Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 13

His Master's Voice

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Kari was seeing visions about an ocean and a village. She realized that someone was desperately calling for help so she answered it.

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  • two words: COCK TEASE!

    This episode really went nowhere which is such a shame because it brought in some great elements which would have been really interesting for future episodes.

    We never see the Scubamon again. Kari's powers of light which were mentioned in the first season made a great comeback however they were once again portrayed very vaugely and were not truly explained in good enough detail, and everybody who was sure that this was the episode that would finally establish Kari and TK as a couple, they sadly never talk about their feeling for each other again after this. In fact in a future episode TK shows feelings for another girl while visiting his grandfather in France.

    I'll give this episode a decent grade because it had everything we wanted. But it lost major points for being a set up for a great story arch we were all looking forward to but sadly, none of it was ever brought up again.

    I'll say it again, Tease!moreless
  • Takeru and Hikari are NOT a couple...at least not at the moment!

    I've been dying to do a review of Digimon 02 episode #13 "The Call of Dagomon" (or better known to dub fans as "His Master's Voice"), which is all about Hikari (Kari) and Takeru (T.K.) discovering another world different to that of Earth and the Digital World. I first saw the English-dubbed version by Saban Entertainment in 2001, then both the original Japanese version (with subtitles) and the uncut English Filipino version in 2006, which are both different from Saban's kiddy dub. If that is Takari evidence, they certainly don't have a lot of proof... So anyways, here is a slight comparison for you all! Enjoy!

    As the episode begins, and the narrator talks about the Chosen Children trying to live normal lives while fighting the Digimon Kaizer (Digimon Emperor), Takeru walks up behind Hikari and she turns around and looks all flustered! Many people use this as evidence, because in the English version, it seems like Hikari is blushing due to Takeru... HOWEVER, in the Japanese version, when Hikari whips around she calls out "Big Brother!" Hmm...well, I'd say that is certainly NOT a point for Takari, considering she calls him her brother...

    Later in the episode, many people use as evidence the fact that when Takeru sees Hikari start to disappear he leaps from his seat and yells out her name - this is in the Japanese version, too, obviously... But wait a second! How is THAT evidence? If you saw a person in your class, anyone at all in your class, start to disappear, wouldn't YOU jump out of your seat and yell out to them in a panic? I know I would!

    Another thing used as evidence from this episode is the fact Takeru goes off during the break and looks for Hikari.. Well, I gotta say, that isn't exactally evidence. I mean, if a person you knew, even a little bit, started to disappear in class, wouldn't you go looking for them, too? Wouldn't you want to find them and ask them what exactally was going on? Besides, even if Takeru hadn't have seen Hikari disappearing, which he had, don't you think he would have wanted to check up on her? She IS his best friend, after all, there is nothing romantic about that!

    Continuing onward, when Takeru finds Hikari... Well, this scene, in general, is used as evidence by Takari fans, which is rather amusing... In the English dub, Takeru goes on a speel about how he cares about Hikari and blah blah blah... Well, here is what goes on in the Japanese version:

    Hikari starts talking about how she doesn't know if she can fend off the darkness without Taichi (Tai) and how she needs Taichi... Hikari says if she is summoned by the ocean again, she may cease to exist in the real world... And then Takeru gets all annoyed and tells Hikari that she doesn't have to rely on only Taichi. Takeru then gets a bit embarrassed by his outburst (as would ANY Japanese guy, although I have to add, the blush marks in the English version appear to have been ADDED because they weren't there in the Japanese version) and then he very slowly walks away disgusted... Hikari doesn't say anything, doesn't ask him not to go, AND she doesn't go after him. OK, this is used as couple evidence WHY?! Don't you think any of Hikari's friends would have said that if they had found her first? I know I have said similar things to friends who try to keep their sadness hidden away due to being afraid to trust people. To be best friends with a person who obviously doesn't trust you would be frustrating! This isn't a couple hint at all! To the contrary, this simply proves Hikari lacks trust in everyone, INCLUDING Takeru!

    Another thing, many people use Takeru getting worried when he finds out about Hikari's disappearance as evidence. Well, I'd like to add that, Daisuke (Davis) gets JUST as worried as Takeru does when Tailmon (Gatomon) tells them Hikari is gone. As do all of the other Chosen Children, obviously! She is their friend, after all!

    Another thing, many people think that Takeru looking for Hikari at the ocean was a big couple hint, but it really isn't one at all... The only reason he goes is because during their earlier talk Hikari says that she is being summoned to the ocean. That's a no brainer! Where else would Takeru look? And it isn't as if he knows because it was a big secret, he just happened to be the first to find her earlier on... Besides, Takeru obviously wasn't THAT worried about Hikari earlier... If he was, he wouldn't have left her on her own!

    Middle of the episode, not much to say.. Goes back and forth between Daisuke and Takeru being worried and trying to find Hikari in their own way... Lotsa weird, freaky stuff... Geeze, I can't believe this is the same episode...

    Moving on some more, before Takeru makes it into the other world, Hikari calls out for Taichi, Tailmon, and then Takeru. I suppose you might use that as evidence, although that isn't much proof. She obviously thinks of him on the same level as her brother, and again, they are best friends, so it is normal to call out for such a person. Esepcially since Takeru is the last person Hikari saw in the real world. Anyhow, after she calls out for help, Tailmon, Takeru and Patamon find Hikari and go into the other world with her. Again, this isn't really surprising, as Takeru is ON the beach. Again, the only reason being because Hikari told Takeru the ocean was calling to her... Not like he was drawn to her or anything, if someone tells you they are drawn to the beach and they disappear, unless you are an idiot, the first place you search is definately going to be the beach...

    Anyhow, after getting to the other world, I need to firstly say that after Takeru gets there and says his hello to Hikari from afar, he and Patamon go after the evil Digimon and completely ignore Hikari... Yeah! He is so in love with her that he ignores her... Aww... How sweet...? By the way, that was sarcasm.

    After the battle Takeru takes notice of Hikari - after the creepy Divermon grab on to Hikari and say they want her to be their wife, THEN Takeru comes over and tells them to let her go! Wow... Better late than never, Takeru-san! And better yet, HE doesn't save her from them! Angewomon does! By shooting an arrow at them! XD! And so they leave...

    And then is the "big Takari moment!" when Takeru puts his hand on Hikari's shoulder... AFTER the enemy is driven away by Angewomon... Here's how it went:

    Hikari: "I want to go home..."

    Takeru: (walks over and puts his hand on Hikari's shoulder) "Let's go home. I came to get you."

    Wooowww! That is really great evidence o.O;! Or how about not... That is just friendship showing between them! If they were really interested in each other it would have been Takeru running over and hugging Hikari and crying and telling her how sorry he was for not being there for her earlier! Sheesh... Some evidence! Oh, and don't you think if this was such a romantic thing that Takeru would have taken Hikari home on Pegasmon (Pegasusmon)? If they are such a "couple" why didn't Hikari ride home with Takeru? It'd be a lot more convenient than her being carried by Angewomon, don't you think? But still, Hikari goes home seperate from Takeru with Angewomon.. Again, not very romantic to me! Also, I'd like to note that the whole "I care about you, Kari" and "I care about you, too, T.K." was ADDED by Saban in their dub. This was NOT said in the Japanese original, or the Filipino dub! As I had heard previously, the whole going home scene is narrated by the Japanese narrator. AND he doesn't say a word about either Hikari, Takeru, OR a possible relationship between them! To the contrary, Japanese Narrator Guy just talks about the strange place that they were at... Wow guys, that's great evidence! (sarcastically) Bravo!

    And one more thing: Saban (nowadays Disney, who do the dubs for Digimon Frontier and Digimon Savers) has gotten really bad with the music for the show. Once upon a time, when they began dubbing Digimon starting with Digimon Adventure, Saban were pretty much rescoring the entire show. And they really suck at it.

    Take this episode, for example. The reason it bothers me more in this episode than in any other is because the music in the original Japanese version set a very eerie tone. It wasn't your standard episode music, the Japanese producers pulled as many serious pieces of music from as many places as they could. Heck, they used music from some of the Digimon movies in this episode, and they put them in just the right places. Toei really worked to make sure that the music for "The Call of Dagomon" complimented the story, and the end result is one of the better-scored episodes of Digimon. But unfortunately, in the English version, Saban Entertainment "fixed" all this good music by replacing it with the same generic crap that they always use. It's like 4Kids Entertainment and Sonic X -- none of the English dub music really fits the action on screen. Techno music shouldn't be playing when Sonic and Shadow are fighting the Biolizard, and the Chosen Children shouldn't have "Hey Digimon", "Change into Power", etc. accompanying their battles. Saban have no sense of style, nor do they have any sense of musical direction. I am completely convinced that they pick the pieces of music used throughout the dub at random, it sounds that bad. Whoever scored the music for the dub needs to be fired, because whoever (s)he is, (s)he did a lousy job.

    And so ends this comparison. I gotta calm down now, so that's enough of my gripes. Thank you for listening to my rant, and good night!moreless
  • Kari is sucked into a dark dimension known as the Dark ocean. She releases the Scubamon from Slavery, but they reveal their desire for Kari to become their Queen. TK, Patamon, and Gatomon go to save her and they all return to the real world together.moreless

    This is most likely the single most controversial Episode in the DIgimon Lore. In the English Version, this Episode does nothing for the entire season. On its own it is a phenomenal Episode and one of the top five in the series and one of the top in the first two series. However, this Episode does not affect the season as a whole. It might have been more important in the Japanese version, I am evaluating it as pat of the English Version. If I were reviewing episodes based on their part in the series, then this would merit a 7.0 on its uselessness. However, the series is made better becuase of this episode and it almost feels like the series is a letdown to this episode instead of this episode being athe black sheep in a great series. This epsiode is phenomenal for many reasons. It centers around Kari and TK and for one of the few times in this season, the characters actually matter. Kari was a very sweet girl in season one who didn't seem affected by much as she adventured through the Digital World. However, in this episode, we finally see Kari become vulnerable ot the Darkness. However, the beauty of it is, that Kari's insecurity is creating this sense of Darkness. We are never told what exactly is causing the darkness in her, but many things hint at it. THis is also the first time that Kari and TK's romance is insinuated and this is where it all seems to start and seems like it is ready to go somewhere. Regrettably, this is the last mention of any romance between the two. TK tells Kari that he cares to much about her to let her give in so easily and then he blushes. This is the obvious indicator of the feelings within him. She tells him at the very end that she cares for him also. This is a beautiful scene as the two ascend out of the darkness (Hell) through a beautiful field of flowers on their angel digimon (pegasusmon and Angewomon)back into the light of the real world. This is portrayed as if the feelings between the two are finally coming out from within them, as if Kari and TK are ready to begin something that has been tucked away, hidden for so long. BUT (and its a HUGE BUT), it doesn't. And not because there never was, but because the writers didn't feel like making this a romantic love story (Even though half the WORLD wanted it more than Tai and Sora). This episode really is about compassion and what it really means to love someones and do everything possible to help and take care of them. TK is the hero in this one as he does everything possible to reach (and CONNECT) with Kari in order to save her. This is Episode is full of hints that Kari and TK are meant for one another. It becomes a magical episode for this reason alone. However, it is not the only reason why this episode is so great. The Dark tone that is set in this one is the first time it is done in either series. The episode oozes with weirdness. Kari is being stalked throughout the episode whihc gives adult conotations. It is beautifully animated in blacks and Grays. The creatures at the end are even freakier. INterestingly enough, Kari is needed for sexual reasons (yes, I said sexual in a Digimon review). The creatures want her to be their queen and reproduce with their master to create more of them. It almost seems like she is being FORCED into it by them. But of course, Angewomon comes to sav ethe day. It is beautiful to see her contrast the darkness in the episode. Finally, this episode leaves the viewer with a Great sense of Anticipation. First, the TaKari love stories seems to get started, the tone is turning creepier, and their seems ot be some ENEMY that is lurking in the shadows ready to attack them. The intrigue of this new enemy is not the fact that he is evil. What makes him interesting is that he seems to be after soemthing else and that he needs Kari for something. However, NOTHING in this episode ever goes anywhere, (except the Dark Ocean returning later on). The romance dead, dark tone, returns later but never as eeire or creepy. ANd the Monster??? NEVER returns or gets mentioned. That is why the episode gets a 9.5. It is well scripted, well acted, interesting, beautifully presented, and intriguing. However, in the grand scheme of things, it is pointless. But it is phenomenal and adds a lot of potential to this somewhat dissapointing season.moreless
  • Filler episode but still great shows the start of takari

    this episode starts off with kari acting weird t.k notices and confronts her about and accidently tells her he cares for her.

    then while kari is walking to the beach she dissappears

    gatomon comes and tells everybody davis says to look in the digiworld.while looking tk goes to the dimension where kari is he saves her and while flying out kari tells t.k she cares for him to
  • Takari proof! This episode seemed to have evidence of Takari!

    It all starts with Kari having these strange visions.T.k was getting worried for her.He was concerned as well.He was trying to tell her that he cares for her.But he was afriad to say it.When Kari disappear he knew that Kari was not in the digital world.But somewhere else.He knew it! He was the one who saved her.In the end,while coming back Kari said to T.k,that she cares about him too.So there is proof of Takari! But I didn't liked the whole dragmon thing.I mean it left an plothole throughout the Series.I think they should've made an Digimon OVA where Dragmon comes and kidnaps Kari,the others must save her! Other than that its an great episode featuring my fav couples Takari.moreless
Laura Summer

Laura Summer


Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Kari Kamiya

Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan

Davis Motomiya

Edie Mirman

Edie Mirman

Gatomon, Angewomon

Dave Mallow

Dave Mallow


Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Ken Ichijouji (the Digimon Emperor), DemiVeemon

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • This episode marks the first time a Digimon is actually deleted (destroyed) in season 2, up until Airdramon, they just had their dark rings removed.

    • When Pegasusmon destroyed the Control Spire, shouldn't that have deactivated the Dark Ring on Airdramon?

    • Why did Angewomon destroy Airdramon, seeing how Airdramon had a dark ring on him?

      This might not be a goof. As you can see, Pegasusmon has destroyed the control spire. And since the dark ring on Airdramon had not yet de-activated, that Airdramon might be fake just like Scubamon.

    • This is one of only two episodes where the Dark Ocean is refered to and not as a flashback.

    • How did Gatomon Digivolve into Angewomon, an Ultimate Digimon, when the Digi-Destined lost their ability to Digivolve to Ultimate.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Yolei: By increasing the system memory, I'm expanding the D-Terminal's capabilities.
      Davis: Boy, you know how to party(!)

    • Gatomon: (after jumping into a portal to the Dark Ocean and falling on the ground) TK, promise me we'll never do that ever again.

    • Gatomon: Ah, what the heck, I got nine lives (Gatomon jumps in with T.K. and Patamon).

    • Gatomon: C'mon, let's go raid the cafeteria.
      Patamon: Hey, wait for me!

    • School P.A.: Students late for first period will be responsible for cleaning the bubble gum from under the desks after school. C'mon kids, chop-chop!

    • School P.A.: Mary Robertson, please report to the office; your locker is missing.

    • (TK running along the beach, looking for Kari)
      Patamon: TK wait for us!
      Gatomon: Yeah TK let us be your advance-mon. You're a lover not a fighter.

    • Kari: Thanks for coming after me TK, I really appreciate it.
      TK: It's okay Kari, I know you'd do the same for me.
      Kari: Hey TK, remember this morning when you said you really cared for me...what did you mean by that?
      TK: Huh?...well you know, its just...stuff.
      Kari: Well, you know what?...I care for you, too.

    • (TK in the school quad area with Kari)
      TK: You're gonna quit? Give up just like that? Look Kari, I care too much about you to let anyone take you without a fight! (Kari gasps) Uhh...uhh sorry...I better go now...I'll talk to you later?

  • NOTES (8)

    • Japanese Title: "The Call of Dagomon"

    • Japanese Version Note: The first episode to not show a recap of the previous (season premiere doesn't count).

    • In the original, the "Scubamon" did not want Kari to help them destroy their master Dragomon, they wanted her to MATE with him. Disgusting, but true.

    • "Scubamon" does not exist, they are nothing more than Deep One-resembling creatures in the diving gear-less "costumes" of the Divermon.

    • First time since season 1, that Gatomon has digivovled into AngeWomon.

    • The reason why Davis couldn't go to the digiworld by himself was be to go there, he needed to have someone with an original digivice of a D3 that used to be an original. Thats why Ken can go alone but not Davis

    • T.K. has a thing for Kari (that exists in the English dub only).

    • The shaded Dark Ocean's undersea master at the end of the episode is Dragomon. He did not appear in the Season 2 episodes after this, but the Dark Ocean reappeared in "Opposites Attract." In other words, Dragomon is the first of two wasted characters with the upcoming one being the soon-to-be introduced Daemon.


    • The "Scubamon" were the result of Chiaka Konaka using the elements of H.P. Lovecraft, modeled after one of writer's creatures, "Deep Ones". The Deep Ones are fish-like humans that worship a Old-One, a anicent enity before time began, named Dagon. Lovencraft creature Cthulhu was the basis for the Undersea Master of the "Scubamon", the mysterious Dragomon.