Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 5

Digital World, Here We Come!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on TV Asahi

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  • Enter Digital World!

    So after Thomas and Gaomon enter the Digital World, Marcus and Agumon come in with the same idea, but Yoshino doesn't allow them. After Marcus almost breaks the machine, Yoshino sends them to the Digital World to find Thomas. However, they find Drimogemon and it attacks them and sends them underground where they find Thomas and Gaomon. Thomas is hurt, but Marcus helps him. They find Drimogemon and Marcus tells everyone to jump on his back, so they do, and Drimogemon takes them to the surface and they lead him to an Ice Cover where they fight him. But, as they are fighting, Drimogemon becomes Digmon, which is a lot more powerful! Gaiogamon and Geogreymon use their attacks together to form a fire tornado and they destroy Digmon. They return to the normal world and everything it fine. Thomas and Marcus aren't going to fight as much since they respect one another now. Good episode.
  • "Yo" Hahahahaha

    Savers is continuing its tradition of having every second epsidoe be good and every first not so much. Oh wait maybe I'm confused! The first episode was decent...

    Old man never showed up again! But not only did Yoshino say "this is the worst" but Raramon did too... I'm sorry I'm just not buying that Yoshino wouldn't get in hardly any trouble for helping send Masaru into the digital world all she got was yelled at not fired and not even punished. That's a little unbeleviable.

    I was really expecting the digital world to look just like it did in Tamers now its a combination of the original and tamers. But I'm glad it's back to being lush.

    Our boys finally learned to work together awwwwwwwww. Some boys they is. And it seems Masaru is slowly learning how to be a leader this is the second time he actually thought about the situation. Good for you Masaru.

    So Drimogemon digivolved into Digmon? IMPOSSIBLE! Even if a digimon could digivolve into Digmon it would have to be a rookie because Armadillomon was meaning that Digmon is a Champion level and Drimogemon is a champion. In the savers world it seems Digmon is an ultimate and the first to appear this season. Well no one will ever accuse Savers of being unoriginal.

    Not only did Yoshino get in no trouble neither did Masaru or Touma. In fact the Captain seemed proud of them. Of course they might have to do with them learning teamwork.

    I sure hope there's an arc where all 3 of them go to the digital world. While I'm hoping for things I hope Yoshino and Raramon get more screen time soon.

    This episode gets a 6.8 for resolving the Masaru/Touma rivalery so quick! Cudos.