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Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 1

All Aboard

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 09, 2002 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Kids across the city get strange messages on their electronic devices. These messages ask them if they're ready for their future. We find a kid named Takuya who follows the message, and embarcs into an adventure beyond his imagination.

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  • Digimon Frontier, at first this Digimon series appears to be just something different, a desperate attempt at getting more juice from the franchise, but it's actually as good or better than the other series.moreless

    The series resolves around 5 kids, who are sent to the digital world to save 2 of the holy digimon that are trapped by Cherubimon, in the digital world, rather than finding a partner like previous series, they find "Spirits" of the 10 legendary warriors, wich allows them to evolve into digimon.

    The plot is pretty good, the characters, well, to be fair, half of them are good, but the other half [Zoe, Tommy and J.P.] are left behind in the most important parts during the latter episodes, making them develop a lot less than the other three.

    Also, the music in this series is possibly the best there is on any digimon series.moreless
  • The beginning of Digimon Frontier...

    In this episode kids aroung the world get this phone messages saying that it's time for their destiny or something. It tells them to go to the train station. The kids do. In one train 4 kids become friends. Takuya, Tommy and one other boy and a girl. They enter the digital world and Takuya evoloves into Agunimon who fights Cebrimon or something like that. He wins and he turns back into Takuya, his normal self. At the end of the episode it shows the whole digital world and it sais To Be Continued... like it does at the end of every other episode. Oh well wait till next episode to find out what happens on the next great episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters...moreless
  • A bunch of children take a trian to the Digital world. Takuya merges with a spirit to turn into Agunimon and save the children.

    This episode is very bland. It isn't particularly interesting and it is a huge rip-off of the grandeur of season 1. The Kids are randlomly taken to the Digital World out of nowhere?! Whereas Season 1 was so full of depth and inspiring, this episode is extremely boring. Unfortunately, it is hard not to compare Digimon with Digimon, but at some point expectations are created, and when they are not withheld, they are a complete letdown. The characters are extremely whiny in this episode and don't seem very interesting. We don't really get a good sense of who they are. They meet up with some digimon that seem like they belong in some other cartoon aside from DIGIMON! Finally, the killer: NO PARTNER DIGIMON!!!!! They did away with a signature of this series. It seems less interesting. The partenrs served as means of developing the humans (their conscience, their sronger inner selves), but in this case, the digivolving sequence sucks, the music sucks, and the most fascinating aspect is done. Big blunder as a start. In fact, it is the first episode in any of the Digimon Series that was a letdown. I hope that it improves from here on out.moreless
  • Imagine one day you are doing something.When you get an unexpected message in the cell phone asking if you wanted to play the game.Than somewhere along the line.Playing the hero of the story.As for Takuya,Zoe,Tommy,J.P,Koji this is their story and this ismoreless

    I must admitt that I said I didn't liked Season 4.Well I don't really liked Digimon Season 4.I only liked an few episodes from Season 4.But it is great to hear some formilar cast voicing the characters liked Michael Reiz.Who voice as Takuya.In the first episode,we see Takuya running through the streets heading to the train station to meet his destiny.As he meet Zoe,Tommy and J.p after finding himself in the digital world.He was the first Digi Destined,to become the spirit of fire! You know there's an funny story to this.When Digimon Frontier was annouced the japanase name.Ok so Zoe japanase name is Izumi Orimoto.I thought for an second,she was related to Izzy Izumi somehow.I thought that Season 4 ties in before Season 1.But it wasn't really.moreless

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