Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 7

A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • US Edit: There are two scenes that didn't belong in this episode.

      1)In the scene between Thomas arguing with Sampson, then getting cut off, we see a new scene of Sampson talking to him from DATS*. That scene wasn't present in the original. Additionally, the lights in DATS were still lit up in that scene despite the massive digimon attack. By that time, the lights are supposed to off after a blinking red alarm light.

      2) After Citramon is turned back into an egg, Megumi confirms the situation then cut to Kudamon and Sampson who makes a joke. The clip used here is from the first episode.

    • US Edit: Most of the signs in the city outside are blank, along with the "Senter Puroland" sign on the amusement park.

    • US Edit: When Thomas presents his credit card, the "TOEI" name is strangely removed.

    • When Gaomon says, "Would a dog wear Boxing Gloves?" his lips stop moving long before he finishes speaking.

  • Quotes

    • Marcus: No fair, Thomas! You took advantage of my temporary confusion!
      Thomas: Your confusion is never temporary, Marcus.

    • Yoshino: Lalamon and I picked this one out together.
      Lalamon: I would have helped wrap it too, but I don't have hands!

    • Gaomon: Something smells fishy around here.
      Marcus: It's... my cologne!

    • Citramon: I'll be back, and even juicier than before!

    • Kudamon: He disobeyed a direct order, sir. What will you do?
      Commander Sampson: I'm gonna sit here and enjoy the fireworks.

    • Kristy: It's a talking dog!
      Agumon: Ha ha, she called you a dog!
      Gaomon: Would a dog wear Boxing Gloves?

    • Thomas (at various times): I know a nice French Restauraunt where-
      Kristy: I know someplace we can go!

      ~Japanese Version

    • Thomas: Why is it necessary to act like that torwards me?
      Marcus: Oh, you're thinking too much, Touma-kun...
      Tohma: (Eyes twitching) Tohma-kun?

      ~Japanese Version

    • Chika: He's so cute!
      Gaomon: Uh, nice to meet you...
      Chika: Wow, a talking dog!
      Agumon: Hah, she called you a talking dog!
      Gaomon: I'm not a dog.

      ~Japanese Version

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Thomas pays with his credit card, the word "Toei" can be seen written on it. This is an obvious reference to Toei Animation.