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This guide covers all Digimon series treated as different seasons. Description of each incarnation is listed below: -Digimon Adventure (1999-2000) 7 Pre-Teen kids at summer camp are sucked into the Digital World and become Digi-Destined. They meet their partners and must save both worlds from evil. -Digimon Adventure 02 (2000-2001) 4 Years Later, veteran Digi-Destined TK and Kari are joined by 3 new Digi-Destined in their battle against the Digimon Emperor. -Digimon Tamers (2001-2002) Set in the year 200X in the REAL real world where Digimon is a franchise, 3 kids meet their Digimon and fight Digimon that Bio-Emerge in their world and become aware of the mysterious organization "HYPNOS". -Digimon Frontier (2002-2003) In the year 2002, 5 kids are brought to the Digital World and discover the spirits of the Legendary Warriors which they become to fight the threats of Cherubimon. -Digimon Savers/Data Squad (2007-2009) In this incarnation, The DATS Organization is established to send the Digimon, which have started to appear on the Real World, back to the Digital World. Marcus Damon and his 2 teammates find out that there is a lot more into this phenomenon than they thought.moreless
Robert Axelrod

Robert Axelrod

Armadillomon, Ankylomon, Shakkoumon (shared) (Season 2)

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey

Beastmon (Season 6)

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Poromon, Flamedramon, Raidramon (Season 2), Guilmon/Growlmon/WarGrowlmon/Gallantmon (shared), Yamaki, Kenta (Season 3), JP Shiba

Richard Epcar

Richard Epcar

Tuwarmon (Season 6)

Brian Beacock

Brian Beacock

Takato Matsuki, Gallantmon (shared) [SEASON 3]; Bokomon [SEASON 4], Agumon/GeoGreymon/RizeGreymon/ShineGreymon (Season 5)

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Izzy Izumi [SEASON 1 & 2]; Terriermon, Gargomon, Rapidmon, MegaGargomon (shared) [SEASON 3]

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Fan Reviews (289)

  • Digimon I made-up!

    I loved Digimon sooo much that I created my own. And btw, my tamers name is Patchy Jones

    Glosmon (baby form)

    Quemon In-training form)

    Jexmon (rookie):Solar Striker, Guitar Slammer, Sound Screecher, Demi-X dino bash

    MagnaJexmon (Champion): Magna shooter, Atomic Destroyer, Mega Agility

    Firedredmon (Ultimate): Flare claw, Fire swirl, Mega-ton crusher

    Puremon (Mega): Pure light, Justice Flare, Angel's Power

    Puremon can also DNA-Digivolve with MetalTyrannomon to become Kyrodedramon

    Feel free to copy some of my Digimon and his digivolution and maybe even get something out of my tamers name. Just try not to make it a little too obvious you were taking somethings out of my Digimon and tamer.

  • wow i love this series!!!!

    My favorite anime right now is silent mobius but this franchise will always remain closest to my heart!
  • Digimon Tamers Was Good

    Digimon Tamers was my favorite it was interesting and the digi-modify was cool to me
  • An all time favorite

    Usuaully, you hear that Digimon was a rip off of Pokemon. I think that's false. Sure, they both have the same "mon" in their title names but the shows themselves are vastly different. Don't get me wrong, I like Pokemon a lot but I just don't like that whole "ripoff" comment.

    Anyway, I actually watched an episode of Digimon before I watched Pokemon in the 90s and I instantly became a fan.

    Season 1 = Classic. Always have to make time to re-watch this season at least once every year. When I was a kid, I never noticed the somewhat dark and serious undertones the show had. Like just how hard it was for Matt & TK with their parents' somewhat nasty divorce. Or how Tai felt insecure taking care of his sister Kairi after she had a near death attack from her fever. Or Izzy being adopted and not knowing how to handle it. Indeed, for a kid show, while cheesy, it could get pretty "real". All in all, this was a very great season. My personal favorite team was Matt & Gabumon though Wargreymon is one of my all time favorite Digimon.

    Season 2 = Another timeless classic. It continues after the events of season 1 where we move our attention to a new cast of characters who share relations with the older cast. Season 2 is probably the season I hooked the most too. It was also cool how they kept the original characters from the first season and made them a little older (something Pokemon never does -_-). The main antagonist "The Digimon Emperor" who later gets freed from the evil and becomes a part of the gang had one of most tragic back stories I've heard for a kids show. Anyway, this one is anime kid gold for me. During this time, my favorite character was Ken and my favorite Digimon was Veemon.

    Season 3 = Admittedly, I thought it was dumb at first (Hey, I was a kid lol). That is, until I tried watchign the whole series again n 2011 and man was I wrong. The only problem I had was that it had no relations to the first two seasons and in fact, they claim it was just a tv show. But the story was rather good though I'm not suprised as they were able to get their hands on the writer who did Serial Experiments Lain. This series had even more grim undertones, particularly with the character Jerri (I don't want to spoil lol). Anyway, I think this one is definitely worth a watch, even if Takato can be a little much at times. My favorite character was Rika and favorite Digimon is a tie between Guilmon and Renamon.

    Season 4 = I never watched this one so I can't give it a proper review.

    Season 5 = I watched halfway through and just couldn't finish.

    Season 6 (Xros Wars) = Like Season 5, I've only watched a few episodes but just not feeling it. I'm not really keen on how most of the Digimon this time around look more like Gundam robots than actual living breathing animals. But that's just my opinion.

    All in all, I really like Digimon and I always will. :)moreless
  • One of my favorite childhood shows

    Digimon Adventure - Definitely my favorite season out of them all, and the one I watched the most as a kid. Each of the characters are all unique in their own ways and the overall plot and battles are very well done. The only somewhat negative thing I have is that the english voice acting can be a little rough around the edges.

    Digimon Adventure 02 - I consider this season kind of a step back from the first one. The new digidestined that they introduced aren't nearly as good as the old ones (ken is arguably the best one, although davis did get a little better as the season progressed) and the whole world tour arc kind of dragged. Even though it's not as good as the first season, it's still a good sequel to it.

    Digimon Tamers - My second favorite season, and a new and interesting direction for the series. Although the overall plot can start off pretty slow, The new characters and digimon are all very well constructed (except Jeri), the english voice acting is top notch, and the season crosses the boundary between being light hearted and being dark which is something the other digimon seasons didn't do. Not to mention I love Guilmon's naivety.

    Digimon Frontier - Although this season isn't really bad, I can't help but think that this season kind of removed the one of the focuses that made digimon special, which was forming a bond and connection with your digimon partner. The new character are ok, but they're not as good as the characters from the previous season. The overall plot is pretty average and the royal knight battles really get old after a few episodes. It's a pretty decent season but it's not really my favorite.

    Digimon Savers - Probably my least favorite out all the seasons. Although this season went back to the human and digimon companionship that was absent in the previous season, the characters themselves aren't really that interesting to me (not to mention I never really cared for the main character) and the overall plot is pretty weak. I will admit that new digivolution concept such as burst mode is pretty interesting, but the english dub of this is also pretty weak.

    Digimon Xros Wars - Although I haven't seen a whole lot of this season (only about 10 episodes so far) it does have a little bit of charm that the first two seasons had. It also has a very unique digivolution concept to and the story is only decent so far, although I'm sure it will get better as I watch more episodes. The characters are ok so far but not really that memorable. This season is pretty good so far, and I definitely need to start watching some more of it.moreless

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