Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 5 Episode 5

Digital World, Here We Come!

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • Interesting Point: The first episode in which Digmon appeared was season 2's "The Digiteam Complete", where he had to fight Drimogemon. In this episode Drimogemon digivolves to Digmon.

    • US Version: When Thomas looks back at the scene where GeoGreymon and Gaogamon's attacks cancelled each other out during the fight with Drimogemon, he refers to GeoGreymon using his Mega Flame. However, it was the Mega Burst that was used that time.

    • Thomas' bleeding injury is edited out of the Dubbed version.

  • Quotes

    • Marcus: You really are a genius!
      Thomas: Compared to you, it doesn't take much.

    • Thomas: Marcus couldn't take orders if he was a waiter in a restaurant.

    • Agumon: Looks like the boss has got himself another employee!
      Thomas: Don't push your luck.

    • Marcus: (Laughing at Thomas) So basically, you were outsmarted by giant talking gopher! Check out the genius!

    • Lalamon: Try to expand the search limits!
      Yoshino: Please, if I can only find him once at least.
      Sampson: What are you doing?
      Yoshino: Searching for an idiot...geez, why me?
      (Lalamon and Yoshino turn their heads back, only to see an angry Sampson looking over them) ...Captain...
      Kudamon: Looks like you are searching for something. But what are you searching for?
      Yoshino: Umm...a palanquin set with jewels...nan te...(sweats heavily in fear)...Lalamon...
      Lalamon: (Slowly floats away) Maybe it's better if I don't say anything...

    • Agumon: But boss, what about Thomas?
      (switches to Yoshino and Lalamon at DATS)
      Yoshino: (mocking Marcus) "Forget about him. Let him figure out how to get back on his own." What's stopping him from just saying that?
      Lalamon: Marcus would never say anything like that!
      (switches back to Marcus and Agumon in the Digital World)
      Marcus: Forget about him. Let him figure out how to get back on his own.

    • Computer: (beeeeeep)
      Yoshino: Marcus's gone too.
      Raramon: This really is the worst...

    • Masaru: How strange, everything in the Digital World is upside-down.
      Agumon: Aniki, you're the one who's upside-down.
      Masaru: I see, that makes sense.

  • Notes

    • Denmark Airdate: February 28, 2008 on Cartoon Network

    • Tom Fahn does not reprise his role of Digmon. Instead, Lex Lang (who voiced Drimogemon) voices him here.

    • Japanese Airdate: April 30, 2006

    • Digimon analyzation is also performed by Thomas with his pocket laptop, but without the profile card pop-up like in previous seasons. Sometimes, just the name of a Digimon and its level appears on screen with no narration (this season doesn't have that anyway).

    • During Marcus and Agumon's search for Thomas and Gaomon in the Digital World, among the Digimon seen are Airdramon, Tsunomon, Yokomon, and Poromon.

    • For some unknown reason, Drimogemon Digivolved into Digmon. In Season 2 and the Card Game, Digmon was considered an Armor Digivolution of Armadillomon, not a Digivolved form of Drimogemon.

      Response: Drimogemon Digivolving to Digmon is most likely a reference to season's 4 slide evolution.

  • Allusions

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