Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 15

Beastie Girl (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2002 on TV Asahi

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  • This episode was about the boys losing their D-Tectors to Toucanmon. So it is up to Zoey to defeat Renamon and her newly accquired Beast Spirit.

    Overall action-wise it really wasn't too exciting. But it really did show how useless the children of Digimon really are. Without any Digimon every kid is pretty much useless, no matter what season you are talking about. I also like how this episode gave Zoey her time to shine. Face it, almost every episode is about Takuya or Koji, and that is only because they have more powerful spirits, which is also why Tommy gets absolutely no screentime. This was a great episode, it showed that in every single season the Digimon do all of the work. Sadly this and swiss Family Digimon were the only episodes Zoey had to herself.
  • The Digidestined find themselves on a beach. They get tricked by Toukanmon that steal their D-tectors. The only one to not lose it is Zoe. They get attacked by Ranamon who gets her beast spirit but is unable to control it.

    One of the things that I loved about this Season is the characters. The plot is awful, there are no partner digimon, but the characters themselves are amazing. And none are better than Zoe. She's cute, sweet, and she is the bet character in this series. And anything that revolves around her is even better. This is one of the best episodes in the series. It doesn't focus on battle and aciton, but instead on the characters being casual (like a sitcom) and being themselves. There are great moments of humor in this episode. There is a lot of fun going around. Obviously there are some throwbacks to eason1 in this episode like the restaurant idea or the Crest of Sincerity but there is a lot of fresh take on it. The final battle is one of the better ones in the series. Of course it is also interesting to find the digidestined as vulnerable and it is great to see Zoe come as the heroine in this one. It brings great warmth to my heart. There are some interesting scenes that will draw perverted thoughts from certain immature men, but it is good to see that the writers wanted to take some risks and draw out the show as much as they could to make it more mature. As usual, I don't care much for the plot, but instead for the characters and their interaction with one another. One of those episodes that has just that.
  • Zoe and the guys go to the beach.Ranamon finds them,gets a beast spirit and fights Kazemon.Ranamon eventually looses controll.

    This could well be the weirdest episode in Diigmon Frontier.But 1st of all who would ahve thought that Koji (A.K.A Mr.I hate you) was tickelish.Anyway this episode is still pretty ok because Ranamon is the only one shown(Of evil characters) getting a beast spirit.Anyway there are much better epsidoes. PEACE!
  • This one was the episode that shows the fact that the girls of digimon 4 (zoe and lanamon) are useless characters...

    Though I agree that this episode was giving signs to be a good and funny one,little after I notice that it was just a chapter to give Lanamon her Beast Digispirit for once and made her a more strong enemy, which it wouldn\'t suck, but the writers decided that she wouldn\'t be able to control it...making this episode another sad proof that digimon is just for guys..and girls have..HAVE...to be weak in order to fit in the show (Sora and Rika could be exceptions, but in the end they were also characters with weaker digimon) the best part was when Lanamon DigiEvolve into Calmaramon, though she couldn\'t control the Beast Form, she show a huge amount of destructive power (Just in this episode), almost as huge as her her uglyness (no one can\'t deny that she looks awful) and was probably the best female enemy in the entire series .

    Funny Things:

    -When Zoe Slap The Boy For Watching Her.
    -Every single Thing That Those 4 tucanmon did.
    -The Face of EVERY GUY when they looked at kalmaramon.
    -And the swimsuit of JP .

    Well that\'s it the episode continues in the second part and shows a new legendary warrior... and is the sucker one, to my opinion anyway..bye!