Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 50

End of the Line (4)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2003 on TV Asahi

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  • The digidestined defeat Lucemon (FINALLY!). They return to the real world to find out that no time has passed and Koichi is still alive. He survives and they all end happily ever after.

    I really wished that the end was more conclusive since we all know that it will never have another episode. We find outt aht all the characters plan to fix all the flaws that they once have and appreciate everything more. It is great to see those characters finally come together and end their story. However, I was hoping to have some conclusion to the Takya /Zoe romance. It was the main reason i cared about this show. The characters werer great, but this was yet anotehr episode where they are nonexistant. It's all action at the start. And the aciton isn't particularly good. Susanoamon returns, in a great way, but the payoff is lame again. Lucemon gets destroyed (AGAIN)but for good. Then from there, all the spirits say bye to teh kids in the lamest ending of a ll time. it is a rushed moment filled with no emotion. Whereas season 1 had a great finale, this season, like the 3rd one had one of the most emotionless endings. I was not left with any sense of missing wat was going on. I didn't really care if they ever saw the digimon again. The way it was portrayed was intended to be funny and sad, but it was so meaningless. And the whole thing about the gate was defintely a spin off of season 1 (like the rest of it). The last scene with Koichi and Koji was not really emotional, since it was so cliche and again, put into the span of 30 seconds. you never really get the sense that he's ever really lost for good. it's a shame because it had so much potential. So did the rest of the season. The pot could have gone somewhere, but they decided to rip pages out of the previous scripts and the end product was a bunch of great characters thrown into a lame world with a stupid adventure. Well. This is defiently the weakest ending of the series. it is a shame. The season could have been just as good as season one, but it really fell short. it definetly proved more interesting than season 3.