Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 28

Darkness Before The Dawn

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2003 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • Several of the mirror towers resemble Control Spires from Adventure 02.

    • Although it is acknowledged that ShadowSeraphimon is also BlackSeraphimon, BlackSerpahimon's video game appearance in Digimon World 3 features him as being black with pinkish wings, not with the tint of green ShadowSerpahimon has in this episode.

    • Instead of hatching into a Poyomon, the baby form, the Digiegg hatched into Patamon, the rookie form. An explanation for this is that perhaps Seraphimon's status as Celestial digimon and preserver of the Digital World, he bypassed the baby and in-training forms.

  • Quotes

    • Zoe: Mercurymon was so strong before. Now that he has Seraphimon's power, there's no way Takuya can win!
      Bokomon: Not quite. There is one way.
      Tommy: Fusion Evolution!
      Zoe: You mean like that think Kojimon used against Duskmon?
      Bokomon: Exactly. Then he might be powerful enough to defeat ShadowSeraphimon.
      Neemon: And I bet he'll have a nifty costume, too!

    • Aldamon:(As he defeats Mercurymon) It's over. You won't hurt me or my friends ever again!

    • (After Aldamon defeats ShadowSahraphimon, Sahraphimon's data returns to it's egg, zapping Bokomon in the progress)
      Neemon: I'm sure glad you're in charge of the egg!

    • ShadowSeraphimon: Prepare for thy doom!
      Agunimon: People keep saying that, but I'm still around!
      ShadowSeraphimon: Well then, let's change that, shall we?

    • Mercurymon (to Agunimon): If only thy mouth were thy weapon. Then surely, thou couldst never be defeated!

    • ShadowSeraphimon: What? No witty quips?
      Takuya: Why waste my breath on a jerk like you?
      ShadowSeraphimon: It shall be purest pleasure to destroy thee.

    • Takuya: You haven't beaten me yet…
      ShadowSeraphimon: Then allow me the pleasure of correcting that oversight.

    • Agunimon: Stop doin' that!
      Mercurymon: My, art thou jumpy. One might accidentally get the notion that you are afraid.
      Agunimon: Quit messin' around or I'll burn this place down!

    • Bokomon(to Patamon): Oh! come to Mama!
      Everyone: You want it to call you MAMA!!!

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