Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 40

Enter The Dark Masters

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2000 on TV Asahi
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The DigiDestined return to the Digital World, they find things in even more chaos than before. Can they defeat the ones causing this?

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  • The Dark Masters are the coolest group of villians ever.

    After they saw wierd things happened in the sky on the last episode, the Digidestined went back in the Digital World to fix the problem and they found out a lot had happened when the Digital World's a mess and they found Chuumon and he told them what happened in the Digital World and it had been taken apart and it created Spiral Mountain and I felt sorry for him for losing his friend Sukamon and he told them the Dark Masters were responsible for this, then Metalseadramon came out of nowhere and all of the Digidestined's Digimon digivolved to champion levels but it didn't work beacuse he was a mega level Digimon and not even eight champions can't take down a mega, Metalseadramon blasted all of them and another Dark Master came out of the fog and blasted Angemon back to Patamon, it was Machinedramon and all except for Patamon digivolved to the ultimate level and it didn't work and I was surprised that seven ultimates can't take down a mega so Machinedramon blasted them to yet another Drak Master controled them like puppets named Puppetmon he used his Puppet Pummel on the seven ultimates and they reverted to two rookies, four in-trainings and one champion, and then the last Dark Master is Piedmon and not even two new mega Digimon can't take him down. Then Piedmon throwed a knife at Mimi but Chuumon was heroic he went in front of Mimi to take the attack and he was deleted and then Piximon saved them and in the next episode he died. This is one exciting Digimon episode of season 1.moreless
  • Enter the Dark Masters

    The beginning of the Dark Masters arc, and an excellent opener. Having defeated Venom Myotismon, the kids and the Digimon return to the Digital World, to see it in ruins. Izzy is attempting to contact Gennai, but has no success. The digital world seems to warp on a regular basis, and this traps Joe, who is looking for Gomamon, who seemed to have been lost. Gomamon pops out of Joes bag and Joe is hanging off a ledge after being "ambushed" by Chuumon. All the in-training Digimon digivolve to their Rookie levels to help and see what's going on, but Kari tells them to "hold on" and promises whoever is their they won't hurt him. Chuumon emerges and Mimi asks him to tell the story of what happened. He explains how he and Sukamon got separated and tells the kids of the Dark Masters. Tai explains they can't be too tough and that they defeated Myotismon. Metal-Seadramon shows up and attacks, and all eight Digimon digivolve to their Champion level, but they are no match. Finally, Izzy discovers that Metal-Seadramon is a Mega, and even eight Champions can't overtake one Mega. Metal-Seadramon then uses his River of Power to send the kids and digimon to another area. All the kids and digimon seemed slightly stunned, but all right overall after arriving in this new area. Angemon hears some mechanical noise and goes to investigate, but is attacked, and he reverts to Patamon. Izzy discovers it is Machinedramon, another Mega digimon, so the remaining seven Champions digivolve to Ultimate, but are still no match. They then go to another area where they can float but there is no ground. Garudamon and Were-Garurumon being "fighting" and claim they can't control it, and they all realize they have been strung up like puppets. So, they discover they have entered the domain of Puppetmon, another Mega. He attacks and they revert to Gatomon, Agumon, Gabumon, and in-training forms, respectfully. They are all now in a colliseum. A clown comes out and tells how the children realized they needed to climb Spiral Mountain and defeat the Dark Masters, but to their dismay, the Dark Masters defeated them. TK replies "Hey clownie, no one's laughing at your story!" The clown is revealed to be Piedmon, the last Mega and leader of the Dark Masters. Agumon and Gabumon warp-digivolve, but Piedmon easily takes care of them, and they revert to Rookies. He claims that they are newly digivolved, and have no chance. Piedmon destroys Chuumon and as he is about to destroy the rest of the gang, Piximon arrives and uses his barrier to protect the other children and help them escape. The episode ends with Piximon about to battle the four Dark Masters alone.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Tai says that Piximon said that they could save the world if all 8 Digi-Destined were together, but it was actually Gennai that said it.

    • When Puppetmon first speaks, a shot of the Digi-Destined is shown from above them. During this, Angewoman is shown to be bigger then she actually is, appearing to be of the same size as MetalGreymon, MegaKabuterimon, and Zudomon.

    • A slight change in Piximon's character this time as he know longers speaks by mixing up words or ending some sentences in 'Yip Yip.'

    • WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon mistakenly refer to their attacks as "Nova Force" and "Ice Wolf Claw".

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Sora (about Piedmon): Even two Mega Digimon couldn't put him down. That's really bad news!
      Mimi: Not to mention he's a fashion disaster!

    • Tai (as the Ultimate Level Digimon charge at Machinedramon): Come on, guys! Show him what you're made of!
      Kari: Hope they're made of something strong enough!

    • Piedmon: Which one of you wants to be the first to die?
      Mimi: (crying) I didn't even want to be a Digidestined! All I wanted was to go to the mall! I just want to be a normal kid and not have any big responsibilities!
      Piedmon: You are so annoying. I shall take you out first!

    • (after MetalSeadramon attacked all their Digimon)
      Mimi: How come he's beating us so badly?
      Izzy: (computer beeps) Ah! It's because he's a Mega Digimon, and even eight Champions can't overtake one Mega, he's stronger than all of us combined!
      Tai: Then we're lost without more power!
      Joe: Ever notice were always at the wrong place at just the wrong time?
      MetalSeadramon: Now it's time to take one nasty ride! (Shoots his River at Power and causes earthquake)

    • Tai: (about the Dark Masters) Well they couldn't be too much tougher than anyone else we wrestled with before.
      Chuumon: NO WAY!!! They'll beat the pants right off of you!
      Tai: We got rid of Myotismon, so we can get rid of them too!

    • Chuumon: (tells everyone what happened) After you guys left File Island, Sukamon and I went on with life as usual, you know eating, eating, and more eating. When suddenly... (a huge earthquake came out of nowhere and Sukamon and Chuumon run for their lives and Sukamon tripped and fell down in a crack and screamed and Chuumon cried) SUKAMON!!!!! (a gust of darkness blowed away Chuumon) I never saw him again, a powerful evil force took over the land causing all kinds of bad things to happen, then it rebuild the Digital World so it would be easy to conquer, I been hiding ever since.

    • Piedmon: Who would like to the first to be destroyed? Oh, come now, don't tell me you have stage fright?

    • Tai: You mean the Digital World is completely changed from what it was?
      Izzy: How's it different?
      Chuumon: AAAHHHH!!! Everything's have been discombobulated and taken apart the Digital World is been relocated way up there, it's called Spiral Mountain.

    • Tai: Where did all the other Digimon go? Are they up there too? Where's Leomon?
      Chuumon: I don't know, but warned I'll been told they'll destroy anything that tries to get in there way.
      Sora: Who will?
      Chuumon: Who? The Dark Masters.

    • Palmon: What happened to your friend Sukamon?
      Chuumon: I-I-I'm afraid I lost him.(starts to cry)

    • Chuumon: (when Metalseadramon appeared) Oh no! It's Metalseadramon!

    • Izzy: Puppetmon has a controlling personality and a rotten temper. Get him mad and he'll bop you with his hammer.
      Mimi: If you have to hit someone, you should bop yourself for how you look in that stupid helmet!
      Lillymon: Mimi!

    • Clown: Well, hello there, boys and girls! Welcome! Today, I'm going to tell you an amazing story (Pulls out some story boards). Once upon a time, there were eight DigiDestined. They went with their Digimon companions to try and save the world. The children and their Digimon discovered that in order for them to do it, they had to climb up to the top of Spiral Mountain. But to their dismay, the Dark Masters defeated them. So sad.
      TK: Hey, clowny! Nobody's laughing at your story!
      Clown: Oh, dear. I'm so sorry. Did I happen to mention the story is true? I wanted to give you a preview of the plot.
      (The Clown turns into Piedmon)
      Chuumon: Aah! It's Piedmon (Piedmon's Analysis comes up)! He's a Mega Phantom Digimon of the worst kind! You never know what he's going to look like next!
      Tai: Well, I think your plot needs a few re-writes!

    • Chuumon(About Metalseadramon): This guy has one real hard nose! And I mean hard nose! Take my advice: This is one train you would rather miss!

    • Izzy: Be prepared for another Mega Digimon. He's called MachineDramon. This metallic mutant can blow out a Digimon just like a birthday candle!

    • Gomamon: Whoops! I forgot all about you! Oh...
      Joe: You forgot? I'm hanging here by my elbows, and you're off in la-la land!
      Gomamon: Gee...I wonder what it's like to have elbows...

    • Tentomon: Are you trying to get a hold of Gennai?
      Izzy: Well, I'm not playing Solitaire.

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