Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 12

DigiBaby Boom

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 1999 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Devimon decides to focus on the one Digimon that hasn't Digivolved since he knows he can defeat the others. What does this mean for TK and Patamon?

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  • Could've been better...

    Patamon and T.K. are in Primary Village, and they find the baby Digimon. Elecmon is the protector, and he is mad that they trespassed. Patamon and Elecmon argue until T.K. makes them stop.

    Also, we learn that Patamon doesn't know what he'll digivolve into. He wants to soon, though.
  • T.k and Patamon found themselves seperated from the others.Patamon wished he could digivolved to protect T.k.Than T.k start telling Patamon,what he might digivolved into.The two continue their walk until they found the primary villiage and meeting Elecmonmoreless

    The block houses reminded T.k of his blocks,that he was playing since he was an child.I thought the flashback was cute.Where we see Matt and T.k together before being seperated.Basicly there was no evil digimon in this episode.There was an hint of Patamon about to envolved.When Patamon and Elecmon were having an wrestle fight something liked that.

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    • Devimon: You failed me!
      Leomon: I'm sorry, master.
      Ogremon: We almost had them, Devimon, and then just- (Devimon grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air) No, wait, I can explain!
      Devimon: Spare me your pathetic excuses!
      Ogremon: Yes master! Please, please, just put me down! (Devimon drops him) Thank you, master...

    • Elecmon: You know, you're a lot stronger then you look, kid. I'm impressed.
      Patamon: You know, they say you can't judge a cover by the size of it's books, or something like that!

    • TK: Hey, watch where you're aiming that thing. You could have hurt somebody!
      Elecmon: Of course I could have. That's what I was trying to do!

    • Patamon (To Poyomon): I'm so sorry little one I didn't mean to scare you.
      Elecmon: Hey pal, leave those babies alone. Don't even talk to em.
      Patamon (To Poyomon): You know what I heard Po-po trying to act grown up is a sign of immaturity.

    • Patamon: I want to digivolve.
      TK: To what?
      Patamon: Huh?
      TK: I mean what will you digivolve into? Didn't they tell you at Digimon School or something?
      Patamon: Oh well I won't actually know until I do digivolve and find out what I am.
      TK: Wow! So it's a mystery! Maybe you digivolve into something like this: Porkymon with super strong oink attack and the power to um... oink.
      Patamon: Uh... maybe.
      TK: Hm well how 'bout: Hogmon, who has super hog smell and the power to snort up enemies in a single sniff like this. (Snorts)
      Patamon: I am not a pig TK!!!
      TK: It's ok to be a pig.
      Patamon: I'm sure it is especially for pigs but that's not me.

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