Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 50

End of the Line (4)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2003 on TV Asahi

Episode Recap

The episode starts with all the kids down in the Train station after getting wasted by Lucemon Satan Mode. Takuya gets ready to fight again; however, the others stop him because Lucemon was able to regenerate and they think it is hopeless. Takuya's spirit goes into the dumps and he gets very angry. He sees a fallen elevator and says that he is still a weak child. He says he hasn't changed a bit and that he can't even move the elevator in front of him with all his strength. Then, Agunimon appears out of the digivice and helps Takuya gain the strength he needed to accomplish his task. The other Legendary Spirits all fly out of the digivices and help the respective digidestined. The 4 Evil spirits and Lowemon also appear. Patamon, Salamon, and Lopmon go into a trance and the Three Guardian Angels appear in spirit form above them. They speak the kids about how they are the last chance the digital world has and that destiny and the future now lies in their hands again. The five kids use their digivices and activate the ANCIENT SPIRIT EVOLUTION. All five kids join together in Susanoomon, the Warrior of Peace. They fly up and drag Lucemon Satan Mode away from the human World just as he pierces the surface. Lucemon Satan Mode begins to fire his breath everywhere and the kids remember Cherubimon told them that this Lucemon can't think coherently and they realize there is something else controlling this huge dragon. Takuya thinks that it has something to do with the black orb so they fly towards it and see the Lucemon Larva. LL is the one that controls the actions of the larger Lucemon Satan Mode. However, the Larva knocks Susanoomon back to the Train Station and makes Lucemon Satan Mode launch fire once again as our heroes. Finally, the kids listen to Takuya and head inside of the black orb. They fight and punch a hole through the Lucemon Larva, destroying the black orb and causing the dragon to go crazy. Susanoomon activates his second most powerful technique, Heaven's Thunder and traps Satan mode in a Storm of Lightning. Then he uses his sword to cut through Lucemon Satan Mode releasing all of the stored data Lucemon had accumulated. However, the Lucemon Larva had survived the earlier onslaught and was headed straight for Susanoomon. The Legendary Warrior of Legendary Warriors realized this and ejected the 5 kids from his body. Susanoomon took the attack of the Larva and broke the sword of Emperor Greymon out of his weapon. Each of the 10 Legendary Spirits emerged out of Susanoomon and slashed through Lucemon larva. Every bit of Lucemon is now gone and the kids rejoice. Their digivices return all of the data back to the digital world thus returning it to the peaceful state. The spirits realize the kids must return to the human world before the wormhole closes. The spirits throw the kids through the hole as Bokomon promises to record a new legend about the proceedings of the digidestined. On the way home, Koji gets a message from Lowemon saying that Kouichi is still alive. The kids rush to the hospital where Kouichi is unsuccessfully getting revived. The digivices activate with their last miracle, the Resurrection of Kouichi. Then the kids are shown in their lives shortly after the events of Frontier. JP cares about others, Zoe has friends, Koji is kind to his stepmother and meets his mother with his best friend Kouichi, Tommy has fun on the playground as a brave kid, and Takuya has fun with his family.

End Of Digmon Frontier.
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