Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 4

Biyomon Gets Firepower

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 04, 1999 on TV Asahi
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Izzy figures out how the Digimon can Digivolve. And when the fire Digimon Meramon attacks a Yokomon Village, Biyomon must try to use the Digivolution.

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  • This is episode 4, so it would be the first episode on the second tape. With only three tapes, you can bet this episode was over-played in my house...

    Well, I have seen this episodes too many times. After seeing something so many times, you'd figure one would get sick of it; you figured correctly.

    It starts out with the Digi-Destined walking through a desert. It is hot; and they are close to dehydration. Fortunately, Tai spots a village with his handy-dandy telescope! Unfortunately, it's a small village, and it's ran by a bunch of mini Yokomon who think they know a lot. Before getting water, the foutains go dry! But wait, there's more! Meramon, a fire digimon, is coming down the mountain and will have to go through a forest and the desert to reach them. Good thing he is far away! Wrong. For some reason, Meramon chooses to go in their direction and he moves QUICK! The Digi-Destined start putting the Yokomon into a big, wooden ship (What's a ship doing in the middle of a land mass?) on land. Well, Biyomon makes sure all the Yokomon get away, but possibly at the cost of her life! Meramon gets there, and Biyomon is in trouble! Sora goes out, and Biyomon manages to Digivolve into Birdramon! Birdramon eventually overcomes Meramon. It's a good thing Meramon didn't throw a fire ball at the big, wooden ship, because I believe fire burns wood. In any case, it turned out Meramon had a black gear, and it kind of made him blank out.

    Yipee! Now that they saved the day, the Digi-Destined get fed! (Shouold be mentioned it looks like bird food). Now, the Digi-Destined depart from the Yokomon village, to continue their adventure.

    Personally, this episode isn't that great. It might be because I've seen it so many times, but there are other episodes I've seen a lot but still like. I don't know, just the feeling of being in a hot, dry place for an entire episode didn't feel right. It's hard to explain, but the environment plays a big role on whether an episode is good. Some of the dialogue in this episode wasn't good either. For instance, after Biyomon got hit with a fireball, Biyomon says "I hope we don't do that again, it wasn't very fun." Of course, I can't imagine any time being hit with a fireball would be "fun." Maybe this episode would have been better if I haven't seen it so many times, who knows. This episode isn't the worst, but it's not good either. Overall Grade: D+moreless
  • The kids are lost in the desert, but come along a village of Yokomon. When Sora realizes that her mother truely loves her Biyomon is able to digivolve into Birdromon.

    Meramon cries, what a joke. This episode is pretty corny. Sora doesn't believe that her mother loves her just because her mother is really protective. It makes Sora seem really slow in the head and not even a little perseptive.

    Why in the world would they want to stand still when a fire monster is coming at them? Seems really stupid to me. Also you would think that Meramon was moving fast enough to catch up with the yokomon. If Sora and Biyomon are so close then why does it take her so long to notice her disappearence? And why does Biyomon just stand there when she knows danger is coming? Birdromon is also a really ugly digimon (sorry but i just had to say it.)

    Even though Sora's character was demined it wasn't an all bad episode. There were many mildly funny one liners provided by the rest of the cast. The yokomon were really kind and cute, too.moreless
  • Friends will be friends.

    Helping one another out really does make a difference in this episode of Digimon. Yet again we see a further evolution to help protect someone if they are in danger.

    The kids go trekking across what seems a desert with telephone poles. It's boiling hot and as usual Joe is once again complaining. So, yet another connection with the tram and phone booths are these telephone poles without wires. Weird, huh?

    If you ever need a friend then it's best to have a Digimon nearby. Without one, you probably wouldn't survive. Thanks to Biyomon, the day is saved. After this fiery Digimon that is in pain is finally defeated we notice a bolt was inside of him. Yet another clue to keep watching the series.

    Overall, a good action-packed episode which I very much enjoyed.moreless
  • Birdramon V.S. Meramon

    So the "Forest of Irrelvant Road Signs" is the next trek the team goes through, and then they enter the desert and barely make it. They make it to a Yokomon village, and the well has dried up. Meramon is the cause. He comes to the village, and Biyomon has to digivolve to Birdramon to stop him.
  • "Biyomon gets Firepower" is the first episode featuring the black gear, and also manages to put in plenty of action and a good plot.

    "Biyomon gets Firepower" is a pretty good episode. Putting the Yokomon village in this episode was a real nice touch. Also, Meramon was a cool enemy, and way better than Seadramon. However, the battle between Meramon and Birdramon was a little stupid. Why would Birdramon fly toward and when he's shooting out fireballs, and than when he's done, fly away. Plus, when Meramon was attacked earlier with fire, he was powered up, so why wouldn't he be know. The broken power lines and the picture of the Black Gear in the sand added to the weirdness in this episode, which was great. The Black Gear's first appearance was in this episode, which controls good Digimon into to doing evil things. However, a good explanation lacked, about why the Black Gear caused him to go bad. It gives the impression he went crazy with pain, instead of it being pure evil. The story between Biyomon and Sora was also nice. The episode may not have been has good has previous episodes, but it still was a great episode.moreless
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