Diggs Tailwagger

Nickelodeon Premiered Jun 06, 2008 Between Seasons


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Diggs Tailwagger

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You can't keep a good dog down, and Diggs Tailwagger is trying to raise his status on the Galactic Rover. Diggs Tailwagger will do anything to get his hands on a Galactic Rover, so he is ordered by his leader to do tasks and missions. If he passes, then he gets a new rank, but most likely, he does not pass. He is always messing things up, but he always finds a way out! This new pilot for Nickelodeon hails from the imagination of creative director Derek Drymon of Spongebob Squarepants fame.

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Season 1 : Episode 5

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  • A clever and cute Spongebob Squarepants Crossover

    From the animators of Spongebob...The people from the animation studios bring us another show again! Diggs Tailwagger is about a likeable pup doing missions for. I think this show is the best upcoming show on Nick! Its deserves all the hype because it was made by the creators of Spongebob. With the success of a story about a yellow sponge living in the sea in a pineapple and llives with a dumb pink starfish and a squid who makes a living by flipping burgers, I think Digg's will be almostno different. I think the show is probarly going 2 have Spongebob style comedy." Its sure ot be a hit and the new FOP or Jimmy Nuetron. After spongebob gets canceled Diggs will replace and live on in Spongebob's glory. This show will be fun fun to watch when it premiere and hopefully have cute characters. I attend to watch this show it looks cute!!! :Dmoreless
  • This show is the next great Nick show! It will be just as good as Spongebob!

    I think this show is the best upcoming show on Nick! OK next to iCarly. Derek did a great job with Spongebob and he is gonna do an awsome job with this show. I can't wait until it comes on. After spongebob gets canceled Diggs will most likly replace it so even if I don't lyk it it is going to have to do. Nick never shows their new shows Lyk Kappa Mikey or Shuriken school and all the Nicktoons they show r Spongebob Fairlyoddparents and Jimmy Neutron all the time! It will be the next great show on Nick and i can't wait!moreless