Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 1 Episode 28

It's All in the Cards

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 1999 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

After Myotismon escaped to the real world, the kids must use a set of cards from Gennai to open the gate. But there is one additional card, and if they use it or use the cards in an improper order, they would be sent to another world.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • As the dub edited the recap from the last episode, the last scene of the recap from the original episode was not included in the dub that shows the children fleeing Myotismon's castle to get away from the Devidramon.

      • When MegaKabuterimon De-Digivolves and falls into Izzy's arms, Izzy calls him Poyomon instead of Motimon by mistake.

      • When the gang elect Tai as the person to choose the cards, they all mention times he saved thier lives but Joe mentions how Tai saved him at Digitamamon's Diner when in actual fact it was Matt and WereGarurumon.

      • Dokugumon is referred to as a "he", but has a female voice.

      • When Garurumon attacked the Dogukumon he said "Blue Blaster" instead of "Howling Blaster."

      • When Izzy identifies Data, Virus, and Vaccine types, the dub soundtrack doesn't match up with the video, as the three classifications are applied to the wrong symbols. Thus, it incorrectly places Leomon as Data, Centarumon as Virus, and Etemon as Vaccine. Correctly, Izzy should have said, "Vaccine, Data, and Virus." Also, it slips up with the Level classes, which are supposed to be Rookie, Champion, and Ultimate instead of In-Training, Rookie, and Champion.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • (several Digidestined were calling for Gennai at his house)
        Gennai: Who needs a doorbell with such noisy visitors?
        Izzy: Wow! It's the real Gennai.
        Gennai: Who did you expect, Santa Claus?

      • Tai: (refers to the card formations) We'll try 'em all 'til we get the right combination.
        Gennai: (grabs Tai from behind) No, you will not, you silly boy! That's absolutely the that last thing you should do! There are many, many other worlds. If you put the cards in the wrong holes, it'll be a disaster! You could end up in a different world with no way to return! (lets go of Tai; calms down and clears throat) Let me explain. (a visual appears) The wrong cards might take you to a world where, for example, people and Digimon switch skin.
        Mimi: (panics and stops the visual) NO!! NOT THAT!! I like my skin!
        Gennai: (gathers the 10 cards) Don't worry! Don't worry! You're not going to switch your skin with anyone, as long as you learn how to use the cards correctly!

      • Dokugumon: (while fighting WereGarurumon) You'll never get out of here in one piece!

      • Joe: Now that we're home, we don't have to eat leaves anymore! We can eat cheeseburgers!
        Mimi: That's right! And pepperoni pizza!
        TK: And french fries!
        Matt: And ice cream!
        Sora: Yeah, and broccoli.
        Everyone: (except Sora) BROCCOLI!?

      • Koromon: How did you know my card was the fake, Tai?
        Tai: I didn't. I kept your card because you're my friend.
        Koromon: That's so nice.

      • Sora: Tai can pick which one's fake.
        Tai: If I can't, everyone gets an ice cream, and I'm buying!

      • Joe: If we haven't stuck together, we never would have defeated Seadramon.
        Matt: Or smashed Tyrannomon.
        Mimi: Or escaped from Toytown.
        Joe: And I'd still be making french fries at Vegiemon's diner if you hadn't save me. You can do it, Tai.
        Everyone: You can do it, Tai!

      • Gennai: I don't want to forget that you are the Digidestined.
        Joe: I'll never forget this stomachache!

      • (The DigiDestined find that Gennai's lair is underwater)
        Joe: Must be really tough to get pizza delivered.

      • Joe: [referring to the Gomamon card] Alright, look at Gomamon.
        Gomamon: I'm cuter in person.

    • NOTES (7)

      • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Digital Monsters Volume 3.

      • Japanese Title: Pursuit! Hurry To Japan

      • In the manga version, all the cards were real...but different patterns led to different worlds.

        In reply to this note: This is also evident on the anime since Gennai grabs Tai and tells him that trying the cards at random may lead them to different worlds.

        Furthermore, in episode 48 of Season 2, Oikawa uses the cards in Highton View Terrace, replacing Gomamon with Agumon, which leads to the Wish World.

        Other worlds such as the Dark Ocean are shown to exist in season 2, and a great many more theorised. Different card combinations may lead to different worlds.

      • Digimon on the Key Cards are of Agumon, Gomamon, Gazimon, Elecmon, Drimogemon, Unimon, Kuwagamon, ShoganGekomon, Digitamamon, and Andromon. The Key Card of Agumon was the fake one.

      • Thanks to Gennai, Izzy gets an upgrade to his Digimon Analyzer which now allows his Digimon Analyzer to give info on Digimon that the other Digi-Destined have seen. Entrees seen in the Digimon Analyzer are of Devimon, Leomon, Ogremon, Centarumon, Whamon, and ShoganGekomon (when it acquired his info off Joe's Digivice).

      • Dokugumon makes his debut.

      • The cards in this episode were used for the Digimon Series 2 TV cards as special insert cards.

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