Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 21

Home Away From Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 1999 on TV Asahi
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When Tai and Agumon realize they are on Earth, they stay on Tai's home with Kari to relax, but what is happening to their friends?

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  • Although there's not much action, it's very, very special indeed. My personal favourite.

    Home Away From Home remains the best episode of Digimon, in my own opinion. First of all, it continues a huge cliffhanger from The Earthquake of MetalGreymon and finishes up the Etemon story arc very nicely. It's also the first time we see the real world again since summer camp in episode one. The animation style this episode is different to that of the others, probably to emphasise the fact that the episode takes place in the real world.

    There are many parts of the episode that make it very special. Tai's confusion at the fact that it seems time has stood still - it is still August 1st when he has actually been in the Digital World for weeks. Tai seeing his sister Kari was also nice, and the fact that only they could see the digimon on the TV gave an edge to the episode. Another moment of the episode was Tai talking to his mother on the phone... and then simply hanging up on her panicking voice. Tai, his reactions and his emotions in many ways are the key factors that make this episode so great. And of course, who could forget the pivotal ending scene. This simply makes the whole series, let alone the episode. The raw emotion conveyed by Kari trying to hold on to Tai as he drifted into the sky was very over-powering, and scenes with emotion like that were never again achieved until some scenes in Tamers, in my view.

    The only things wrong are one short and boring battle with an Ogremon and the fact that Kari is revealed to be the eighth child far too early. All in all however, this is and will always be one of the gems of the digimon TV series, for being able to bring across very powerful emotion and wonderful storyline in one neat and well preented package.moreless
  • Tai is finally back home but what about the others?

    After defeating Etemon,Tai and MetalGreymon got sucked into the wrap and find themselves back in the real world.Tai find himself in his home apartment only to discovered it was the same day that he went to camp.We get to meet Tai's little sister Kari.Who was sick with the flu.So yeah this was an very special episode.Yet an tearjerker to me.I mean Tai had to leave his sister behind.When she wanted to go to the digital world.But she couldn't so in the end we see an digivice hidden under the table.Basicly it hints us that Kari is the 8th child.That the others would be looking for soon.But there is one major error.When Tai,was cooking.He said that he learned cooking from Matt in camp.However if you seen the first movie.Tai had been cooking since he was an little kid! He should've known already how to cook.

  • Kari is so cute, but it was sad that she couldn\\\'t go to the digital world. I know that Tai is needed in the digital world which is the reason why he followed Agumon back. I guess Kari couldn\\\'t have gone to the digital world because she had a cold.moreless

    Kari is so cute, but it was sad that she couldn\\\'t go to the digital world. I know that Tai is needed in the digital world which is the reason why he followed Agumon back. I guess Kari couldn\\\'t have gone to the digital world because she had a cold.

  • This is so cute! We finally get to see Kari in the season and we get a shadow of who she really is...

    This episode is so nice! It shows Kari and Tai's relationship and how time hasn't changed. It's also a very special episode because the end gives it a nice close with Tai promising Kari that he will be back for her. I also love the emotions in it because you don't see a lot more like this until towards the end of Digimon Tamers so it makes it even more special.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the dub, Kari says that she has been to the Digital World (twice in fact) while we all know that she does not go there until about 20 episodes after those statements.

    • Tai refers to "The satellite dish being more in touch with the world than he is" as the screen focuses on "the satellite dish," but in later shots, we can see that the "satellite dish" is really one side of a giant ferris wheel.

    • One of the things Tai says in this episode is, "And I really miss hanging with my friends and watching TV," but when he says this, something completely different is reported in the captions: "I miss that calculator, although I hated doing my math homework."

    • There were several mistakes found in this episode:

      1) Tai and Koromon take the subway home, but in the later episode, "Almost Home Free," Koromon acts like he doesn't know what Tai's doing when he gets a ticket, which Tai says 'you can't ride the train without one.'

      2) Kari says that she doesn't know why she knows Koromon, and suggests that maybe she went to the Digital World and met him there. In "The Eighth Digivice," she says she will never forget the events in the first Digimon: the Movie segment.(Dub only Blooper, in the original she just saids: "Because Koromon is a Koromon")

      3) In "The Eighth Digivice," Kari's digivice is under her bed, but at the end of this episode, it's on the table.

      4) Tai acts like he doesn't know where Kari got the whistle, but in the first Digimon: the Movie segment, she had the whistle around her neck.

      5) Kari is surprised that Tai can cook, even though he cooked eggs in the first Digimon: the Movie segment. (Dub only as well, in the original Kari didn't complain)

      6) The ashtray and the lighter on the table weren't airbrushed out in the dub.

    • This one's a retroactive blooper. When Tai communicates with Izzy in this episode, Izzy sounds distressed, and warns him not to come back to the DigiWorld. However, we later discover in "No Questions, Please," that when Izzy delivered this message, he was zombified in Vademon's dimension. The scene in "Home Away From Home" has been dubbed incorrectly, and they try to cover their mistake later in "No Questions, Please," but it fails to really match up.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Tai: Maybe Kari has been to Digiworld. She did have on that camp whistle. Maybe she goes to camp in the future, and gets sucked into Digiworld like I was, but comes back before me? Oh, I don't know! This moving back-and-forth from one time dimension to another is mega-whack! No-on ever knows if they're here or now, or there and then. Sometimes I feel like I'm where or when, rather then here... or... What did I just say? I'm confusing myself!

    • (Tai & Agumon returned to the Digital World)
      Tai: Agumon, we're back in business. Now we've to decide what are first move is.
      Agumon: Well, we have to find our friends. Then, we have to make sure you and the others get home safely.
      Tai: Not until we've conquered all the evil Digimon. Otherwise, neither one of our worlds will ever be saved.

    • Kari: Tai, I know you're hungry. There's food in the fridge. Or you can have my leftover piece of pie.
      Koromon: I get first dibs this time!

    • Tai: Oh wow, Koromon, this has got to be the happiest day of my life. I'm home! I'm home!! I'm home!!!

    • (after the little girl cried and ran away)
      Koromon: What did I do? Did I do something wrong to her?
      Tai: You scared her. Now she's gonna tell the park police.
      Koromon: Ah! The police!? Will they arrest me for making her cry? Save me Tai! There're gonna get me!
      Tai: Be quiet, listen up, just pretend you're soccer ball, now let's get out of here so I can chill and figure out what's going on.

    • (Tai and Koromon arrive at their designated apartment.)
      Tai: Look, their shoes are here, Mom? Dad?
      Koromon: No one's answering. Maybe they're out.
      Tai: I wonder where they've gone?
      Koromon: Maybe they went to (Tai glares at him) Digiworld.
      Tai: (yells) That's not funny!

    • Koromon: (about where Tai lives) All those rooms? Your family's big!
      Tai: It's an apartment building. Lots of families live there.

    • Tai: (to the little girl) Hey! Tell me something, where are we? Is this world for real or I'm imaging it?
      Little Girl: What?
      Koromon: We just wanna know if you are a real human being.
      Tai: Please tell us, are you a real girl or a digital girl? (the little girl starts to cry and ran away)

    • (after they ate breakfast) Tai: Man, I am so full, I won't have to eat for at least a year.

  • NOTES (11)

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Digital Monsters Volume 3.

    • When Koromon is battling Ogremon in Japan as the Digiial Rift is in the sky, he tells Tai that he can't Digivolve to Agumon without a Digivice. Tai tells him he can, but Tai is clearly wearing his Digivice on a belt loop in his shorts. Why do Koromon and Tai both seem to forget that they have the Digivice, especially when Tai and Kari are discussing whether she has one earlier in the episode?

    • In the Original version in the segment where Kari was waiting for Koromon to come out of the bathroom, she tells him that when she was little she peed on the bed and Tai woke up in the middle of the night to clean her up, and then he decided to take the fall.

    • In the scene where Kari is playing hands with Koromon in the original version, Tai asked her If she had stayed home all day, and where were their parents.

    • August 1st 1999 at 12:26 Noon is the date the kids went into Digi-World according to Tai in the Original version. This is the same date that this episode premiered in Japan.

    • Japanese Title: Koromon's Great Battle In Tokyo

    • Kari knows the name of Koromon because its revealed that a Koromon met Tai and Kari when they were kids in the Digimon movie.

    • The Digimon seen on the news in different parts of the world as well as in Japan are Meramon, Seadramon, Frigimon, Tyrannomon, Drimogemon, and Ogremon.

    • This Episode is mirrored in Season's 4 "Home Away from Home".

    • First series appearance of Kari Kamiya, Tai's little sister.

    • Begins the 8th Child saga.