Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 17

Ghost of a Chance

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

All the DigiDestined meet together to remember the day they defeat Myotismon.

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  • Wizardmon is back well for only one episode

    The digi destined decided to throw an aniversary.The day that the original digi destined defeated Myotismon.Meanwhile an mysterous ghost or should I say digi ghost floats around the tv station where Matt father works.Basicly there is no digimon battle involved.You could say the digimon emperor takes an holiday in this episode.But when Gatomon felt it.She begin to run toward the tv station to see Wizardmon.Who reveals about Ken's crest of kindness.Yeah this was an pretty good episode.moreless
  • the digiDestined look back at the battle with Myotismon and the dark masters.

    The DigiDestined recap the events of the Dark Masters, Etemon, Devimon, and their battles in the real world top strengthen the new DigiDestined with the knowledge that they can win if they have faith in each others abilities. When Matt takes TK home for lunch, their father arrives with some disturbing news, a ghost keeps showing up at the TV station. He's ruining all their programs, and he keeps calling out for someone in a strange voice that no one can understand.

    The DigiDestined arrive to investigate the ghost just as he begins messing up that days programs. All of the sudden the words on the monitors and screen change to read Gatomon. Gatomon calls out to the messenger, and the kids begin to think it's one of the Digimon Emperor's servants. The ghost takes shape as Wizardmon, and he delivers a message to the kids. Only through the golden radiance can they defeat their current enemy to restore him to kindness and draw out their true enemy. As Wizardmon leaves, Sora recaps how Wizardmon saved Kari and Gatomon in their battle against Myotismon, but now the DigiDestined must figure out what his words mean.moreless
Robert Axelrod

Robert Axelrod

Wizardmon's Ghost

Guest Star

David Greenlee

David Greenlee

Hero Ishida

Recurring Role

Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Mrs. Kamiya

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Why wasn't Wizardmon reformated like all the other dead digimon?

      In reply to this goof: He died in the real world, making him a living normal being, not a living being of data.

    • Reply to goof: In the original season one took place during spring break (our war game was during the summer). The kids were celebrating the anniversary during the break (which might explain why the kids are not explain).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Hawkmon (about the ghost): I assume that's a servant of the Digimon Emperor, sent here to frighten us.
      Davis: He doesn't stand a ghost of a chance!
      Kari: Good one.

    • Matt's Dad: I don't even know how to explain it.
      Matt: Don't tell me. Myotismon destroyed the TV station again.

    • Gatomon: That Wizardmon. What a friend. Even from beyond, he still continues to watch over me.

    • Wizardmon: Gatomon, I need to tell you something.
      Gatomon: What is it, old friend?
      Wizardmon: Your great enemy, you cannot defeat him The way you are.
      Gatomon: Huh?
      Davis: Does he mean The Digimon Emperor?
      Wizardmon: Your enemy is not only The Digimon Emperor, but a more powerful darkness. The darkness, it cannot be defeated with strength alone. You must return The one wrapped in darkness to his true self.
      Gatomon: What? True self?
      Wizardmon: Kindness will release The Golden Radiance.
      Yolei: Kindness? I hope she doesn't mean we have to be nice to Ken!
      Wizardmon: Kindness alone will not prevail. The Golden Radiance is also necessary.
      Gatomon: I see, but...
      Wizardmon: You don't have much time, you must hurry! Goodbye, my friend.

    • Izzy: So, who's The first guinea pig? Come on, Davis, give it a try!
      Davis: Who, me?
      Kari: No, silly, he means The other boy with goggles!
      Davis: Oh, where is he??

    • Matt: Those dishes are so filthy, I think I'd rather face the Dark Masters again that clean them! If mom was with me, she'd never let this mess happen. She kept us in line.
      TK: She cracks the whip on me!

    • Tai: So you see, not all the corrupted digimon we encountered were, in fact, bad. They were just under the influence of the evil black gears!
      Sora: But, we found out we could destroy the black gears with our digivices, and free them from the spell! They became our friends, and helped us defeat the four Dark Masters!
      Davis: Jeez...those Dark Masters sound like my math teacher!

    • Wizardmon: Kindness will release the Golden Radiance. (refering to the Digiegg of Miracles)

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode contains a large amount of references towards the first season. Along with Wizardmon's brief return as a ghost, Matt and TK's father makes his first appearance since the end of Digimon Adventure, and several minor character who work in the Odaiba TV Station. There are references to the Black Gears, Myotismon (who appears in a flashback), the Dark Masters and Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon appear briefly appear.

    • The 2nd series was based 3 years after the first and in this ep, TK says "I can't believe its been 4 years since we defeated Myotismon".

    • Final appearance of Wizardmon.

    • This episode is probably the most important in the series. It foreshadows Ken's defeat, The DNA digivolving, and the true identity of season 2's main enemy- MaloMyotismon, the Digivolved form of Gatomon's arch-enemy, Myotismon.


    • Episode title: "Ghost of a chance"

      The phrase "Ghost of a Chance" refers to someone with a really small possibility of succeeding

    • Kari: Who ya gonna call?

      I believe when they all realize there's a ghost in the tv station and they're watching it, Kari mutters "Who ya gonna call?", the famous line from the Ghostbusters hit theme.