Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 20

From Dawn to Duskmon (1)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2002 on TV Asahi

Episode Recap

The group's Trailmon dumps them off at the border to the Continent of Darkness, claiming that won't travel into that desolate land. The DigiDestined wonder what the big deal is, but Bokomon explains to them that the Continent of Darkness is one of the most dangerous places in the Digital World, as Cherubimon's evil reign is the most powerful there. Bokomon is frightened to enter, but the DigiDestined know that they must travel through the Continent to get to Ophanimon.

The landscape of the Continent of Darkness is pitch-black, and is inhabited by Pipismon, bat-like Digimon. Things appear peaceful here until Arbormon shows up to exact his revenge. He scans most of the Pipismon to collect their data, and he Slide-Evolves into Petaldramon. All five of the DigiDestined Beast Spirit Evolve. They attack separately, but Petaldramon seems to be unstoppable. He consumes many trees, which causes him to grow substantially. None of the Digimon are able to inflict any damage now. All but BurningGreymon are exhausted, but his Wildfire Tsunami combined with Zephyrmon's Hurricane Gale stalls him long enough for the other three to strike a finishing blow. KendoGarurumon reverts to Lobomon to scan Petaldramon, and Arbormon is defeated.

Arbormon seems to be willing to go along with the DigiDestined if he wants to live, but Duskmon abruptly shows up. Arbormon is relieved for the assistance, but Duskmon is not so amicable. He fatally strikes Arbormon, scans him, and he becomes a DigiEgg. Everyone is shocked that Duskmon just killed his own friend. Duskmon scoffs at the DigiDestined and challenges them.