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  • Why does the Ambassador look like a clown from a Stephen King movie?

    I really enjoyed the series. I thought it had an interesting premise, good acting and a good pace. The only thing I couldn't figure out is why they made the ambassador look like that. She looks normal in her IMDB photos so it had to be the person in charge of her makeup that did it on purpose.
  • Not really Digging it!

    It consisted of all the right materials, but it failed to deliver a suspenseful, mystery story. It could have been better!

    The finale was very disappointing!
  • Grows on You

    This is one of those shows you have to stick with and hope it all comes together. There are a lot of simultaneous storylines going on that will not connect until more than half way through. Sure, there are moments of "why do they keep trusting that person" and extraneous plots but for the most part I find it intriguing. It's a puzzle not a blueprint. Well acted with an interesting mythology.
  • Keep watching; It is a great mystery ride

    I do not understand why people cannot watch this show further than just couple of episodes.

    You need to understand it is a Mini series. Because there is an ending after 10 episodes they cannot do that many twists and turns as in a multi-season series.

    Just see this as a sort of Da vinci code murder series. if you like a good detective with a cool mysterious, religious twist then this serie is the thing for you.
  • Finally

    Kept watching this series mainly because I know it is a mini-series with an ending. Otherwise I would have bailed on it because it has been so disjointed... until now. And I don't mind non-linear plots but they just did not do a very good job of it.

    Finally an episode that followed plot lines rather than a Hodgepodge of events.

    This is the first episode that I have actually enjoyed and has me actually waiting for the next episode.
  • I have no idea whats happenning... and that's a good thing!

    So many shows these days are extremely predictable, within the first 5 minutes you've worked out who the bad guy is and where the plots going. This show keeps me guessing and I love it. I love being able to just enjoy the ride and be shocked at new revelations.

    The acting is great and the main characters are easy to sympathise with. I'm especially loving the young Jewish boys journey.
  • War and Peace, But Slower

    I have watched the first four episodes. It has not interested me yet.

    Sad that there was so much hype before it started. I stopped watching now.
  • Interesting program

    Some of this program is wildly Dan Brown-ish, but some of it is based on reality. Too bad the writers don't know more about Essenes, the Red Heifer, and Judaism in general. Plus, the really creepy stuff in the David Koresh-style compound in New Mexico-- what's THAT about?
  • Essenes: life among the ruins?

    A lot of negatives on the internet reviews so far, but I disagree. The essene angle is quite interesting--at least to me. That ancient Jewish sect wrote and/or copied protected the Dead Sea scrolls (or so most experts believe). They were, by all accounts I've read quite pacifistic -- in this series they seemed to have changed. They believed in two (2) Messiahs (one from Judah and the other from Levi) to ill the office of king and of high priest. Thus the need for two Joshuahs (cloned so it seems). I'm looking forward to the development of the story, and I believe the laying of the foundation by the somewhat slow dialog is justified--but, I've been wrong before--but never in doubt.
  • Strange in a good way.

    This show is really strange in a good way. It is telling a story that is cryptic and mysterious. There is so many turns and dips in this show that it has my head spinning. I can't figure it out yet and that is the part I like. I hope it stays at this level and doesn't take a nose dive. Right now I am watching because it has really made me interested. I like this kind of far so good...
  • So Far So Good..

    The Pilot episode sets up what could turn out to be a great show. Just weird enough to keep me interested and wanting more. Totally worth giving a try.
  • Looks like a Good new series... so far

    Dig looks like it has the potential to be a very good series. I really liked episode 1. Mystery, intrigue... it started off a little slow, but just got better throughout. It almost reminds me a little of the series titled Awake. I'll definitely be watching this one! I also watched the premiere of American Crime, and I rate Dig as a better series.