Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 1

And So It Begins...

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 14, 1999 on TV Asahi
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Seven kids at summer camp are mysteriously transported to another reality, where they are befriended by a group of strange creatures who call themselves "Digimon," Digital Monsters. can they figure out what exactly are Digimon and how they got there?

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  • What an odd show, but not in a bad way.

    In this pilot episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters all of the characters are introduced and Digimon are introduced as well. Now, when I say that this show is odd, is almost a compliment, the makers took a chance at something different and it worked for the most part. This pilot episode is the first episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters that I have seen and I must say I was impressed, it was kind of odd to see these Digimon creatures talking in English but I guess it's what works for the show, and it's really not a flaw or something that I would mark against the show, it only makes it that more interesting.moreless
  • The begining of digimon adventure

    Digimon adventure, the original series of digimon, one of the best series, the music was perfect, all the characters were enjoyable, and grew throught the series, Taichi and takeru being my favorites, each one with their partner digimon who had to save the digital world.

    It starts off as the chosen children all get inside the digital world, at first they just try to find a way out of the island they were, then they discover they must save the digital and their world from an evil, they get to the continent of the digital world and eventually back to their world, only to go back and defeat the true evil.

    Best digimons here are Wargreymon, Metalgarurumon, Holyangemon and my favorite Angewomon :Pmoreless
  • I watch Digimon for the first time.. with amazement! Well, not really. Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Having seen the movie without first watching the first episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters, I was left confused. But having recently seen this episode when I've forgotten much about the movie, I think this will go off to a start of loving more of the Digimon: Digital Monsters episodes and even the other series.

    Seven people, including Tai who I think is the main character since yeah, he is the narrator who introduced himself first and everyone else in this episode, is in camp with six people and suddenly, a blizzard happens and then get sucked into a flood of non-frozen water. Odd. Then they all wake up and have these strange monsters following them known as Digimon. Tai's Koromon first calls him "friend" and "partner" who later in the series might be "friend" and "partner. Later in the episode, you can see that happen. All the digimons fight a monster after evolving to save their Human friends, but then later the big monster gets up and slices the ground in half, which they were standing on a cliff, so they all fall. What will happen next? This will be the start of my love of Digimon: Digital Monsters.moreless
  • Everything starts somewhere.

    This episode marks the beginning of an epic journey of seven campers from Japan. These seven are transported into what we find out is the digital world. In this pilot episode, Tai the protagonist, first provides the viewer with some background information on each of the seven. Once the heroes are in the digital world, the viewers are introduced to the Digimon. We learn each of the Digimon's name and who they will be partnered with. Although a very crucial part of the show and very important, I found this quite dry and boring, although it is tough to introduce so much information in such little time. While being introduced to all of the new creatures in the Digi-World, a very large Digimon, Kuwagamon (A large and vicious beetle), attacks our heroes and they are forced to fight back. Here we are introduced to the very important feature of Digi-volving. Overall this episode is a very informative one that attempts to answer a lot of questions the viewer may have and tries to add some excitement as well.moreless
  • 16 and I still love this show.

    This episode was the first of many in the Digimon series. Seven kids experience being in an alternate world, also known as the Digital World. What starts off as a weird day in summer camp, results in these kids meeting Digimon (Digital Monsters.)

    These adorable little monsters meet their Digi-Destined, and show off their amazing powers against their first foe, Kuwagamon. After numerous failed attempts, the Digimon learn to digivolve and eventually save the day.

    This show, often compared to Pokemon, may come off as your typical adventure series. The concept of the show however, as well as the cliffhanger leave you wondering what's in store for the rest of the season.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The voice of Tentomon in this episode changes to a quirkier voice throughout.

    • Agumon is the first Rookie level Digimon to appear in the television series.

    • Koromon is the first Digimon to Digivolve into the next level. Throughout the entire first series, Agumon is always the first Digimon to Digivolve into a higher level first.

    • When the first fleck of snow falls there isn't a cloud in the sky (or at least not in the bit of sky visible).

    • In the beginning when Tai talks about there being snow in July and the sea being made of chocolate, later on when he returns the the real world no one says anything about it.

    • In the original version the season took place during spring break. "Our War Game" was set in the summer.

    • The reason Koromon tells him that they are the only humans to ever visit the Digital World is because, as we find out later, Koromon was recently (more or less) created just for Tai and spent his whole life just waiting for him. Therefore it is easy to say that Koromon did not know of the kids before them.

    • The biggest goof in this episode was when Tai said "And it started to snow in the middle of July" later you find out that this ep takes place on August first

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Matt (about Kuwagamon): I knew I should brought my bug spray!

    • Motimon: My friends call me Motimon. Everyone does, actually!

    • Joe: Man, I was worried I'd catch a summer cold, but this is even worse.

    • Izzy: Tai?
      Tai: Hm? Izzy! Is that you?
      Izzy: It's me... And I've got this little pink thing following me everywhere.

    • Izzy: What - kind of tree is this?
      Motimon: It's a hiding tree, silly!

    • Koromon: Were not just Digital Monsters, we're much more than that. We're kind of cute.
      Tsunomon: And very loyal.
      Yokomon: With beautiful hair.
      Motimon: Or maybe no hair at all.
      Bukamon: We can be funny, Ha!
      Tokomon: And adorable.

    • Tai: Joe?
      Joe: Help me! This thing, this thing! It won't leave me alone!
      Bukamon: Hey! Who are you calling a "thing?" I'm no stuff animal. The name is Bukamon.
      Joe: AHHHHH! What wrong with you guys? Don't you see this creature hanging on me? And those creatures standing right there?! What?! There-there everywhere! What are they?!
      All their Digimon: Where... Digimon: Digital Monsters!
      Tai: Digital Monsters?
      All their Digimon: Yes, Digimon!

    • Tai: Hey what's your name Izzy. Come on out here you got to see this.
      Tai and Sora: Wow!
      Mimi: It's beautiful, magical even.
      Izzy: Yeah but what is it?
      Sora: Maybe an Aurora.
      Izzy: You mean Aurora Borealis, the northern lights? That's impossible. We're way to far south.

    • Tai: Koromon? That means "talking head"?
      Koromon: It means "brave little warrior" and don't forget it Tai!

    • Matt: No autographs please.

  • NOTES (13)


    • As with most Digimon, the Rookie Digimon names care derived from words similar to their names. Agumon comes from agurabana, meaning wide flat nose. Gabumon comes from gabugabu, meaning guzzling. Biyomon is a misspelling of her original Japanese name, Piyomon, that comes from the word piyo, meaning sound of bird. Tentomon comes from tentomushi, meaning from ladybug. Palmon is a combination of the words pal (friend) and palm tree. Gomamon comes from goma, meaning sesame seed; This refers to the spot on his back. Patamon comes from patapata, meaning flapping.

    • Kuwagamon's name comes from a Japanese word kuwagatamushi, which means stag beetle.

    • The Digidestined's In-Training Digimon names come from Japanese words. Koromon comes from korokoro, meaning something small, round, and rolling. Tsunomon comes from tsuno, which means horn. Yokomon comes from pyokopyoko, meaning hopping & dancing around. Motimon comes from mochi, which means rice dough. Tanemon comes from tane, which means seed. Bukamon is a misspelling from its original Japanese name, Pukamon, that comes from the word pukapuka, meaning floating. Tokomon comes from the word tokoton, meaning the very last.

    • Matt (Yamato) and T.K.'s (Takeru) Names are a reference to a figure in Japanese legend: Yamato Takeru