Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 24

Genesis Of Evil

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Ken tries to remember who he was before, but those are very painful memories for him.

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  • Doesn't anyone feel liked giving Ken an hugged in this episode.This episode is all about Ken and how he became the digimon emperor.This basicly Ken's story.So the other digi destined don't make an appearance here.moreless

    This is the story about Ken.It basicly told of his life.Even when his brother Sam was alive.His parents had ignored him and always paid attention to Sam not to him.He made this wished that Sam was gone.That is why Ken lived with that guilt.Because he had blamed himself for making this foolished mistake.He found himself in the dark ocean.Than everything changed.Even his parents begin to pay attention to him.Even the origin of being the digimon emperor that how it became to be.He learned that the reason he was gentle because he was kind.His brother had his admirition for Ken kindness.This is what Ken learned.Once he found Wormon again.But who knows if he would joined the digi destined again.moreless
  • Ken has returned home, but is in a coma, trying to remember his painful past, from his older brother Sam's genious-like ways to his neglection from his parents, Sam's death to the strange e-mail he recieved. Ken heads back to the Digital World and reunitemoreless

    *Sob* I cry everytime I see this episode. This is the most angst episode ever, most likely, and an episode most people should never look down upon. After all, how many shows have actually spent the whole 30 minutes focused on one character? I've never seen it on Poke'mon, which is the main difference between Digimon and Poke'mon. Ken's past is very painful in my eyes, as I know from experience. I think this episode covered and lessened the hate fans felt torwards him as the Emperor, and see who he really was.. I'd rate this episode higher than if I were allowed to, but unfortunately, I can't. This has got to be the best Digimon episode.moreless
  • I cried when I first saw this ep., to this day, I try to force a tear or so down.

    Ken is home, but is in a deep sleep to try & find his heart. He thinks back to when he was a little kid and his older genius brother, Sam whom was killed in an accident. Ken's folks try to help him, he wakes up but is left confused. Later, Ken went into the Digital World ending up at Primary Village, Ken's Crest of Kindness glew and he was reunited with Wormmon in his Baby form, Leafmon. They return home where Ken's folks were afraid he'd run away again. They're a happy family.moreless
Frank Catalano

Frank Catalano

Mr. Ichijouji

Recurring Role

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Mrs. Ichijouji

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • How can those baby Digimon talk? Baby Digimon are only supposed to say their names like TK's Poyomon after Devimon was deleted, similar to Pokemon.

    • When they're blowing bubbles Sam looks only 2 years older than Ken. But when they get the Digi-vice, Sam looks about 6 years older than Ken.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Leafmon: Ken, thank you. You took a little detour in getting there, but you kept your promise.
      Ken: What promise?
      Leafmon: Being kind and gentle.
      Ken (starts to cry): Thank you for giving me a second chance.

    • Ken: I hated Wormmon because I thought he wasn't worthy of me. The truth is, I wasn't worthy of him.

    • Punimon (to Ken): After all you did, we're not gonna welcome you back with open arms, even if we had them!

    • The email Ken received when he was younger:

      "I'm sorry for the loss of your brother, it must have been hard to take, but don't worry your brother is in a better place than this world, he is finally rest! But when his soul became free, yours became trapped! You bear the burden of both his destiny and your own! Now that your parents have lost their hopes for their "perfect child", you're will be expected to carry out the dreams that Sam can no longer fulfill. This world will become unbearable for you, the pressure to succeed will be too great, but let me tell you about another world that is much more appropriate. A world where your soul can finally be free, where you answer to noone but yourself! Open the drawer! Use Sam's digivice!"

    • (During Ken's flashback of his first time in digital world)
      Wormmon: "But being gentle is not enough.. sometimes you have to be strong or otherwise..."
      Ken: "Otherwise.. what?"
      Wormmon: "Your gentleness and kindness will become overpowered by those who are evil, it happens...The digivice you own belongs to you and not sam, you're a Digi-Destined and no one can take that away from you! Evil forces might try to tell you otherwise but you must not listen to them! Never forget who you are.."

    • Ken: These hands have cause so much pain. Sure, put a text book in them and I'm a genius. But put a whip in them and I'm the Digimon Emperor.

    • Punimon: It's too late for you now. You can't turn back time. What's done is done. You've made your bed, now lie in it! I'd go on, but I can't think of any more clichés!

  • NOTES (9)