Digging for the Truth

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  • Intriguing and inspiring. A show that takes its audience to archeological sites all over the world in an attempt to answer questions of ancient mystery, myth and documented accounts.

    Digging for the Truth is a show that attempts to answer questions of ancient mysteries by visiting the documented locations associated with them. Host Josh Bernstein, doing his best Indiana Jones impression, visits archeological sites and interviews scholars in an attempt to answer age old questions of past civilizations. Josh has the greatest job in the world and does his job all over the world.

    The show often tends to leave the questions unanswered or open-ended but that is part of what makes the show great. This leaves the answers to be discovered by its audience. Digging for the truth hands you the shovel, but you have to do the digging. It is this sort of intrigue that encourages viewers to conduct their own research and immerse themselves in history.

    Josh Bernstein has since left the show and has been replaced by a new host. I have not been able to catch but only one episode of the new season so I cannot make a comment on the new direction of the show. What I did see of it remains the same, however, Josh was a much better fit to host the show.
  • i absolutely love this entire series, but only with josh bernstein as the host! i learned more from him then i did in history class!!!

    i love this show, but i love every episode! i would call this show one of my favorites! josh is hot, so smart, sexy, an amazing person! i hope great things happen for him! i know now that they have two new hosts for the show, which i think stinks! they are replacing one of the best hosts ever with two morons! its kind of unfair that josh had to do so much alone, and now they hire two guys to do his job. i will not watch this show if josh isnt on it! i learned so much from josh, this show is nothing without josh! i am sure they will lose a bunch of viewers!!
  • Example of great courage and determination!

    It is a demonstration of ability, charisma and professionalism! An accurate combination of talent and chance that used in the best way bring huge resulted. The secrets kept in the places most distant and inaccessible of the land now are threatened! He, Josh Bernstein, arrived to shake the hardest structures of the mysteries of history. Using the tools of the technology and science no track will be able to escape of his intent way. He demonstrates respect to the beliefs, religions, sacred places, cultures, etc. This way, all the doors of the world opens it for him. For everything this, I take off my hat! “Many people dream to arrive where few want. Those that look for are rarity. Unique is this that arrives!” Sophydiah
  • A Great show for History Buffs!

    If your looking for information on some history's greatest mysterys or legends then look no further then to the history Channel's "Digging for the Truth", Host Josh Bernstein takes the television Viewing audience all over the world exploring some of history's discovery of ancient artifacts from ancient times. It's truely a interesting and very informative program for anyone studying ancient history this show could help them with whatever the subject is, I Realy Enjoy watching it and I think you will to.
  • This is one of the History Channels better shows. I think Josh adds a very organic excitement to the show. He is really interested in the topic of the week.

    I have truly enjoyed this show. I think that as young as Josh is and putting aside the Indiana Jones persona. He is a great fit for a very hard job. The subject matter is no easy push over kind-a-stuff. There are some theological land mines in these episodes that Josh handles like a real professional. He really goes out in search of answers to some tough questions. In the Sodom and Gomorrah episode where he is looking for the sulfur and in the America's Pyramids episode where he has to carry to dirt up the hill. He gets involved in the hunt. He is very hands on and I think very few people could pull that off. I am glad that the History Channel went with the younger Josh as the host.
  • It´s almost funny to see Mr. Josh Bernstein pretending to be Indiana Jones

    I do not know what Mr. Bernstein studied, because he looks like a kid who awfully tries to comprehend the things that surround him. It clearely shows us that he is nothing but a person that intends to be all the time in the lightspot. Personally, I thing that he is pathetic.
  • A show that digs into past mysteries and helps explain who was here before us and how they help make us who we are today.

    What a wonderful show. The host makes it very easy to understand what the history is and why it is important. I specifically likes that he tackles topics that are currenlty making news. For instance, he did an episode on the DaVinci code theories. Well done and hope this show sticks around for a long time.
  • An informative and entertaining show on Archeology and the search for our past.

    I think this is a great show. The host, Josh, is always so enthusiastic about everything he does during the episode. Also, the lengths that he will go to phycially himself to show us things in a way they have never been seen before, from the air, from underground, from under the ocean, is unbelieveable. He is a true adverturer, and not bad looking either. This is a show that I never miss because it is just so informative and interesting, each episode.
  • Making history fun again.

    Digging for the Truth has done something that I believe many thought was impossible - it has made learning and learning about history fun again! Every week is a new adventure but always with teaching in mind. The host, Josh Bernstein, has never faltered in showing his complete respect for *all* cultures and people whether they be in Egypt, Central America or Louisiana. It is a wonderful program that can be enjoyed by all, no matter what their education level. In a time when so much history is being lost or re-written for politically correct reasons, Digging for the Truth is a refreshing and entertaining way to keep us all connected with where the world began.
  • Very entertaining show. Historically accurate and factually based

    A show that I would consider showing to children and young ones interested in history. A way for a person to see history come alive. More and more interesting each episode as different eras and periods are explored as well as looking at different times in history. A must watch.
  • Young deliberately Indiana Jones type investigates a variety of historical mysteries and invites the audience to come along.

    I've only seen a handful of episodes of this show but I'm interested in seeing more. What really happened to Nefertiti? Why did the Anasazi move their village to the side of a rock wall and then simply disappear? Is there really a Holy Grail? Who actually built the pyramids? Where were King Solomon's mines? Although less than impressive in their outcome, the journeys are invariably interesting. The host's visits to the pyramids at Giza, the catacombs in Venice and Anasazi and Mayan ruins was amazing and he presents it all in such a way that kids can get caught up in his enthusiasm. I would love to go to half the places he's been, myself.
  • Mysteries, wit, beautiful photography...what else could you ask for in a show like this?

    Josh Bernstein can't solve every mystery. But he (with the help of his producers) researches each subject well enough to bring an average person up to speed in one hour. Josh keeps the material fresh while adding a nice touch of "every man" humor. He joked about leaving graffiti in the relieving chamber of Khufu's Pyramid. You won't find a "professional" psuedo-archaeologist who takes himself too seriously cracking wise like that. Beyond all that, Josh travels the globe and shows you incredible places. I'll probably never travel to Africa to track the Ark of the Covenant or to try to find The Lost Tribes of Israel, but Josh took me there with his film crew.
  • Interesting and fun to watch.

    It is very interesting and even funny at times. I’ve learned thing’s I never new before by watching this show. Josh makes the whole show exciting, like you were right there with him on his adventure. It seems like he goes out and searches for everyone’s opinion and then comes to the final conclusion by what the facts tell.
  • Mr.Bernstein is the Best Host I've ever seen. With his enthusiasm and an excellant camera crew this show has sparked an interest in archaeology in those who once thought it to be boring.

    Josh Bernstein is the Best Host I've ever seen. He truly loves his job, which shows in every episode done to date. His enthusiasm draws you in to the point that you feel as though you are there. He approaches every subject with an open mind,lets the experts speak,and truly goes to extremes in his search for the "Truth". His voice is strong and confident,his looks-Dreamy!,and his personality makes you feel as though you're 'old' friends. Josh has a spontaneity that other hosts are lacking. He’s not afraid to get dirty and explore where others dare not. Whether he is diving in ice cold water, treading through stagnate aqueducts, or scuba-diving in beautiful cenotes Josh always has a playful smile that endears him to his fans. Bringing the experience to his viewers seems to be top priority,and with the aid of the camera crew, Mr.Bernstein delivers every time!
    Congratulations to The History Channel for their new approach on Archaeology, to the excellent camera crews that go where Josh goes, and to Josh Bernstein for sparking an interest in archaeology in those who once thought it to be boring.