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Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 28

Blame It On Ryo

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2002 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

In a clock-like cloud plane, Rika encounters an old opponent from the Digimon Card Tournament, the legendary Ryo Akiyama.

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  • Rika, Kazu, and Kenta get attacked by Megadramon. Ryo and Cyberdramon come to the resscue to save them just before Kuibimon gets destroyed. Ryo and Rika begin to have conflicts based on a past they shared together.moreless

    This episode is another one of those episodes that really doesn't do much to enhance the story. In fact, what it does is damage the potential of the seaon more than it already has. While the start of the season really focused on characters and thier interactions with one another. However, by adding more and more tamers to the season, the focus moves away from characters and moves towards adding more digimon to fight in the new season. Kenta and Kazu continue to annoy the audience with their stupid antics. Gerry really isn't very interesting and as a result it really is hard to truly care that much about her. Adding Suzie also makes it a little bit more childish and annoying. But Ryo really draws the last straw. His purpose is to add dimension and history to Rika's perturbed past. However, he doesn't seem very interesting in this episode. The only noteworthy about him is that he whips his digimon into discipline, which backfires on him because well... his Digimon doens't listen to him. The episode does produce insight on some new enemy, but overall it really isn't particularly exciting. The tamers looking for each other, they wind up ina weird dimension, get attacked, then get saved. Then Rika finds another person to fight with. It impedes her evolution from going full circle but it kind of works. The big problem with this episode and this decision by the writers is that it adds more to the overly convoluted plot. They are in the digital world trying to find out what the deal with calomon is, who the sovereign and who the devas are, and now they have 5 other characters to do something with. Over course, the first 30 episodes did little with the three original characters minus Rika and it is doubtful that anything will happen with 20 epidsodes to go and 5 more characters to work with. ANd it is sad to say, but they never really do. In fact, Rika dies about now as a character and the focus lies with pointless fights. Like the one in this episode. It is a shame, but it doesn't work.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Ryo is actually also seen in the episode "Genesis of Evil" from Season 2 in the desert of the Digital World with Ken when the Dark Spore infects him.

    • If Kazu and Kenta are huge Digimon fans, then why didn't they notice that Ryo is on the show?

    • The reason why I think that Kazu and Kenta didn't know that he was in the Digimon shows was beacuse in the dub version you only see about 3 inches of his leg. So if you didn't know it was him. then I guess you could forget...but he was in the movie.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Rika: Is there anything except sand and wind in this stupid world?
      Renamon: Rocks?
      Rika: Helpful as always, Renamon. Remind me to get you a stand-up comedian upgrade card when we get home.

    • Guilmon (as Terriermon struggles against the wind): I think Terriermon's practising to be a mime.
      Henry: It'd never work. He'd have to be quiet to be a mime!

    • Terriermon: (While they are in the cave thing) It's not creepy. It's really really frightening!

  • NOTES (6)