philip: You shouldn't have fun at somebody else's expense. Now, I'm sorry, but this time, you're gonna be punished.
      Arnold: Aw, that ain't fair! Weren't you ever a little kid?
      Philip: I can't remember that far back. Besides, we weren't talking about me.
      Arnold: Well, let's make it even and don't talk about me, either.

    • Willis: Arnold's so small, he can get lost in a crowd of three.

    • Philip: What do you think about the [stock] market?
      Arnold: I think the price of tomatoes is too high.

    • Willis: (after Arnold drops the water bomb off the balcony) See you around!
      Arnold: Where're you going?
      Willis: Where you ain't. I don't wanna be around when they lay the charge on you.
      Arnold: What charge?
      Willis: Assault with a wet weapon.

    • Willis: (looking into a telescope) Check out that girl.
      Arnold: Who cares about a girl, I ain't even had a dog yet.

    • Mrs. Garrett: Arnold, you may be a size small, but when it comes to trouble, you're a 42 long.

    • Arnold: (thinking Willis is going to give him a fake spanking) What are you going make sound like my butt?
      Willis: Your butt.

    • Willis: I don't like spanking my brother.
      Arnold: Then why'd you do it so hard?!

    • Willis: Kids shouldn't spank kids.
      Arnold Especially when one of those kids is me.

    • (After the spanking)
      Philip: Willis, you're crying.
      Mrs. Garrett: Don't tell me the little one beat up the big one!

    • Arnold: Don't spank me. I may grow up to be mean.

    • Kimberly: Don't spank him, spankings are so barbaric and medieval.
      Philip: They've been so popular up till this year.

    • Philip: What are you two looking at me like that for, I didn't lay a hand on the kid.
      Kimberly: No, you're just the godfather who hired the hitman.

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