Digimon: Digital Monsters

Episode 0

Island Of Lost Digimon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2005 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • Kazemon appears in this movie when she should not be able to, as Zoe is not in possession of her H-Spirit after Grumblemon stole it in episode 4.10, and she did not regain it until 4.14 (and this movie takes place around episode 4.12, see Notes above). This inconsistency results in the general consensus that this movie is out of continuity with the series.

  • Quotes

    • BurningGreymon: How can you justify destroying innocent lives? What kind of monster are you, anyway?
      Hippogriffmon: A smarter one then you!

    • JP: My body isn't built for this kind of work!
      Zoe: JP, you say that about EVERY kind of work!

  • Notes

    • The DigiDestined are divided into two groups when they land on the island: Takuya, J.P., and Tommy are on the Human side, and Koji and Zoe are on the Beast side. This matches how their respective Spirits were originally divided between Ophanimon (Flame, Thunder, and Ice) and Seraphimon (Light and Wind).

    • This is the only one of the Digimon movies from the first four seasons that takes place in the Digital World.

    • In the Japanese version, after Kazemon uses her Tempest Twist attack on Murmuxmon while riding Onismon, A scene was cut when there was a close-up camera shot of Kazemon using her Love Tap with a close-up of her butt.

    • A scene with Kotemon's rebirth was cut out.

    • ABC Family Air Date: Sunday November 27th, 2005

    • Michael Reisz does not reprise his role of Takuya. Instead, Dave Wittenberg (who plays Takuya's form of EmperorGreymon) plays him. Ball the Trailmon has no dialogue.

    • Besides the animated appearance of D'Arcmon, HippoGryphomon, Kotemon, Dinohyumon, Bearmon, Grizzlymon, AncientGreymon (not Takuya), AncientGarurumon (not Koji), Ornismon, and Murmuxmon, Human and Beast Digimon who appear in animated form for the first time (and in some cases, the ONLY time) are Yasyamon, Pucchiemon, FlameWizardmon, Oryxmon, Rabbitmon, Boarmon, Bullmon, Prairiemon, Moosemon, and Paomon (Labramon's baby form). Other Digimon who have already appeared in the series are: Nohemon, Pururumon, Motimon, Tsubumon, Poyomon, and YukimiBotamon.

    • The Beast Tanks are Arka, Yuuboo, and Totus.

    • The Human Tanks are Pinnoki and Tachos.

    • First and only appearance of Ball, a small, spherical Trailmon.

    • The time placement of this movie is considered to be circa episode 12 of the fourth season, because BurningGreymon appears (having first appeared in episode 4.11) but Bokomon does not have Seraphimon's egg (which he obtains in episode 4.13). However, it is considered to be out of continuity with the series - see Goofs below.

  • Allusions

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