Digimon: Digital Monsters

Episode 0

Island Of Lost Digimon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on TV Asahi

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  • Digimon Island Of The Lost Digimon.It is between episode 12 and 13.When Zoe had lost her spirit.Even before J.P got his beast spirit as well.Even after both Takuya and Koji got their beast spirit.This is war between human and beast digimon.

    Frankly,I think this movie wasn't that awsome.I mean had no sense in it.Well it did make sense about war between humans and beast digimon.Even the one who was causing it.Both Kotemon and Bearmon wants to be friends.But they can't cause of their difference.Also could someone be more explainable why Zoe has her spirit now? When Grumblemon had stole her human spirit? She doesn't get it back till J.p fights him.It doesn't make sense for her to spirit envolved.When during the episodes she doesn't have it.This movie was the whole reason it give the lower rating.In Japan,this movie was the lowest rating ever.When it was there.This wasn't the popular movie as the other movies had before.Which was why we never had an second frontier movie where Kouichi is in as well.Because Season 4 was the one that was nearly bringing Digimon down the drain.So....if they had made an second movie.Digimon X evolution would've been the 9th movie.Its your opinion that you liked Digimon Frontier Movie.I am just saying what I think about it.
  • Wow, just Wow!

    At first this movie is really confusing, but after awhile it makes sense. This movie adds real emotion to the series. Plus this movie features the only appearance of the Ball Trailmon. This movie has the most battles in one movie or episode that I've ever seen! This movie features two of the Ancient Digimon: AncientGreymon & AncientGarurumon. A must see movie!
  • The Frontier kids wind up on a floating island.But who is the one starting the war they see.

    I LOVE this movie.The dub was pretty much perfect except they refered to "Fractal code" as it's original Japanese name "digi code".Dave Wittrenberg fills in for Michael Reisz as Takuya and does a perfect job.I think this movie is MUCH better than the Tamers movies both dubwise and quality wise.
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