Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 50

End of the Line (4)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2003 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • In the flashback scene where Takuya remembers the attacks on Lucemon, Kazemon says "Hurricane Wave", which is her actual attack. But what she actually said in the previous episode was "Hurricane Gail" Zephermon's attack. I guess they were covering for their mistake!

    • In resopose to the last goof. Zoe lived in Italy for a while (Thats why no one wanted to be friends with her). Also she speaks Italian in vairous episodes. As for the traits they do show them. Ex. Koji is distant so is Lobomon/all his other spirts. Takuya is a bit childish so are his spirts. Thank you very much.

    • during the scene where the fractal code appears around their hands and say execute ancient spirit evolution
      as they hold their D-tectors before they scan you'll notice that Takuya and Koji have their original D-tectors the ones they got at the beginning of the season

    • In the end of the episode, we find that, since Zoe knew Italian, Kazemon can now speak Italian. Couple of things: 1) Did Zoe ever speak Italian on the show? 2) Why didn't they show some more distinguishable character trait on another Digimon instead? 3) Zoe's supposed to have been living in Japan her whole life, or close to it, so where did she learn to speak Italian so well?

    • On this episode, right before the team of 5 becomes Susanoomon for the last time, they raise their D-tectors. When they do so, their are 6 of them (5 + Kouichi's D-Tector makes 6). However Kouichi's D-Tector becomes non-existant after he gives his spirits to Koji. But, to see this you are going to have to pause it or just slow down the film of it. If you also notice, all the D-tectors are held in a right hand...if one of them had to hold two, where did that last right hand come from?

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • A total of 86 Digimon have debuted in this season including the ones in the movie even though it is out of continuity with the series.

    • Japanese Title: Go Beyond Time! The Birth Of A New Legend!

    • The title of this episode and the first one, All Aboard, are both train related. All Aboard is related to first boarding a train, and End of the Line refers to getting off a train.

    • One more tradition carried on in this season. An evil Digimon goes to the real world where a battle takes place.

      * Season 1: There was the Myotismon saga.
      * Season 2: "World Digimon Tour" saga.
      * Season 3: Throughout the whole season (but I'll say D-Reaper as example)

      This season, it is Lucemon's Shadow Lord Mode.

    • This season showed two (and more) humans Digivolving together. Season 2 showed two Digimon Digivolving together, and season 3 showed a human and a Digimon Digivolving together.

    • Some of the kids shown with Tommy at the end are the bullies from "The Bully Pulpit".

    • The words "the end" are shown in place of where the words "to be continued" normally are.

    • When the spirits come to life, only the human spirits are shown- NOT the beast spirits.

    • Neemon actually makes sense when he tries to stop Bokomon from going with the humans

    • Season 4 finale and thought to be the series finale until the season premiere of Data Squad.

  • Allusions

    • Susanoomon: "And so...it ends!"

      To people that have been with the series awhile, this line has a deeper meaning than you might first see. Susanoomon is making a reference to the very first episode of Digimon, "And So It Begins," giving it a kind of nolgistalgic closure to the fans paying attention.