Digimon: Digital Monsters

Tuesday 9:00 PM on TV Asahi Premiered Aug 01, 1999 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • Now Burn Up Tagiru! The Glorious Digimon Hunt!

      Although it seems that Ryoma has betrayed the Digimon Hunters, it turns out that Ryoma's Digimon partner Astamon was manipulating Ryoma for Quartzmon all along. Now Tagiru ends up having to use the powers of Taiki, Tai Kamiya, Davis Motomiya, Takato Matsuki, Takuya Kanbara, and Marcus Damon in order to defeat Quartzmon.

    • Grand Gathering of the Legendary Heroes! The Play-Offs of the Digimon All Stars!!

      When the threat of Quartzmon gets worse, the Clock Store Owner tells Xros Heart and Ryoma's group on how they can defeat Quartzmon by obtain the Brave Snatcher (which was made from what was left of Bagramon). As Zenjirou is partnered up with Ballistamon and Akari is partnered up with Dorulumon and Cutemon, Xros Heart, Ryoma's Team, and Noboru's team are sent to find the Brave Snatcher. When an army of Myotismon hinders their progress, some of the characters from past Digimon seasons appear to help fight Quartzmon's army of Myotismon.

    • Now Revealed! The Secret of the Digimon Hunt

      When a Tsumemon arrives on Earth and starts to Digivolve all the way to Diaboromon, Xros Heart and Ryoma's group end up teaming up to fight Diaboromon as the true form of the evil being is revealed.

    • The Golden Insect! The Mysterious MetallifeKuwagamon

      Wanting to know the full story behind the Digimon Hunt, Xros Heart follows a lead when they end up on the trail of the mythical Digimon MetallifeKuwagamon. When a mysterious evil being deletes MetallifeKuwagamon and attacks Xros Heart, the sudden appearance of Tai Kamiya and Marcus Damon help to fight off the evil being.

    • The Amusement Park of Dreams, Digimon Land!

      A Digimon-themed amusement park called Digimon Land has opened up in the DigiQuartz which is run by Jokermon and Sakkakumon. Tagiru and Gumdramon follow a bunch of Bakomon to where Digimon Land is where they discover a plot by Jokermon and Sakkakumon to swallow the happiness of the children that visit Digimon Land.

    • Rare Card Vanished! The Invincible RookChessmon

      Kids across town are being brainwashed by a new card game. Taiki, Yu, and Tagiru discover that RookChessmon is behind this.

    • The Great Undersea Adventure! Find the Digimon Treasure of Dreams!

      While out fishing, Xros Heart encounters a female Digimon Hunter named Mizuki and her partner Submarimon. They are a treasure hunter duo who have been searching Tokyo's shores until they had to defend the area from a Dragomon which is also after a Plesiomon.

    • UFO & Dinosaur Great Gathering! Ekakimon of Dreams

      Various cryptids have been sighted in town. Tagiru and Gumdramon discover that Ekakimon has bonded with a lonely boy and has brought his drawings to life.

    • Resemblance or None at All? The Disguised Phantom Thief Betsumon

      An old friend of Gumdramon called Betsumon is the most wanted Digimon in the Digital World. Tagiru and Gumdramon seek to capture Betsumon who doesn't seem to remember Gumdramon.

    • A Heart-Throbbing Horror Experience! Spirit Hunter Roars!!

      Strange fireballs have been sighted in town followed by a strange distress call. Upon meeting a supernatural teenager named Kaoru, Tagiru and Yu end up following them to a drive-in theatre where they end up in a cave and find a Patamon being pursued by Airu.

    • Want Friends? Phelesmon, the Devil's Promise

      Tagiru meets a transfer student named Makoto Tamura who somehow has the ability to make friends with anyone that he looks at. When Yu is also affected, Taiki and Tagiru suspect that a Digimon is behind this. Their theories are proven corrected when they have an encounter with Phelesmon.

    • Gather Hunters! Digimon Competition in the Southern Island!

      The mysterious Clock Store Owner invites Taiki, Yu, Tagiru, Hideaki, and some Digimon Hunters named Haruki, Noburo, and Ken to a distant island where a contest involves capturing the Digimon Volcdramon. When Volcdramon becomes a problem for Taiki, Yu, and Tagiru, they end up receiving the assistance of Kiriha.

    • The World Trip for Children Only! The Digimon Train of Dream

      Tagiru and Gumdramon meet a Digimon Hunter named Kiichi who is using his partner Locomon to take children on a ride around the world. However, these train rides have been giving the children in Tagiru's class a lack of sleep.

    • Delicious or Nasty? The Digimon Ramen Contest!

      An Ogremon and a Fugamon who enjoy making Ramen capture a chef to help them. When this starts to bother the chef's son Marasu, Taiki, Yu, and Tagiru end up having to rescue Marasu's dad and capture Ogremon and Fugamon.

    • Tagiru Turns Soft?! Gumdramon's Big Crisis!!

      When students and teachers at Tagiru's school are suddenly listless and short on energy, Tagiru and Gumdramon enter the DigiQuartz and discover that FlaWizardmon is behind this. When Tagiru has his energy drained by FlaWizardmon, it's up to Taiki and Yuu to come to his rescue and defeat FlaWizardmon.

    • Going to Hong Kong! Protect the Super Beauty Idol!!

      Taiki, Yuu, and Tagiru are visited by Nene who states that some mysterious masked man with strange powers is stalking her and she suspects that a Digimon is behind this. They soon discover that the masked man is being controlled by Harpymon.

    • Taiki Is Targeted! The Super Celebrity Star's Brave Shout!

      Akari returns to town to visit Taiki where they are suddenly captured by SuperStarmon who plans to add them to his doll collection. Tagiru and Yu team up with Ryoma in order to rescue Taiki and Akari.

    • Thriving Digimon Hunt! The Shopping District's Remarkable Hunter!

      Taiki has an encounter with Hideiki Mashimo and his green-eyed Dobermon while pursuing Zenimon. Unbeknownst to Taiki and Hideiki, Zenimon is actually working for Ganemon in a plot to rob money from the Shopping District.

    • The Okonomiyaki Panic! The Town Full of Pagumon

      Taiki, Yuu, and Tagiru go to Okonomiyaki and encounter a Pagumon who ends up causing an argument between Tagiru and Gumdramon.

    • Digimon Kendo Match! Approaching the Blade of Kotemon!

      Taiki, Yuu, and Tagiru enter their school's kendo club. A student from a rival school named Musashi Kenzaki ends up trained in kendo by Kotemon who ends up having Musashi attack top kendo players.

    • Cuteness Causion! Cute Hunter, Airu's Trap!

      Taiki, Yuu, and Tagiru stumble upon a Fancy Shop Dream store run by a Digimon Hunter named Airu Suzuki and her Digimon Opossumon. They soon discover that Airu is targeting Cutemon and will go to all lengths to add Cutemon to her collection. When Taiki and Tagiru plan to protect Yuu and Cutemon, Airu ends up assisted by Ryoma and Ren.

    • The Targeted Honor Students! Blossomon's Smile

      A pink Blossomon appears in the Real World and offers a deal to Tagiru's classmate Miho Suto in order to improve her school grades. When the students with the top 7 grades go missing, Taiki and Tagiru end up having to fight Blossomon to save Miho while keeping her from getting in the crossfire when Blossomon ends up targeted by a Digimon Hunter named Ren Tobari and his Digimon Dracmon.

    • The Robot Club's Dream, Pinocchimon's Enticement

      The Puppetmon that Taiki once befriended in the Dust Zone appears before the Robotic's Club at Tagiru's school. He decides to help them improve their talents by having them construct GigaBreakdramon. When Taiki, Shoutmon, Tagiru, and Gumdramon find Puppetmon, they discover that Puppetmon doesn't remember Taiki and unleashes GigaBreakdramon on the group.

    • The Students Disappear! The Wavering Shadow of Sagomon

      After adding MetalTyrannomon to his Digimon collection, Tagiru returns to the Real World with Taiki and Yuu. They soon discover that the Digimon Sagomon is behind the abduction of some children. While fighting Sagomon, Taiki receives the "Digimon Hunter Rulebook" from the mysterious Watchmaker and Tagiru ends up meeting a Digimon Hunter named Ryoma Mogami and his Digimon Psychemon.

    • Us, the Digimon Hunters!

      It's been a year since Taiki has defeated Bagramon. Taiki, Yuu, and their new friend Tagiru end up dragged into the DigiQuartz. Once inside, Tagiru ends up receiving Gumdramon when a MetalTyrannomon attacks them.

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