Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 41

Digimon World Tour

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 2001 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

The DigiDestined divide into teams of 2 to head to 6 specific locations, because only the D3's can open the Digiports.

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  • The begin of the World Tour Arc, Part 1 being the worst in my opinion.

    The first half of this episode begins with the digi-destined splitting up and Imperialdramon dropping them off in their two person teams around the world. The teams are Izzy and Kari, Matt and Ken, Sora and Yolei, Davis and Mimi, Tai and TK, and Joe and Cody. Davis meets up with Willis (who has Betamon for a partner and was seen in an earlier episode) who has his father (who is a movie star) fly him and Davis to New York to team up with Mimi. Digi-destined from the area are trying to round up all the Digimon to Central Park, but a Cherrymon sees a Christmas tree on the way and goes nuts thinking it's an enemy...or something.

    Lillymon tries to tame him by putting her wreath of flowers around him but it doesn't work since he isn't controlled by a virus. Ex-Veemon kicks him onto a frozen pond where a team of digi-destined stun him. Following this, Davis uses his digivice and sends all the Digimon back to the Digital World. Mimi's father shows up and asks Davis where all the monsters went. Davis thinks to himself "come on Davis, you're not as dumb as everyone thinks..." He says "What monsters? I don't see any monsters." Then that half closes with him thinking "Good job Davis...when in doubt, deny deny deny. Who says I'm so dumb?"

    The second half is the part that really gets me...the point of this power from Azulogmon is so we get to see the Season 1 Digimon digivolve to Ultimate, but Gatomon and Tentomon are all ready fully digivolved when we see them. Anyway, in Hong Kong, a Mojyamon is running rampant, when the Poi brothers (who have Shakkomon) all digivolve to Octomon to stop him. This half ends with Octomon squirting an ink peach message on a rock face to tell military forces they come in peace to avoid an international incident.moreless
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Michael Lindsay


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Seadramon, Lou, Poi Brother #3

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the original, when Izzy is talking to the Poi Brothers he can't do so because they speak different languages. However in the dub he tries to explain to the brothers about being a Digi-Destined.

    • With all these bad things happening in the real world you would think that Tai would wanna keep his sister close to him, but instead T.K. is paired up with Tai. Some big brother!

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Tentomon: You can get great deals here in Hong Kong. No wonder the Chinese wanted it back so bad!

    • Poi Brother 2: Hey! Tell me somethin'. How come you guys have Digimon, too?
      Kari: Izzy, explain to them about being DigiDestined.
      Izzy: Well, you're a part of a fraternal society.
      MegaKabuterimon: Izzy, how many times do I have to tell you? When explaining things, keep it simple!
      Izzy: Oh, yeah. Uh, let me start over. You're Digivice-carrying titans destined to save the Digital World. Simple?! (Kari sighs)

    • Soldier: (about ShogunGekomon and Airdramon) What do you think it is, General?
      General: I think the fat one is asking the flying one for some help.

    • Davis: All right, Exveemon. It's time to put that giant cherry tree on ice!
      Exveemon: On ice, huh? Hmmm. Don't worry. Leave everything to me. V-Kick!(Knocks Cherrymon off the building and onto a frozen pond) Is that what you meant by putting him on ice, Davis?
      Davis: Not exactly.

    • Davis: It's Gennai!
      Benjamin: Sorry to confuse you, my friend, but my name is Benjamin.
      Mimi: That's right. Benjamin's Gennai's friend.
      Veemon: But he looks exactly like him.
      Benjamin: That's because Gennai and I were once one and the same.
      Veemon: Can you get anymore confusing?

    • Soldier: General, we just received this important dispatch from headquarters. It seems the monsters from all over the country are headed for New York City.
      General: Tell them we're on our way there. If those monsters think the Army is tough, wait'll they get a load of New York.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Syakomon is the 200th Digimon to debut in the series.

    • In this episode, three Hong Kong kids fall in love with Kari.

    • Japanese Title: "New York and Hong Kong, The Battle Royal"

    • In this episode they introduce you to the digidestined of North America and Asia and their Digimon:

      Lou: Tortomon
      Steve: Frigimon
      Maria: Centarumon
      Phil: Flarerizamon
      Tatum: Airdramon
      The Poi Brothers: each have Syakomon that can Digivolve into Octomon
      Yuehon: Apemon
      Dien: Gorillamon
      Mina: Meramon

    • Digimon herded to Central Park are 3 Bakemon, Cherrymon, Sukamon and Chuumon, DarkTyrannomon, a Devidramon larger than normal, Kuwagamon, Monzaemon, an Okuwamon larger than usual, Parrotmon, Raremon, 3 RedVeggiemon, ShogunGekomon, and Tyrannomon while Mojyamon and multiple Airdramon, Mammothmon, Raremon, Tuskmon, and Tyrannomon were herded to a Chinese park which I can't remember.

    • This is the only time the same title would be used for a multi-part saga.

    • The 6 teams each consist of one of the old Digidestends, one of the new Digidestends, and each of their Digimon companions. Davis goes with Mimi, Yolei goes with Sora, Cody goes with Joe, T.K. goes with Tai, Kari goes with Izzy, and Ken goes with Matt.

    • Flarerizamon, Syakomon, and Octomon make their debut.