Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 42

Glean Eggs and Scram

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 16, 2003 on TV Asahi

Episode Recap

Takuya And The Gang Arrive At The Village Of Beginnings Where Digimon Are Born. JP Tries To Touch One Of The Digi-Eggs, But Swanmon, The Village's Caretaker And Protector, Attacked JP Accusing The Group As Intruders. Takuya Tells Her That They're Not Intruders, She Apologizes And Introduces Herself. She Tells Them That She Watches Over The Digi-Eggs, In Which One Of Them Hatches Into A Pabumon, And The Digimon Babies That Hatched From Them Which She Keeps In The Nursery And Says That They Get Delivered To Different Places By A Trailmon. The Kids Voluteer To Help, But It's A Bit Tough Since They're A Lot Of Babies, In Which It's Tough To Give All Of Them Milk, And The Digital World Is Attacked Causing The Trailmon Not To Come. Takuya And The Kids Head For A Tunnel Where The Trailmon Are. They Ask The Trailmon To Help, But They Were Too Afraid Of Being Destroyed. Meanwhile, The Royal Knights Appear At The Village Of Begginings To Scan It. Swanmon Tried To Stop Them, But She Was Injured. The Kids Return To Find Swanmon Wounded And Find The Royal Knight About To Scan The Village. Takuya And Koji Unified Spirit-Evolved Into EmperorGreymon Ande MagnaGarurumon To Protect The Eggs While Zoe Went To Get All The Trailmon For Emergency Help And The Rest Load The Digi-Eggs In Baskets. EmperorGreymon And MagnaGarurumon Are Getting Damaged And Revert Back To Their Human Forms. Zoe Arrives With All The Trailmon And The Babies Are Loaded Into Them. Dynasmon Prepares To Use His Breath Of Wyvern Attack, But Pabumon And The Other Babies "Bubble Blow" At The Attack. Suddenly, 4 Digi-Eggs Glow And Flew Out Of A Trailmon And The Siprits Of The 4 Legendary Warrior Of Earth, Metal, Water, And Wood Transfer Them Selves To The Eggs. They Were The Eggs For Grumblemon, Mercurymon, Ranamon, And Arbormon. Takuya, Koji, And The Rest Spirit-Evolve Into Their H-Spirits And Together They All Attacked. But Before The Royal Knights Disappear, Dynasmon Scanned The Village And Sent It's Digi-Code To Lucemon. The 4 Lendary Warriors Return To Their Digi-Egg Form And Went Back Into The Trailmon While Their Spirits Went Back Into Takuya And Koji's D-Tectors. The Trailmon Take Off. Swanmon, In Angler The Trailmon With The Rest Of The Digi-Eggs And Babies.