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  • Season 1
    • Our DigiWorld
      Our DigiWorld
      Episode 50
      Daisuke and his friends have turned their powerful desires into energy and have MaloMyotismon on the ropes. But MaloMyotismon flees through the Distortion to find refuge in the once-sealed DigiWorld. MaloMyotismon revives himself by feeding on The Dark Power, and now covers the real world and the DigiWorld with darkness to make himself king of both. Although our heroes desperately resist him, he is far much too powerful for them. Taichi and old DigiDestined in the real world try to support their juniors partners, but the gate to the DigiWorld won't open for them. Will the world fall into MaloMyotismon's hands? The children give up all hope, except for Daisuke. His passionate words pull softly at the strings of the children's hearts. When the children of the world wish for the same thing together, a most wonderful miracle takes place in the DigiWorld. "Thanks for believing in us, everyone!"moreless
    • The Last Armor Digivolution
      At last, the final enemy, MaloMyotismon, has appeared. The kids freeze with terror before his cruelty and overwhelming strength. Only Daisuke dares to stand face to face with MaloMyotismon. Thought the situation seems hopeless, Daisuke believes in himself and Ex-Veemon and fights on. His belief makes Ex-Veemon stronger, until finally Ex-Veemon's attacks begin to damage MaloMyotismon. But just as Malomyotismon is about to be defeated, he suddenly attacks the kids with a dazzling light. Enveloped in the light, all of the children lose consciousness. When they come to, they each find themselves in the world they had been wishing for. These dream worlds tempt the children subtly. Will they abandon their courage to fight? In this critical moment, Daisuke's zeal brings about a miracle. "There's only one thing I want in life right now, MaloMyotismon! And that's to destroy you!"moreless
    • The Terror of Malomyotismon
      Oikawa has finally obtained the flowers of darkness. BlackWarGreymon was fatally wounded by enormous Dark Power, but used all his strength to seal the gate to the DigiWorld and shatter Oikawa's plans. The children with the Seeds of Darkness gather one by one at Hikarigaoka Park on New Year's Eve. At long last, Oikawa is on the verge of realizing his dream: to use the power of the Seeds of Darkness to go to the DigiWorld. Although Daisuke and friends are overwhelmed by Oikawa's bizarre intensity, they watch for a chance to take the children back. But the gate which BlackWarGreymon sealed, which shouldn't possibly be able open again, opens before their eyes. Daisuke and his friends are stunned, but Oikawa feels like a child again, and takes the other children through the gate with him. On the other side of the gate, Oikawa finds not the DigiWorld he's been dreaming of for so long, but a dreadful world where terror and despair reign. At last, all the secrets are revealed. Who is the real enemy who appears before Daisuke and friends? The king of darkness is reborn, bringing endless terror with him. "Three years ago, I hunted for a body that my data could survive inside."moreless
    • The Seal of BlackWarGreymon
      After a fierce battle, BlackWarGreymon leaves, with Agumon's words lingering in his mind. Meanwhile, Miyako and her friends were on the verge of getting Oikawa, but lose him in a crowd. Oikawa was the only clue for how to remove the Seeds of Darkness, and now that he's been lost, Ken and his friends try to persuade the victims again. However, the children have become addicted to the seed's bewitching powers, and coldly refuse to listen. Finally, in front of Ken and friends, the Seeds of Darkness begin to sprout. Oikawa gains The Dark Power by sucking energy from the dark flowers. What wish was he truly trying to fulfill with the help of this power? Oikawa's secret past is revealed. "I've got to gather every flower of darkness. That's how I can make my wish come true."moreless
    • BlackWarGreymon vs. WarGreymon
      The strong wish of Ken, Daisuke and the others opened the gate, and Daemon was thrust back to the world of Darkness. But their struggle still continues. Oikawa has transplanted the Seeds of Darkness from Ken into the kidnapped children, and those seeds are about to sprout. The kidnapped children, now returned to their homes, have suddenly become smarter.Their parents are innocent of the reason, and glad to see this change. No one but our heroes knows it is the effects of the Seeds of Darkness. Daisuke and friends make calls to the children's homes to save them. However, none of the parents have any doubts about their children's new genius, and don't listen at all. Daisuke and his friends lose heart. And what's worse, they get incredible news from Agumon in the DigiWorld. He says BlackWarGreymon has returned and is now heading through the distortion to the real world. BlackWarGreymon approaches Oikawa to discover who he really is, but Agumon stands in his way. Only Oikawa has clues about the Seeds of Darkness. Is there no way to prevent this conflict? What is the shocking truth of BlackWarGreymon's birth? "I've been wandering from place to place in search of a world that would say I deserved to be alive."moreless
    • The Gate of Darkness
      Daisuke dashes by Raidramon as he chases after the truck. But just as he finally catches sight of it, Daemon appears. Arukenimon and her ally have copied the seed of darkness and are ready to hand Ken over to Daemon. Daisuke watches for a chance and takes Ken back, but Daemon's attacks are too powerful. What's worse, Arukenimon takes the truck with the missing children on it and runs away. Daemon grows larger and makes a show of overwhelming strength. Daisuke can't do anything but mount a desperate defense. Miyako and Iori join Daisuke, but Daemon is too powerful for even Imperialdramon's attacks. The only way to defeat Daemon now is to confine him forever in the world of darkness. Ken tries to save people by opening the gate to darkness of himself. Will Ken get over his fear of darkness and open the gate? A fierce battle against Daemon begins at the fated land of Hikarigaoka. "Believe in yourself, Ken. You aren't who you used to be. You aren't the Digimon Kaiser!"moreless
    • The Deadly Battle Against the Dark Digimon
      Daemon and evil Digimons make a surprise attack on a peaceful city. With the help of Paildramon in fighter form, the kids escaped the worst. However, the fact that they killed Digimon weighs heavily on their minds. What's worse, Arukenimon been taking children as hostages, and takes Ken as well. Our heroes chase Arukenimon's truck to get Ken back. Daemon's squad is also after Ken, and destroy and the city between them and the truck. Silphymon and Shakkoumon try to stop them to protect the citizen. But the squad's attacks only get more and more serious, as if to take advantage of Miyako and Iori's doubt. What vital secret does is hidden inside Ken? What makes Daemon and Arukenimon pursue him? Will our heroes succeed in protecting people from the evil hands of Daemon's squadron? Miyako explodes into angry words against LadyDevimon's nasty attack. "You are the most cowardly Digimon I have ever met. You're the worst!"moreless
    • Onslaught of the Daemon Army
      Daisuke and his friends succeed in sending Digimons back to the DigiWorld, then fly back to Japan. That area was supposed to have become peaceful again, but who do they meet there, but... Children in Tokyo are disappearing one after another. Ken has a hunch and a bad feeling about this rash of mysterious disappearances. Indeed, this case is deeply connected with an old memory he had once forgotten. As if to confirm his suspicions, evil Digimons led by Daemon suddenly start invading the real world. The sudden attack by dark forces frightens Ken, and he heads out with Daisuke to rescue people in danger. However, the evil Digimons are so powerful that even Imperialdramon end up with his back against a wall. Will Ken and Daisuke succeed in protecting people from these evil Digimon? What secrets lie in Ken's past adventures? "Wormmon, do you remember traveling around the DigiWorld together two years ago?"moreless
    • Love and Borscht, The Ferocious Battle
      The United States, Hong Kong, Australia and France. Thanks to our heroes, Digimons who turned up in each area have gone back to the DigiWorld. Now only Mexico and Russia are left. While tracking down runaway Digimons, Ken and Yamato sneak in Mayan. In a dark path, they come across a precocious Mexican girl waiting for them with Gotsumon. She likes Ken at first sight and glues herself to his side. Wormmon develops a rivalry with her, and a battle unexpectedly begins between them. Meanwhile, in Russia, Miyako and Sora are having language difficulties. Although they were fortunate enough to meet their allies in the area with any difficulty, neither group understands what the other is saying. Somehow, Miyako works out a plan that allows them to cooperate. A tug of war of love burns at the ancient ruins, and blitz tactics across Russia's skies. How will these two battles conclude? "Interpret this: It's bed time for the children."moreless
    • Coral and Versailles, the Rebel Fight
      The Digimons that appeared in New York and Hong Kong returned to the DigiWorld thanks to Daisuke, Mimi, Hikari and Koushirou. And meanwhile, the other kids...It is the middle of summer in Australia, just the opposite of Japan. Iori and Jou are overwhelmed by the local people, who enjoy their lives in spite of the global crisis. But they do their best to get rid of the Dark Tower. A powerful ally appears before them...Santa Claus! In a swimsuit, for some reason. Meanwhile, in France, Takeru and Taichi shiver at midnight in the cold city weather. Takeru's grandfather was supposed to be their guide, but he's late. At last someone does show up, but it's an unbelievably powerful trio of old guys on motorcycles. Takeru and Taichi have another problem on their hands. A seafood battle at the Coral Sea, and battle with the three not-quite-gorgeous Mamemon Brothers at the Palace of Versailles. Who will win the battle at the Coral Sea? Will Takeru and Taichi, wrapped around that old guy's powerful finger, have a chance to take an active part? Sit back and watch the unbelievable battles taking place in Australia and France. "How dare you beans try and capture the Palace of Versailles! That's simply outrageous!"moreless
    • New York, Hong Kong Super Melee!
      Dark Towers and Digimons have turned up suddenly all over the world. Daisuke and his friends use Imperialdramon to fly to other nations. They join allies waiting in each nation to save the world from this crisis. Alongside Mimi, Michael and friends in New York, Daisuke leads Digimon to Central Park. Meanwhile, Hikari and Koushirou, who are in charge of Hong Kong, struggle along with the local DigiDestined to send Digimons back to their own world. Will Daisuke's enthusiasm reach people in the United States as well? How is Koushirou's English? Will Hikari's smile capture the world? How will this international chaos settle? "Er...That Digimon is no bad Digimon. So, no more attack. Do you understand?"moreless
    • All DigiDestined, In Action!
      A sudden scream rings out over a peaceful Christmas Eve. Digimon appear and throw the town of Odaiba into panic, just as they did three years ago. Daisuke and his friends send the Digimons back to the DigiWorld, and it seemed the problem had been safely wrapped up, but... The next morning, on Christmas day, emergency reports from all over the world are broadcast on TV. Mysterious monsters are destroying countries all over the world--United States, China and Australia. It seems the Digimon are at work simultaneously across the globe. Daisuke learns that Digimon have appeared in Tamachi as well, and rushes in a panic to find Ken. The other kids gather at Koushirou's house to study the situation and plan. Will our heroes triumph over their most serious crisis yet? The true battle has begun. "Now is the time for the chosen children of the world to rise up as one!"moreless
    • Holy Night the Big Digimon Reunion!
      With the help of Qinglongmon, the DigiWorld has returned from the brink of collapse. The children now know their mission, and with renewed resolve, begin destroying Dark Towers one after another. And one day, when the DigiWorld almost regains its peace...Ken timidly holds out some envelopes as Wormmon urges him on. Inside are invitations for a Christmas party at his house. Daisuke, Miyako, Takeru, Hikari and Iori are willing to accept the invitations despite Ken's worries. The streets of Odaiba are now decorated for Christmas. Everyone is expecting a joyful holy night. And at last, it's Christmas Eve. The children open the DigiGate before heading to Ken's house. They've been secretly planning to send presents to Taichi and friends in thanks for their help. And those presents are..."Hehe...Did you like it?"moreless
    • Gigantic Mega Form - Qinglongmon
      Takeru and Iori finally succeeded in making their partners Jogress Digivolve. Paildramon, Silphymon and Shakkoumon are now Jogress Digivolved. They stand between BlackWarGreymon and the last Holy Stone. The children give their all to protect the DigiWorld. But BlackWarGreymon is seeking the meaning for his existence, and doesn't budge an inch. He goes down wounded, but tenaciously gets up each time, slowly but surely overwhelming the children. Sabotage from Arukenimon and Mummymon drives them into a corner. Will they succeed in protecting the last Holy Stone and the DigiWorld? Who is the mysterious Digimon BlackWarGreymon seeks so desperately? The hidden truth of the DigiWorld is revealed at last. "I should destroy Dark Tower! Then I'll find the answer!"moreless
    • The Steel Angel - Shakkoumon
      In spite of Iori's attempts at persuasion, BlackWarGreymon destroyed the sixth Holy Stone. There is only one Holy Stone left now. The war to decide the destiny of the DigiWorld is finally about to begin. However... In order to protect the last Holy Stone, our heroes take to the field. They track BlackWarGreymon only to reach the Chinatown of the DigiWorld! The smell of good food lures them into a Chinese restaurant, but there they happen to meet Arukenimon and Mummymon. It seems these two have come to enjoy Chinese noodles, and the situation turns serious. And thus, a noodle war suddenly breaks out in the DigiWorld! Will Iori and Takeru be able to solve the secret of the mysterious soup and Jogress Digivolve? "We should save our energy and Jogress Digivolve to destroy BackWarGreymon. Let's dig in to these noodles."moreless
    • Assault on BlackWarGreymon
      "I want to fight against that Digimon." Possessed by a hunger for the fight, BlackWarGreymon continues to destroy Holy Stones. Even MagnaAngemon's power was no match for his tremendous power. In order to protect the few remaining Holy Stones from BlackWarGreymon, Daisuke proposes a meeting, also inviting Ken to his house. Both Miyako and Hikari agree, and all the members of the new DigiDestined are to gather except Takeru. He refuses the invitation and leaves them. Takeru is usually gentle and kind, but becomes violent when he faces the dark force. The extremity between these characters haunts Iori's pure nature, until finally he goes to see Takeru's brother Yamato with Upamon. In order to learn about Takeru and understand him, Iori asks his question straight to Yamato. How will Iori feel about Takeru's past when Yamato begins to tell him? "What I want is to understand more about Takeru."moreless
    • Protect the Holy Stones
      BlackWarGreymon continues to destroy the Holy Stones one after another without knowing the reason why. However the moment he destroys the third Holy Stone, a mysterious Digimon emerges in a distorted phase with an enormous power he hasn't ever felt. From that moment the mysterious Digimon itself becomes the reason for BlackWarGreymon's destruction of the Holy Stones. Meanwhile, our heroes are working to discover the next Holy Stones ahead of BlackWarGreymon in order to keep the balance of the DigiWorld. Iori is shocked to hear BlackWarGreymon has a soul from Gabumon. Iori becomes upset but Takeru declares that they should destroy any Digimon born with the help of the power of darkness. BlackWarGreymon tries to destroy the Holy Stones for the sole purpose of fighting against the mysterious Digimon. Takeru stands in front of BlackWarGreymon holding a wrath against the power of darkness in his soul. What will happen to the fight over the Holy Stone? "I can't pull out now. I will fight against him!"moreless
    • Miyaki in Kyoto Today
      Miyako is taking time off from the DigiDestined's mission for a while. She's visited Kyoto on a school trip. Having left Poromon in Koushirou's care, she's been having a good time on her own. Sightseeing, having special meals and purchasing souvenirs; Miyako forgets the battles and enjoys the city. Then a space suddenly warps in front of her and BlackWarGreymon, who's supposed to be in DigiWorld, appears...With many Digimons trailing after him, BlackWarGreymon marches on the streets of Kyoto like a midday illusion. Miyako goes after them, unsure of what is happening. What does the Digimons' appearance in the real world mean? Afterwards, Miyako meets with unexpected people. "I've heard about you...from my brother."moreless
    • Mysterious Ruins, Holy Stone
      Following in the footsteps of Daisuke and Ken, Miyako and Hikari have succeeded in the second Jogress Digivolving. Meanwhile, BlackWarGreymon who left Arukenimon wanders about DigiWorld with an empty soul. "What was I created for? What am I supposed to do?" Holding doubts about being somebody that was produced, BlackWarGreymon spends all his time fighting. But even a tough fight can't fill his empty soul; on the contrary, he feels more and more emptiness in his life when Taichi's partner Agumon appears in front of him. Learning BlackWarGreymon's doubts, Agumon tries to get him to open up. What could this fatal encounter bring for BlackWarGreymon? And what are the Holy Stones that hold the key to the fate of DigiWorld? "I have no life. I'm not a life. And what can I find even though I have a soul?"moreless
    • Silphymon - The Storm of Love
      Complete defeat. The difference in power between the Digimons and BlackWarGreymon is too great. As the kids look for a way to increase Digimons' fighting power, they direct their attention to Tailmon's lost Holy Ring. Splitting up, Miyako and Hikari look for the Holy Ring. They come across Ken who joins them on their way. As they go through a forest, they step into a strange space. Ken is frightened of the signs of darkness creeping up on him. Hikari tries to help as she is the one who shares the same kind of suffering. Watching them, Miyako feels that she is excluded. She becomes stubborn and finally takes a reckless action that makes things worse. "But I always felt envious towards you."moreless
    • BlackWarGreymon, Dark Ultimate Form
      The kids break through Arukenimon's trap with incredible teamwork. Although Iori and Ken respect each other's abilities, both of them still harbor hard feelings. Iori isn't able to forgive Ken for what he did as Digimon Kaiser, while Ken decides to leave the party for fear of disrupting the teamwork. Daisuke and Miyako make efforts to make them get along well with each other, but it isn't an easy task. Meanwhile Arukenimon, who challenged the kids to the final battle and was defeated, is enraged. She tries to produce an Ultimate evil Digimon. Uniting a mass of Control Spires and pouring inexhaustible dark energy into it, she succeeds in creating a Digimon - named BlackWarGreymon! He matches WarGreymon in energy. The strongest warrior, who saved the DigiDestined many times, now stands in front of them as the worst barrier to face. Now that the kids are completely out of step, could there be a way to stop his overwhelming energy? "Digital monster of menace who is to beat the DigiDestined and ruin DigiWorld...arise now!"moreless
    • Arukenimon, the Mistake of the Spider Woman
      Invited by the mysterious woman, Daisuke and friends have venture into the gigantic Giga House, where they fall into a deadly trap that is far beyond anything they imagined.
    • Trap of the Bug Charmer!!
      Piledramon protects the DigiWorld from catastrophe. Daisuke and friends are in high spirits as they have been granted a new measure called D.N.A. Digivolving. But they haven't noticed that the mysterious woman's rage has set a deadly trap to get rid of them. Lead by an e-mail invitation from the mysterious woman, Daisuke and friends visit a strange house where the building, furniture, everything is ten times bigger than normal. Ken is also invited there. To fight it out with the mysterious woman, Daisuke and Ken venture into the house to investigate. Since Iori doesn't like to be treated as a child, he follows them albeit with mixed feelings. Inside the house, the three boys are attacked by a troop of Roachmons. Takeru and the girls, who are standing by outside the house, are attacked by a swarm of Flymons. Separated, the kids are forced into a tough fight. This is just a prologue of fear waiting for the kids. "It's reckless, really, to come - knowing it's a trap."moreless
    • The Unparalleled Union! Paildramon
      In order to atone for his sins and restore the DigiWorld, Ken decides to go alone into a desperate battle alone prepared for death. What stops him is Daisuke's cry: "You must live!" Ken is then determined to live and atone for his sins for the sake of both himself and his precious friends. At that moment, Ken's thoughts and Daisuke's are linked and cause the D.N.A. Digivolving of ExVeemon and Stingmon. This brings the Ultimate warrior, Piledramon! Piledramon displays awesome power in the battle against the Ultimate Okuwamon. The kids rush towards the explosion to stop the runaway dark force. Can they protect DigiWorld from this crisis? Finally, a sacred secret hidden during the adventures of Taichi and friends is revealed. "Don't you think it's great? He's our partner Digimon!"moreless
    • Jogress Digivolve Now, Hearts Together as One
      All the Digimon that Ken terminates turn out to be Control Spires transformed by the mysterious woman. Ken apologizes to the kids for what he did as the Digimon Kaiser and leaves them. He declines Daisuke's offer of membership so that he can atone for his sins by himself. The truth is revealed about Ken and about the mysterious woman who turns Control Spires into Digimon. Still confused, the kids continue working on the restoration. What befalls them is another crisis that threatens the DigiWorld: a dark energy runs out of control, ready to explode! Knowing they need the Crest of Kindness to stop the explosion, Daisuke tries to contact Ken by e-mail. However he gets no answer from him. Iori and the others aren't able to dispel their suspicions about Ken, while Daisuke refuses to give up. Can Ken meet Daisuke's trust? When their hearts finally link, a miraculous Digivolve occurs. "No! He just hasn't noticed, that's all."moreless
    • Aquilamon - The Knight of the Sky
      The mysterious Digimon that saved Iori's life proves to be Stingmon, the Digivolved-self of Wormmon. Daisuke believes that Ken is penitent and makes an effort to have him join the party. However Miyako and the others express their unwillingness as they still hold some suspicion towards Ken. It is when they receive an S.O.S. signal from Mimi in DigiWorld that Rockmon suddenly appears and begins to destroy a dam. Miyako and friends rush to DigiWorld to stop the attack but their defense isn't powerful enough to work against Rockmon. If they are to protect a village downstream, they've got to fight Rockmon to the death... like how Ken terminated Thunderballmon. Miyako suffers because she can neither destroy Rockmon nor protect the dam. The fight goes on in vain, until finally she makes a discover.moreless
    • Ankylomon - Warrior of the Earth
      Ken Ichijouji returns to his true self by accepting his past. Then he is reunited with Wormmon. However, a strange woman appears in front of them to take away the little peace they finally were able to grasp. Meanwhile, Iori, who's working on the restoration of the DigiWorld, sees the scars Digimon Kaiser left everywhere and gets more angry at Ken. This anger gives Thunderballmon the chance to attack him. Iori doesn't know what to do with his first fight against an enemy without an Evil Ring. But a mysterious warrior in green saves him from danger. The appearance of a new enemy. Everyone's feelings are becoming more complex. With so much still shrouded in mystery, the real battle finally begins. "Why did he help me? How come that Evil helped me?"moreless
    • When the Digivice is Tainted by Darkness
      Thanks to Daisuke and his friends, the DigiWorld regains its peace. Meanwhile Ken Ichijouji is in a long, deep sleep since his return from DigiWorld. Even his parents' calls do not wake him. He just continues to sleep. Memories of his childhood flash through his worn-out mind like soap bubbles. His brother is a genius and is good at anything while he himself is good for nothing. His parents' attention is always focused on his brother. And then one day a DigiEgg appears out of the blue. Ken keeps wandering through an endless maze in search of his heart and his true self. What is possibly going on within him? "I'm empty, because I don't know where my heart has gone."moreless
    • The Courageous Digivolution!
      Released from Digimon Kaiser's menace, the DigiWorld regains its peace. Although the scars he left are seen everywhere, Digimons feel positive about the restoration. The kids help them with the restoration works using each one's special talents. After a long interval, the DigiWorld is now a much more cheerful place. There are two of them who are not cheerful, however: Daisuke and Veemon. Daisuke is in low spirits because Hikari looks happy with Takeru; Veemon is the same because Tailmon looks happy with Patamon. They start discussing how they can work together to make themselves look cool. And the solution they reach is to Digivolve into a Champion form! Hoping that Hikari and Tailmon would recognize their merits, Daisuke and Veemon begin Digivolve training. For such an ulterior motive, can Veemon succeed Digivolving into UltraAngemon? "You'll see. I'll Digivolve myself into UltraAngemon!"moreless
    • Good-Bye, Ken-chan!
      With the help of the gold DigiEgg, Veemon miraculously succeeds to Digivolve into Magnamon. Giving off dazzling light, Magnamon faces Kimeramon. However Kimeramon's darkness is so deep it threatens to swallow even this miraculous, dazzling shine. Though he is using up all his energy, Magnamon is driven to a corner. He is saved, however, in the nick of time by Wormmon! Wormmon dashes against Kimeramon to try to release Ken from the dark force and to try to change Ken back to his true self. Could his affection and cries reach Ken's heart...? "I'll believe in Ken from now on, as I always have."moreless
    • The Miraculous Digivolution!
      The evilest composition monster Kimeramon is created. Its overwhelming destructive power burns everything in its path and gradually turns DigiWorld into ruins. In order to stop this indiscriminate attack, Daisuke and friends break into the mobile fortress with a help of Agumon and Digimons. However when they almost reach the engine room, Kimeramon again stands in their way! Kimeramon's devastating power drives them into a corner. Do they have any chance to win? Meanwhile, Wormmon is so worried about Ken who is being affected by the dark force that he takes an unexpected action. "Is this what you wished for, Ken? Are you sure?!"moreless
    • The Amalgamated Monster
      A Dark experiment produces the evilest composition monster, Kimeramon. It has Kabuterimon's head, MetalGreymon's hair, Greymon's torso, Garurumon's legs, Monochromon's tail, Angemon and Airdramon's wings, SkullGreymon and Kuwagamon's arms. With the pair of arms it will be completed. And the prospect is Devimon! In order to complete Kimeramon as an evil monster, Digimon Kaiser tries to achieve the forbidden power of Devimon. Takeru, who understands the terror of the dark force, rushes to Digimon Kaiser alone, enraged. Can Takeru stop Digimon Kaiser's lunatic project? The battle to decide the fate of DigiWorld is about to begin. "See? It fits perfectly. Now my original Digimon is completed!"moreless
    • Tracking Down the Base of the Kaiser!
      The ground is now covered with Control Spires. After a long silence, Digimon Kaiser begins a serious advance in order to gain control of DigiWorld. Daisuke and friends are determined to intercept it. They stay overnight in the DigiWorld, pretending to go camping with Taichi and the other elders. Miyako is disturbed because of the pressure of decisive battle. She tries to drive herself and acts energetically, but it only produces a great deal of noise and trouble for the others. Finally Hawkmon, who is protecting Miyako, is poisoned. "I'm sorry. I'm not worthy of being your partner."moreless
    • Odaiba Memorial
      Odaiba Memorial
      Episode 17
      A red mark in a pocket diary: "First of August. Anniversary. That day was supposed to be another ordinary day. It turned out to be the end of ordinary life. Coincidence and necessity combine, and each child faced their destiny on this day. It was the beginning of everything, and it goes on into the future. It's unforgettable. We never forget our memorial day. It is. It's our anniversary today."moreless
    • Submarimon - Escape from the Bottom of the Sea
      Glinting swords. Flashing sparks. Two ninjas run like a whirlwind in a gorgeous town called Edo. Both Control The kids have reached an offshore oil rig while they were following a signal from a DigiEgg. Knowing by intuition that this DigiEgg belongs to him, Iori rushes to the entrance of the oil rig ahead of the others. However, there they face an attack by MegaSeadramon who has been waiting to ambush them. Although the kids manage to survive MegaSeadramon's attack, they are shut up in the oil rig. There is only one emergency pod. Iori is forced to be the one to use it to get out. Feeling deeply responsible, he runs for help. Unfortunately, the ever-reliable Jou is in the middle of a trial exam. In order to call him out of the room, Iori has no choice but to lie. Iori is caught between responsibility for his friends and a sense of guilt. After a struggle, he finally comes to a conclusion.moreless
    • Shurimon's Martial Arts
      Glinting swords. Flashing sparks. Two ninjas run like a whirlwind in a gorgeous town called Edo. Both Control Spire and Digimon Kaiser have nothing to do with a duel between them. They compete for the title of best shuriken master with all their skills. Each one's pride is at stake on this fair fight. Shurimon's rival Ninjamon appears!! It's a display of ninja battle in Edo town. Will it be Shurimon who wins the title of true shuriken master?moreless
    • Shurimon of the Wind
      Miyako and friends are walking around DigiWorld in search of new DigiEgg. There's no luck for them, but they come across a diner where they find all that they need. The diner turns out to be Digitamamon's where Jou and Yamato worked three years ago. Digitamamon is being stubborn saying he'll only accept US dollars as payment and almost forces Miyako and her friends to work to pay for their meals. Fortunately, Mimi and her friend are there to help. Miyako still finds Digitamamon difficult to trust.moreless
    • Dragomon's Cry
      Dragomon's Cry
      Episode 13
      Drops of water...Sounds of wave...A leaden ocean...Deserted fishing village...Is it real or just an illusion? The strange images scare Hikari, but at the same time entice her. She eventually is convinced these are calls from someone who wants her, and she is unable to ignore them. This Digimon version of dark myth tells the coming of summer, the season of ghosts and spirits. What's waiting for Hikari at a bizarre village where a legend of ancient god lives is...!?moreless
    • Duel on the Digimon Ranch
      Sora immediately makes her way to the DigiWorld after receiving an SOS signal from Piyomon on her Digivice. When she and her friends pass through the other end of the DigiGate, they find themselves in a ghost town on the west side of the DigiWorld. Sora's Digivice receives SOS signal from Piyomon. Sora is quick to go to DigiWorld together with Daisuke and friends. However at the other end of DigiGate, they find they're in some ghost town of the West. Piyomon has been put on the wanted list as the kids confront Starmon, Deputymon and their gunfight.moreless
    • Raidramon, the Blue Thunder
      To release Agumon from Dark Spiral's force, the kids confront MetalGreymon even though they are outmatched. However Daisuke and Veemon are not among them as Daisuke is too afraid to instruct Veemon to attack MetalGreymon, who is in fact Agumon. Veemon is unable to anything but to run about helplessly while MetalGreymon fires at will. Just as Patamon shields Veemon from an attack...the second Armor Digivolve occurs!moreless
    • The Enemy is MetalGreymon
      Using his dark power, Digimon Kaiser has transformed Agumon into SkullGreymon that destroys everything in its path, wreaking havoc on the DigiWorld. SkullGreymon is eventually captured once again by Digimon Kaiser who this time forces him to dark digivolve into MetalGreymon and attack the DigiDestined.
    • Overdrive of the Dark Ring's Magic
      It is revealed to Daisuke that Ken is in fact Digimon Kaiser. Though a boy genius in the real world, Ken had been disappointed by reality and abandoned it for the DigiWorld. Digimon Kaiser captures Agumon with his Dark Ring and forces him to dark digivolve into the uncontrollable SkullGreymon.
    • Loneliness of Digimon Kaiser
      Daisuke sees a rival in Ken Ichijouji, as he makes a desperate tackle to stop Ken in a soccer game. The two boys make up afterwards as they recognize each other's special ability. After the game a Control Spire suddenly appears in Death Valley. Daisuke and his friends go to check it out only to fall in Digimon Kaiser's trap. Daisuke is furious at Digimon Kaiser as the evil emperor toys with his friends who are being held hostage. It's then Daisuke realizes Digimon Kaiser's scratch, the same injury Ken received during the soccer match.moreless
    • Hikari's Memory
      Hikari's Memory
      Episode 7
      After trying to destroy a control spire located in a city within the DigiWorld, the group is attacked by Guardromon. The DigiDestined escape the DigiWorld through a TV set, except the device gets damaged before Hikari can getaway, and she is left alone in the DigiWorld. Takeru and Daisuke return to the DigiWorld to get their friend. They find their friend but are confronted by Andromon who has been brain-washed by Digimon Kaiser.moreless
    • Dangerous Picnic
      Dangerous Picnic
      Episode 6
      The DigiDestined usually venture into the DigiWorld to rescue Digimon, but this time around they just wanted to picnic there, away from the Control Spire. The DigiDestined come across an old friend Mimi who has come back from America. While the group enjoys their gathering, Hawkmon and Miyako disappear, followed by Mimi. The three meet Parumon on the other side where they are attacked by the Gokimon brothers.moreless
    • Destroy the Dark Tower
      Digimon Kaiser is in a hurry to build a prison in the Crystal world, the icy northern region of the DigiWorld. Gomamon ends up becoming hostage to Digimon Kaiser while cover for the other Digimon, and calls for Jou's help. Jou and the others, now in the DigiWorld, are confronted by Frigimon, a monster adequately adapted to the icy climate. But they must get to the Control Spire in the hurry!moreless
    • King of Darkness
      King of Darkness
      Episode 4
      To control the DigiWorld, Digimon Kaiser is building Control Spires. At the same time, Taichi and the others escape from Digimon Kaiser's prison. The kids are suspicious of the easy prison break, and their fears are confirmed when they find it to be a trap. Veemon fights alone, yet with the Control Spire installed he cannot armor Digivolve. Veemon barely escapes RedVeggiemons powerful attacks.moreless
    • Digimental Up
      Digimental Up
      Episode 3
      Daisuke confronts Digimon Kaiser once again in the DigiWorld, where the latter is keeping up a hideous game. Digimon Kaiser's Control Spire is keeping the Digimon from evolving. Two of these Digimon, Tailmon and Halesmon, find themselves in a pinch and end up resorting to the DegiMental. At the same time Hikari and Takeru's Digivice react to the DegiMental and transform into a new type of Digivice. This allows Patamon and Tailmon to Digivolve into Pegasusmon and Nefertimon.moreless
    • Digigate Opens
      Digigate Opens
      Episode 2
      Daisuke and friends have been back in the real world after they saved the DigiWorld from a crisis. Missing out on the first adventure, Miyako gets to visit the DigiWorld together with her friends guided by Koushiro and Sora. Though excited about the excursion, she is abruptly confronted with a battle against Digimon Kaiser. The kids aren't prepared for Digimon Kaiser as Daisuke is captured and Miyako is able to escape only to be left shattered by the reality of the DigiWorld.moreless
    • The One Who Inherits Courage
      Three years has past from Taichi's adventure, but a new virus arrives in the peaceful DigiWorld. Due to the virus' special power, Agumon and others can't evolve. At the time, Veemon, one of the new type Digimon who is able to evolve into many types of Digimon using a Digi-Egg. Newcomer Hikari is partnered with Veemon, and along with her friends Takeru and Daisuke they venture into the DigiWorld.moreless