Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 43

Bad to the Bones

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2003 on TV Asahi

Episode Recap

After The Village Of Beginnings Was Destroyed. A Group Of Poyomon Warns Takuya And The Gang That The Flame Town Terminal, The Terminal In Wich They First Arrived To The Digital World, Is Going To Be Attacked And The Gang Heads There. Lucemon Tells His Royal Knights To Go Help The Digimon Sent To Attack That Area. A Group Of Small Digimon Run From A SkullSatamon Who Grabs A Palmon Questioning Where The Digi-Code Of The Area Near Flame Terminal Is, But The Palmon Says It Doesn't Know And He Kills The 4 Of Them. Then He Questions A Gazimon Hiding In A Bush And He Says It's In The Temple. SkullSatamon Sends An Attack Into The Temple And SkullSatamon Absorbs The Digi-Code And Sends It To Lucemon. Takuya And The Gang Arrive At Flame Terminal Where A Group Of Poyomon, Pagumon, Biyomon, And Elecmon Are Staring To Worry And A Pagumon Starts Losing Faith On The Legendary Warriors. SkullSatamon Summons His Brother And They Approach Flame Town. Noticing They're Arrival, Takuya And Koji Unified Spirit-Evolved Into EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon To Fight Them. EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon Have The Upperhand And Knocked One Of The SkullSatamon's Staff To The Ground, This Is, Until A 3rd SkullSatamon Is Summoned And Returns The Staff To The SkullSatamon That Lost It. While Two Of Them Fight EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon, SkullSatamon Grabs A Biyomon And Asks It Where The Digi-Code Of The Town Is Hidden And Tells Him It's In One Of The Buildings, SkullSatamon Destroys The Building. The Biyomon, Elecmon, Pagumon And Poyomon Band Together And Attacks Him Followed By MagnaGarurumon's Attack. EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon Knock All The SkullSatamon To The Ground And EmperorGreymon Destroys Them Off With His Pyro Dragons Attack. Suddenly, Crusadermon Appears And Absorbs The Digi-Code Of The Flame Terminal And Then Sending It Down To Lucemon.