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Ideas for a Digimon Season

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    Hi, Guys. It's been a while. I'm still a fan and I heard about Digimon Xros Wars and saw all the heroes together. In this thread, we can make up our own season. Here's my idea:

    Digimon: Digi-Knights

    Chio "Colleen" Azuki has always been a fan to Digimon and every other anime, along with her friends, Kyou (Wally) Touma (Todd) and Tokie (Terry). One day, all them are in their homes when they each received a Digimon DVD in the mail with no return address. They each put their dvds on and see a dark shadowy king with an army of dark digimon terrorizing when Gennai pops in. He talks to the kids about the Dark Emperor, a mysterious being who is brainwashing digimon using a dark stone. In a flash of light, each of them receives a digivice that looks like a compass (D-Comp) and are transported into the Digital World. Colleen wakes up to see her digimon, a shy plant name Floramon. Now they must find other chosen kids and form a digiteam while finding the Gold Crests of the first Digimon Knights in order to defeat the Dark Emperor. They will meet the heroes of the previous seasons and reformed dark digimon of the past in order to form a new team called the Digi-Knights.

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