Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 4

Iron Vegiemon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2000 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Gabumon gets captured by the Digimon Emperor when he and his Vegiemon enslave the village he is in. Matt decides to return to the Digital World, but Davis does not like him.

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  • Davis really has to learn some respect, understand that fighting isn't the only way and either come up with a good idea or shut his trap.

    When Gabuman's village is captured, Matt and the new digi-destined return to the digital world to help his village by destroying a dark spiral controlling his villagers. Davis wants to charge but with guards surrounding the village, Matt decides to sneak in. Davis still wants to charge but listens to Matt. Once inside, Davis still wants to fight and with that loud mouth of his, makes Matt mad. At the peak of the mountain where the dark spiral is, Redvegiemon and the rest of his team arrive and take on the digi-destined. And once the spiral is destroyed, the digimon (Gabumon) is able to digivolve though he is only suppose to digivolve if the black digivice is destroyed, proving the digi-emperor isn't as strong as he claims he is.moreless
  • This episode is the coolest! Because Matt was in this.Also Gabumon was trying to save the Gizimon.But unfortunelly was attacked by the Red Vegimon himself.

    This episode was one of my favorite.Since Matt has returned to the digital world,to help Gabumon.Altough there was something missing when he was performing.The songs now "I Turn Around" it wasn't an bad song! I wondered if his voice actor sang that song.In the japanase verison he sings his Season 1 image song "Walk On Edge" in the Christmas concert he sings his season 2 image song.But anyway they both were pretty good.Matt did sing very well.Davis complaining about what his sister said to them.Even though,she never had said anything bad about him.That shows that Davis has an big mouth and hey he finds out that Kari doesn't love him.By saying "She loves me" She loves me"

Laura Summer

Laura Summer


Lara Jill Miller

Lara Jill Miller

Kari Kamiya

Brian Donovan

Brian Donovan

Davis Motomiya

Edie Mirman

Edie Mirman

Gatomon, Nefertimon

Derek Stephen Prince

Derek Stephen Prince

Ken Ichijouji (the Digimon Emperor), Veemon, DemiVeemon

Doug Erholtz

Doug Erholtz

TK Takashi

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When they introduce RedVegiemon, they used RedVegiemon's name and picture, but they used Digmon's screen. The Japanese name reads "DIGUMON" and it shows Digmon's attacks.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Greymon (after destroying another control spire): They don't make Control Spires like they used to.

    • RedVegiemon: The key to good cooking is to always tenderise thoroughly, like so! (hits Veemon)
      Veemon: Is that your best shot?
      RedVegiemon: Are you kidding? We're just getting started. How do you feel about flying? (hits Veemon again)

    • RedVegiemon: (removes his Dark Ring) Woah... did I get married while I was asleep?

    • Gatomon: Why do they call those things on top of the TV "rabbit ears", why don't they call them "cat ears"? After all when was the last time you saw a rabbit sleeping on top of a TV?
      Kari: This is what you think of..?

    • Davis: Why won't anyone listen to me!
      Veemon: What'd you say?

    • Matt: Listen TK, just because I'm in a rock band, doesn't mean I can hide a band of rocks that happen to be digimon.
      TK: Well, think about it, they can be your back-up singers
      Matt: They sound too gravelly.

    • Redvegiemon: For trying to escape, you get to smell my roots! and I have root rot! Smell this!
      Gabumon: Yuck!
      Redvegiemon: Smell it again!
      Gabumon: That's disgusting, no more, please!

    • Gabumon: My fur is dry-clean only!

    • Davis (about his sister): She said that I bite my toenails and spit them on the floor and then I used to sucked my thumb until about a month ago, that I wet the bed every other Thursday, it was laundry day so it was all right, well she talks too much and when I see her, I'm gonna teach her a lesson.
      Matt: Thanks for sharing but she didn't mention any of that!

    • Davis: I'm surprised you're not worried about her well-being, TA!
      TK: TA ?
      Cody: He forgot how to spell TK!
      (everybody laughing)

  • NOTES (6)


    • Title Pun: Iron Chef

      The title seems to be a parody of the Japanese cooking game show "Iron Chef." RedVegiemon also uses a lot of culinary expressions when he is in the episode.