Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 43

Beelzemon's Big Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2002 on TV Asahi



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    • Impmon: How come you ain't running away screamin' like all the others?
      Henry's Sensei: The answer is simple. Your outer form is unimportant. It's your inner light that defines your true nature, and not a misperception of malice.
      Impmon: I don't know what you just said... But it sure sounded good!

    • Henry: This isn't gonna be easy.
      Takato: Yeah, but when have things ever been easy for us?

    • Beelzemon: I've never felt this kind of power before, and this time I'm fighting for what's right! Feels pretty good when you've got something to fight for. Hey, who knew?

    • Takato: Hey, I know you. You come here all the time to buy bread and those day-old bagels.
      Riley: Hey, how's it going?
      Yamaki: Those bagels were day-old?

    • Takato: Now we just wait for it to bake.
      Guilmon: Aw, we always have to wait for everything.
      Terriermon: You always have to eat everything!
      Guilmon: So, what's your point?

    • Takato: Well, at least we've got all the bread makings.
      Henry: But can we make it?
      Takato: We can make something.
      Rika: Yeah, but will that something kill us?

    • Takato: The only thing worse then waking up and going to school is waking up and being IN school!

    • Army Guy: This is crazy, we can't rely on a bunch of kids and their Digital pets!
      Yamaki: Really? They're doing better than you (sarcastically). Sir.

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