Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 1

Enter Flamedramon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2000 on TV Asahi
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The original DigiDestined's Digimon can't digivolve due to a new Black Digivice. Tai goes to the digital world by himself and finds a mysterious DigiEgg, that by touching it, gives new digivices to 3 new DigiDestined.

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  • Nicesd

  • It is three/four years after season one and there is a new anger in the digital world. Davis, a kid from Kari's class comes to the Digital World and meets his Digimon Veemon. He saves the other kids who's Digimon have problems Digivolving.moreless

    Season one left you wanting more. You really wanted to see the Digidestined return to the Digital World to see their partners again and have more adventures. The producers had anticipated this and as a result, they created a new series of Digimon that continued the advventures of our beloved octet but added more kids to the mix. This episode gets things started in the right direction. Defintely one of the high points of this season, it sets things in motion right form the beginnig of the episode. No sooner has the theme song ended that we are brought into a black land and presented to an ominous looking human. We then realize that this is the Digital World. Many quesiton race to our minds. A human in the Digital world? Wha't going on? Where are the Digidestined to save the day? It is a great way to continue the long standin In Medias Res that identifies most epics. We are then brought to the real world and presented to a grown up TK. Then Tai and Kari come into the mix. Izzy makes another a ppearance later on. We are alos introduced to the new kids Davis, Cody, and Yolei. The character relationships are established right away as well. Davis likes Kari and is jealous of TK's friendliness towards her. Cody and Yolei are good friends. What really make shtis episode so strong is the symbols utilized in this episode. Nothing gives a fan more pleasure than to see Tai become the first Digidestined to return to the Digital world. It's also great to see the connection with the Bicycle riding from season 1 in "Piximon cometh". It's simply delightful! The fact that Tai passes the torch in this episode by touching the Digiegg and by giving Davis his goggles really gives a fan a great deal of nostalgic pleasure. Of course, Tai also seems to be pretty uptight about Davis being able come to the Digital World and picking the egg. A rivalry between them? The introduction of Veemon is interesting. He looks "fake" with the integrity of the Digital world (if that can really be a proper term), but let's be realiztic, no one cares. (What Veemon really resembles is unidentifiable and is the only Digimon in the entire show to remain so. He looks like a teletubbie dragon. Most of the creatures in the Digital World up to this point resemble something, but it's not clear what he is supposed to be, which makes him less "organic"). Anyways. The armor digivolving adds some interesting change to the season even though it doesn't really give any indicaiton of how powerful this change is in comparison to regular Digivolving (we find out that it is weaker than the champion level). Overall, there is some great humor here and a great story told in this episode. The season doesn't really take any stable route after this particular episode. In Season one it climbed without ever falling an inch. In this Season the direciton varied greatly. There is no doubt however that it started with a great big bang (better opener that season one in fact.)moreless
  • i thnk its a very good start to the season especially the fact that t.k and kari are in this season also that davis looks familiar to tai

    i thnk its a very good start to the season especially the fact that t.k and kari are in this season also that davis looks familiar to tai i think davis deserves the crest of courage but flamedramon appears too early in the episode.

    but i have to admit flamedramon is awesome. but they should explain how the digimon emperor got into the digiworld. and how he got hs black divice and also how he got all powerful.

    they should tell his digimon (wormon) in the begining. i need to think of something else. oh i hope the next episode will be as exciting as this or even bettermoreless
  • The return of Digimon completes the story, though there are some miscalculations.

    The story is as better than before. At the end of the first season, the gate to the digital world is suppose to be closed but then there wouldn't be a story, so to aid in the return, the digital gate is put in a simpler context. The new digi-destined gave the new season a twist to be looking forward to while two older digi-destined are able to guide the new ones around a bit. As for the rest of the storyline, the digi-emperor would be a good enemy until the stronger ones can come into context. And since the digi-emperor isn't as strong, he's considered Devimon #2. The digivolving with digi-eggs adds another twist to complete the puzzle.

    Prodigous - Izzymoreless
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