Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 50

A Million Points of Light

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2001 on TV Asahi
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All the DigiDestined from around the world and their Digimon gather to watch the final battle between MaloMyotismon and the new DigiDestined.

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  • Thd final appearences of the original kids and their digimon.

    This is another good season finale of Digimon Digital Monsters and they finally defeated Malomyotismon by believing themsleves and in the last couple minutes of the episode 25 years into the future the oringinal kids are adults and they had good carrers and had children of their own and that made me a little sad when it is the end of the second season and we will never see the same kids we love ever again.moreless
  • The end of the digimon adventure series.

    All the DigiDestined from around the globe arrived on the scene, their Digivices glowing. The kidnapped kids saw all the Digimon, and wanted to have a Digimon partner as well, saying that without one, what use were they? MaloMyotismon used this darkness to grow even stronger. T.K. and Davis told the kids to cheer up or MaloMyotismon woud get even stronger. The kidnapped kids told of their wildest and most positive dreams, which caused Myotismon to start to disintegrate. They gave words of encouragement to the good Digimon and Malomyotismon's mid-body vaporized! A boy jumped from hiding. The others followed. There were glows, and Fresh Digimon appeared: Punimon, Botamon, Poyomon, SnowBotamon and Pabumon. They jumped into their new partners' arms and the kids all got D-3s! MaloMyotismon completely vaporized, but darkness flooded the sky. All the DigiDestined an Digimon gave Imperialdramon Fighter Mode more power! He gained a weapon and used his Giga Crusher technique to obliterate the shadow left by MaloMyotismon. Gennai came to Gatomon; he gave her her holy tail ring! Kari and Gatomon were happy. Cody ran off into the aurora, and Ken and Kari discussed the nature of the other world, and how the Dark Ocean must be a combination of that world and the dark thoughts of a person. Then, a little green Digimon appeared. It was Oikawa's Digimon! Oikawa and everyone was amazed. Oikawa remembered his past. Gennai came up and told Cody that Oikawa was about to die. Cody was sad by what he said. Oikawa's body started to glow and then vaporized. Cody was saddened. Dimitrimon shared his sorrow as well. Oikawa flew away as butterflies. The DigiWorld was finally returned to peace. In the year 2027, T.K. finished writing a novel. About the adventures in the Digital World! T.K.'s son walked in. It was time to go. They left their house and went to... The Digital World. The kids of the DigiDestined were going to play with their Digimon. Their parents said to be careful and the usual. And they ran around and had fun in the Digital World.moreless
  • Even though I dislike Oikawa... he had to..... This episode rightfully deserves a good score...

    Even though it didn't have much action, it draws attention. It is was so captivating. It teaches us mostly a lesson, that if we do not believe in ourselves, darkness will rule over. MaloMayotismon was very evil. He was the darkness inside. Oikawa, *cries so hard* .......died. It was a sad thing. It was so emotional, mostly because he achieved his dream, and his cute partner was there, who probably was so sad. *cries* This was so cool, a marvelous thing, everything was so cool, The music when they triumphed was so dramatic, everything was so nice, something that will be so cool. But pokemon, bah! That dumb show should have never been made!moreless
  • They could've ended it much better.

    This finale greatly hurt my opinion of the Adventure 02 series. While the episode is a bit touching when looked at seriously, the ending was a bit too corny. Eternal peace and a big jump at the end is not my kind of thing. Half the jobs that the Digidestined had didnt fit them at all, and the way MaloMyotismon died was ridiculous. Seriously, the kids' self-esteem made his body explode? I also dont like how they brought back Myotismon, but thats not relevent for this episode. The DNA Digimon should've fought MaloMyotismon more, i mean, the whole fight they were just floating around saying, "Absolutely for real!" This episode was a mistake.moreless
  • Worst anime ending EVER!

    I still can't understand why they even DID this. The Adventure series, both the original and this one, were truly exceptional, original, imaginative and creative anime, and when they decided to end it... they opt for cornish, 4-year-old-ish lame ending. I mean, seriously, instead of an ultra-epic battle between the Chosen Children's Digimon and BelialVamdemon to end the Adventure run, BlialVamdemon is destroyed... by the children telling what they want to be in the future. I mean, what the hell?!? The original Adventure also had that "the power of crests is in our hearts" and that "as long as we can believe in ourselves, we can do anything things", but it was done in a non-cornish wave. But this?! Please...moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • With the Highton View Terrace gate sealed, the original Digi-Destined believe there is no other way into the Digital World. What about the portal between Mt. Fuji and the Digi-World, seen in "Duel of The WarGreymon"?

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Izzy: Gates are opening all over the world. Look, you guys! It's lighting up like a modem router in full pulse mode!
      Matt: Well, if that looks like a Christmas tree lighting up, I'd have to agree with you.

    • Cody's Daughter: Hey dad, can I sue if I get tagged "it"?

    • TK: Ken and Yolei are married with children, and Ken and Stingmon are detectives, but Yolei says he can never detect when it's his turn to do the dishes!

    • TK: Kari's a teacher. She actually likes being in school!

    • Izzy: Make sure you don't act like a ramcat.
      Motimon: Right!
      Izzy's Daughter: Or a simchip!

    • TK: Joe's the Digi-World's first doctor. Too bad his patients keep eating his tongue depressers!

    • Matt: Now, be careful, son.
      Matt's Son: Aw, how come?
      Sora's Daughter: I'll take care of him.
      Biyomon: Okay, and I'LL take care of you!

    • Agumon: The gate is opening up!
      Joe: It actually opened? I mean, of course it opened!

    • Davis: The only person who can take your dreams away is you, by giving up on them!

    • Davis: All the Digimon have fallen into some kinda trance! They look like Izzy when he plays video games!

    • ~Japanese Version

      (Yukio has disintegrated into butterflies)
      Pipimon (a.k.a. Datirimon): Are you leaving already? But I waited for so long...
      Yukio's last words: My friend, I will always be with you, forever. I am part of the Digital world now. And I will keep a close watch on you all.

    • ~Japanese Version

      Yukio: Listen, I'm sorry for letting evil and darkness possess my spirit the way it did. I shouldn't have believed in its empty promises. But where else would a defeated soul like me turn to?
      (A little, green baby Digimon appears)
      Pipimon: To me!

    • ~Japanese Version

      Pipimon: We meet at last! I've been waiting for you for a long time!
      Oikawa Yukio: But how...how did I deserve you?
      Pipimon: But...Yukio, you've always had me.
      Oikawa Yukio: Oh, yes, I remember you now. (flashback of when he was a child) Hiroki and I used to play with you when we were children.
      Pipimon: And now we're finally together in the Digimon World!

    • MaloMyotismon: Behold my power.

    • Joe(to his kid): Try to stay clean.
      Gomamon: Nah. Go roll in the mud.

    • Yolei (to her kids): Now whatever happens, don't get all panicky, okay?
      Yolei's son: But Mom, that's what you always do.

    • Gennai: In all seriousness, you truly saved the world. Thank You! To all of you!

    • Oikawa: Hold on to your optimism, your dreams, and especially your friends Cody... Perhaps if I'd had been more like you, I could of had adventures too!
      Cody: You still can! You finally made it to the Digital World and found your partner digimon, didn't you? Mr. Oikawa-!!!
      Oikawa's last words: Don't worry! I'll always be here inside the Digital World! I shall protect it! Goodbye digidestined... and thank you!

    • TK: We all have shortcomings and problems we wish we didn't have, but you can't just lie down and give into all your troubles!

    • TK: All you have to do is take that first step into adventure.

  • NOTES (23)

    • Including the movies, 84 Digimon have debuted in this season.

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Zero Two Volume 2.

    • It's been 25 years since the final battle, assuming it was still 2002, it's now the year 2027 (and it makes sense judging by T.K's computer).

    • When Davis is pulling his Noodle Cart in the epilogue, you can see that one of the cars´s licence plates reads DIGIMON.

    • We learn that in the future, Digimon and humans are living together.

    • Japanese Title: "Our Digital World"

    • If you recall the Myotismon saga in Season One, Myotismon was defeated, but was not destroyed. He then came back as VenomMyotismon, he was defeated again, but was still not destroyed. Myotismon then returned as MaloMyotismon for one final battle, but he was defeated yet again, and this time, he is destroyed for good.

    • Besides Gabumon, Gomamon, Biyomon, Tentomon, and Palmon, among the many Digimon seen during the final battle against MaloMyotismon are Apemon, Betamon, Centarumon, Crabmon, Digitamamon, Divermon, Drimogemon, Elecmon, Flarerizamon, Floramon, Flymon, Frigimon, Gardromon, Gazimon, Gekomon, Gizamon, Gorillamon, Gotsumon, Hagurumon, Kiwimon, Leomon, Mammothmon, Meramon, Minotarumon, Mojyamon, Monzaemon, Mushroomon, Okuwamon, Parrotmon, Snimon, Starmon, Syakomon, Tapirmon, 2 Thundermon, Tortomon, Tuskmon, Unimon, Veggiemon, and Multiple Airdramon (one of which being Tatum's) and Kuwagamon (one of which being Yuri's).

    • Oikawa is the only ever Digidestined to die and never recover (although his death was in peace).

    • If you count the flashback here from "BlackWarGreymon's Destiny" this is the final appearance of BlackWarGreymon.

    • Last appearance of these Digidestined.

    • It was said that some of the Digimon featured during the battle against MaloMyotismon are partners to Digi-Destined around the world. However, some of the Digi-Destined we know were featured during the 3-Part "Digimon World Tour" episode. The rest remained unseen.

    • Gatomon gets her tail ring back!

    • Apparently, Matt and Sora did get married, it is stated in the manga.

    • Dispite it being the last episode, the 02 Gang had two more adventures the following year as heard on an audio CD and more:

      * The first one dealing with Boltmon and the evil Pukumon on Valentine's Day (A CD-exclusive) which included the appearance of Pucchiemon and the mixed up D-Terminals involving Veemon becoming Sagittarimon, Hawkmon becoming Rinkmon, Armadillomon becoming Pteramon, Patamon becoming Manbomon, and Gatomon becoming Butterflymon.

      * The second one telling about June becoming a DigiDestined and gets her own Digimon alongside Jim Kido and Yolei's brother and sisters.

      * The events of movie "Diaboromon Strikes Back."

    • At the very end if you can count quickly, you will see that there are twelve children. Meaning that all of them have 2 children except Yolei and Ken who have 3.

    • Also, Matt called the male child with Sora's hair color "Son". So they are married even if they did not say, unless he just got her pregnant. Highly unlikely, cause it would teach kids that it was ok to do that.

    • For once (besides flash backs), Oikawa wasn't pale.

    • When they show Mimi in the end of the episode, the clothes she's wearing are a brown version of the dress and hat she wore in Season One.

    • Most people assume that Mimi marries Michael. Take a look at her son to see why.

    • Ken and Yolei get married, as do Matt and Sora. Their are no other canon couples revealed. The future jobs of the Digidestined are as follows:

      * Tai - Diplomat
      * Matt - First Astronaut with a Digimon Partner to land on Mars (they were supposed to go to the moon).
      * Sora - Famous Fashion Designer for her Japanese style Clothing.
      * Mimi - TV Cook
      * Izzy - Researcher of Digital World
      * Joe - First Digimon Doctor.
      * TK - Novelist
      * Kari - Kindergarten Teacher (I'm asumming it's Kindergarten)
      * Davis - Noodle Cart Owner in New York.
      * Cody - Defense Attorney
      * Yolei - Housewife
      * Ken - Detective

    • By this time offical married couples were confirmed, besides Ken & Yolie {Which was obvious from the girl's relation to Ken}, the other couple were Matt & Sora {That seemed result from how happened to them in #38 & after}.

    • This marks the (second) death of Myotismon.


    • Oikawa Yukio: Listen, I'm sorry for letting evil and darkness possess my spirit the way it did. I shouldn't have believed in its empty promises. But where else would a defeated soul like me turn to?

      This is an allusion to Christianity. In many sacraments of the Christian Church, the Minister asks it's congregation if they give up from the devil and all it's empty promises. In other words, Owikawa's Loneliness made him sell his soul to the devil.