Digimon: Digital Monsters

Episode 0

Digimon: The Movie (segment 3)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Digimon: The Movie (segment 3)

Willis, a DigiDestined with a Terriermon, must team up with the second season's DigiDestined to save Kokomon from a virus that has caused him to become evil.

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  • Not my fav part of the first movie.This was another thing that was cut.The only movie I liked was the japanse verison of this.Rather than the dubbed verison.Of course,there was one mistake.Where they showed Veemon.Than they go back showing Demiveemon.Wellmoreless

    To be more clearly for this 3rd movie.Now when in the dubbed verison put this together.It didn\\\'t make sense at all.In the first part.We see the original kids,doing something else.T.k and Kari were visiting Mimi.But they cutted the part of seeing Mimi and her disappeared! Even seeing the original digi destined kidnap.Kari felt her brother and heard him calling her.In the e-mail to Davis.

    To: Davis

    From: Kari


    Please help my brother

    Yeah they disappeared into another relem.Willis speaks english partly in japanse.Oh yeah in one part.Where they hitched the ride Cody has on the card. \\\"With Monster\\\" and as in the part of the other relem.We see the others going back in time younger and younger.Basicly,this movie is pointless.I prefer the japanase verison.moreless

    The season 2 digidestined comes across an evil digimon called Cocomon. They also meet a boy called Willis and his digimon Terriermon. Kari sends Davis a message to meet them in Colorado. TK and Kari meet Cocomon while on the train. Yolei, Cody and Davis get many rides thanks to Yoleis various Uncles. They then hitch a ride with a truck that has Willis on it. Willis and the other 3 digidestined have fun and order pizza to get a ride to Willis' home. Willis and Davis miss the ride and encounter Cocomon where Demiveemon digivolves to Veemon then armour digivolves to Flamedramon, the fire of courage and Terriermon digivolves to Gargomon. Veemon then armour digivolves into Raidramon, the storm of friendship so Davis, Willis and Terriermon ride to meet the other digidestined. Willis tells the 3 digidestined that he created Cocomon. He tells Davis how he created Diaboromon. Willis, Davis, Yolei and Cody face off against Cocomon (who digivolves) with Flamedramon, Gargomon, Halsemon (the wing of love) and Digmon (the drill of power). Cocomon escapes and digivolves, defeating the digimon and sending the kids to a world of his own (Kari and TK show up). The world turns the kids into little kids aged about 8. Cocomon heals himself and Angemon and Angewoman digivolves to their mega forms to release the golden digi eggs. Davis and Willis use the digi eggs to armour digivolve their digimon into Magnamon and Rapidmon. They fight, but Cocomon eats them. The digimon destroy the virus inside Cocomon, killing him and releasing themselves. It turns out Cocomon never died. He just reverted back to his digiegg form. Willis leaves with Terriermon, finds Cocomon and annoys Davis by kissing Kari.moreless
Laura Summer

Laura Summer

Patamon, Tokomon [SEASON 1 & 2]

Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Kari Kamiya [SEASON 1 & 2]; Nami Asagi [SEASON 3]

Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan

Davis Motomiya [SEASON 2]; Narrator [SEASON 3]

Edie Mirman

Edie Mirman

Gatomon, Angewomon, Nyarumon, Salamon [SEASON 1 & 2]; Nefertimon, Silphymon (shared) [SEASON 2]

Dave Mallow

Dave Mallow

Angemon, MagnaAngemon [SEASON 1 & 2]; Pegasusmon, Shakkoumon (shared), Upamon, Tsubomon [SEASON 2]; Narrator [SEASON 1]

Doug Erholtz

Doug Erholtz

TK Takashi [SEASON 2]

Edie Mirman

Edie Mirman


Guest Star

Bob Buchholz

Bob Buchholz

Uncle Al

Guest Star

Bob Glouberman

Bob Glouberman


Guest Star

Lex Lang

Lex Lang


Recurring Role

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Pizza Guy

Recurring Role

Paul St. Peter

Paul St. Peter

Kokomon (Deep Voice/Shared)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • The part of Antylamon chittering and attacking Flamedramon is cut out.

    • It's strange, the movie advertisements for 'Willis' name was spelled as 'Wallace'. Could it be a different translation?

    • This is the only time Kari is seen wearing her usual outfit as she does in the series, but not wearing her long fingerless gloves.

    • At the start, at the beach, in various shot Veemon is shown playing around, although Demi-Veemon is there

    • Response to above: The movie plays outside of the series, so they allowed Angewomon to appear, this allowed the story to move on and allowed them to become Mega.

    • In the movie, Gatomon manages to Digivolve to Angewomon. But in a later episode, it reveals that the original DigiDestined came back to the Digital World and handed over their crest powers so the Digimon couldn't Digivolve to their Ultimate forms anymore.

    • Response to the top: They did say in the original version.

    • The Movie Poster shows a digimon infront of Kari that is ment to be 'Lopmon' but in all reality Lopmon should be brown with pink instead of white and green.

    • In the movie veemon digivolves into raidramon, but when the movie was released, raidramon was had not appeared yet in the american series. This caused some confusion among audiences on the opening day.

    • The dub cuts out a short segment where Seriphimon and Magnadramon attack Cherubimon.

    • The Digimon armor-digivolve without the Digidestined saying "Digi-Armor Energize"

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Upamon: It's a big gust of wind!
      Cody: No, it's Davis!
      Yolei: Same difference.

    • Willis: Davis, you're a baby!
      Davis: Who're you calling a baby you baby? (looks down at himself) Ah! I'm a baby!

    • Flamedramon: How do you like your Kokomon, flame-broiled or grilled?

    • ~Japanese Version
      Wallace: Chocomon, it's me, Wallace.

    • ~Japanese Version ("___"=in English)

      Daisuke: (waving for a taxi) Yeah! (Sees Iori is waving a sign) Carrying around a "WITH MONSTER" sign won't get us any rides! Oh? (Now the kids are in a car with a crazy driver swerving out of control)
      Crazy Driver: "Great, monster, great!"
      Daisuke: You must think these are toys...
      Iori: Probably so...
      Miyako: Scary! This guy is weird!
      Crazy Driver: "Japanese car is really great?!"
      Daisuke: This vehicle must be pretty tough...
      Iori: I feel sorry for it...
      Crazy Driver: "YEE-HAW!"
      Daisuke: Mister, be little careful, be careful!
      Crazy Driver: "Made in Japan is really great!"
      Iori: Is that so...?

    • ~Japanese Version

      Wallace: (on the phone) Momma, I'm coming back. (In English) Will you tell mom for (may?) me, that I'm going to a Summer Memory? No, Summer Memory. It's okay, I'm gonna call you back again, okay? I'm gonna call you back. Bye.

    • Willis: I need to be alone right now.
      Davis: Great! I'll come with you.

    • Davis (when the sky goes very dark by Kokomon's magic): Either this is an eclipse or we're in trouble.
      Cody: I'm not supposed to be out after dark.
      Yolei: It's cold!

    • Angemon: Angemon warp digivolve to... Seraphimon!
      Angewomon: Angewomon digivolve to... Magandramon!

    • Angemon: That's it!
      Angewomon: We have to stop it! Before you know it, we'll be changing diapers!

  • NOTES (21)

    • This is the only appearance of Magnadramon, one of Angewomon's Mega forms, in the series/ movies. One of her other Mega form, Ophanimon, will appear in season 4.

    • A Wendigo is a Native-American mythical beast that bears large resemblence to Wendigomon.

    • In the original version Endigomon obviously DID NOT dance to song "All Star".

    • Final time "Hey Digimon" is played.

    • Throughout the rest of Digimon, we see the forms of Cherubimon again:
      -Lopmon: Zihuxiaomon's ex-deva
      -Endigomon: on the cards that they gave out during the movie's debut.
      -Antilomon: Deva #12 in order of appearance
      -Cherubimon: Season 4 main bad guy in the beginning (and is strangely enough also evil-looking)

    • Just so you don't think they're left out, here are the Mega Forms for the original Digidestined's Digimon:

    • Unlike Agumon and Gabumon, Gatomon and Patomon evolve to their Mega Forms while in their Ultimate Forms.

    • Gatomon and Patomon are the only Digimon other than Gabumon and Agumon to reach their Mega Forms.

    • Actually, this movie has two chapters in it. The first one is called "Hurricane Touchdown", and it ends in the middle of the scene where Davis and Willis ride on Raidramon, and then begins the second chapter, called "Supreme Evolution! Golden Digi-Eggs!"

    • Debut: Willis, Gummymon, Kokomon, Endigomon, Terriermon, Antylamon (Virus), Cherubimon (Virus & Vaccine), Seraphimon, Magnadramon, Rapidmon (Armor)

    • In Japan the movie originaly aired with out the first two 'movies' but aired with a mini movie based on the Anime 'Ojamajo DoReMi' also done by Toei Animation

    • Cherubimon's name was changed to 'Kerpymon', Both his & Seraphimon were named after two highest angel classes, the divine beastial Cherubim & God's #1 right-hand angel-class, the Seraphim.

    • They had done a very good job translating but when Angemon warp digivolves you see a bit of japanese in the background but they should have translated "Our War Game" as well as they did in this movie! The one thing you can complain about though is Willis was named Wallace in the Japanesse version. Why did they change a name that was American and easily pronounced?

    • It wasn't the Diaboromon virus that infected Lopmon in the orginal.

    • This movie was meant to be OUT of continuity. As a result, many of the scenes from the Japanesse version were kept, but the order they were shown in the movie was altered. As a result, you don't get the full true story unless you watch the Japanesse version of the movie.

    • There is another plot in the Japanese version that has to do with the original digidestined (minus TK and Kari) being kidnapped and put into an alternate dimension that de-ages them, because they all had Digivices. The purpose of the kidnappings was so Chocomon could find Willis and play with him again as a kid again, but since Chocomon didn't know Willis had grown up, he kidnapped all the kids that had digivices and turned them into kids again.

    • This is set after the Digi-Destined defeated the Digimon Emperor in the episode titled "Crest Of Kindness"!

    • US Length: about 20 min

    • Japan Length: about 1 hour

    • Title is Hurricane Touchdown.

    • Editing cuts out the scenes where Antylamon physically knocks Flamedramon, Halsemon, and Digmon into a mountain and later near the end of the movie where Poromon, Upamon, Patamon, and Gatomon attack Kerpymon to protect their Human Partners where they almost sacrifice themselves.