Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 41

Homeward Bound

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2002 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

As the Ark is beginning to take off, Rika and Ryo rush to get to the Ark before it takes off toward the Real World. Jeri begins to act weird upon returning.

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  • The Tamers are back, but the job isn't finished yet. Prepare for the biggest battle ahead.

    When I first saw this episode and the part where the kids get out of the ark and are walking over to their families, I'm like 'the Digidestined are After they all rush over to their families, and Yamaki takes his sunglasses off, I said to myself, 'Yamaki I owe you an I love everyone's reaction when they go to their families that was very touching. When we saw the D-Reaper on the screen I'm like "it looks like they're not done yet".moreless
  • Its an race aganist time for Ryo to find Rika.So they all can go home together back into the real world.Will they make it or be stuck in the digital world forever?moreless

    With Yamaki and The monster maker help on making an ark.Takato and the gang,are able to go home back in the real world.But things goes wrong.When Rika and Renamon aren't back.So Ryo went to go looked for her.Takato was getting worried that they wont make it.The ark start moving and Guilmon start yelling to the ark.I thought that Takato,wasn't going to make it.But he made it so did Ryo,Rika,and their digimon.Finally the last person to be tamer was Kenta.His digimon partner Marineangemon.Jeri looks very werid.You know this episode is the one thing that has proof that Takato likes Jeri! He does not liked Rika only as an friend.moreless
Michael Earl

Michael Earl

Mr. Akiyama

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Bob Papenbrook

Mr. Katou

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Lex Lang

Mr. Shioda

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Dan Lorge

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    • Ryo: So, tell me something, Rika. What do I get for saving your life not once, but twice?
      (Rika hits him lightly.)
      Rika: How 'bout twice the whooping?
      Ryo: Yeah, right. (They both laugh.)

    • (Takato's talking to Jeri while bringing her home. Jeri is just staring at her dinner.)
      Takato: Hey, Jeri, you haven't eaten anything. Aren't you hungry? Well, guess not. You know, Jeri, I've always wanted to tell you that you're the nicest girl I've ever met. I think...I mean you always talked to me and stuff when no one else would... and maybe it sounds silly, but sometimes I imagine that you might kinda like me...the way that I like you... Well, I mean, it's not like I think about you all the time, cause I do. Ah! This is hard! What I'm trying to say more than just a friend, Jeri, is that I like you...I really do...I hate seeing you this way. But when this whole thing started, I was so happy cause you were a tamer and got to come to the Digital World with us... Then Leomon died... and you became so sad...I thought that if I brought you back home to the real world maybe you'd be yourself again, but now you just sit there not saying or doing anything! I keep thinking how much of this is my fault, that if I didn't bring you to the Digital World, you'd still be happy...But you're not...I'm so sorry, Jeri! I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that...that I couldn't help save Leomon...I just wish that you'd talk to me, Jeri!

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