Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 21

Jeri's Quest

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2001 on TV Asahi
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Episode Summary

Kumbhiramon, a Deva appears and attacks Jeri. A Leomon appears to save her, but to his dismay, Jeri believes that she is his Tamer.

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  • Jeri wants to become a Digimon Tamer.

    Jeri wants to become a Digimon Tamer. When Calumon starts following her for food she thinks that she and Calumon would make a perfect team. Until Kumbihramon the Deva comes and starts attacking them both. Jeri tries to make Calumon fight but he just runs away so she runs away too. Then they run until the reach a fountain and Kumbihramon is just about to attack them. Then Leomon comes and knocks Kumbihramon away to some other part of the park. Jeri starts chasing Leomon and saying how he must be her partner. Leomon hides behind a tree until Calumon comes and says that he was there and Jeri starts chasing him again. Then Jeri loses him again, and Calumon finds him until Leomon picked up Calumon so he wouldn’t tell Jeri. Then Takato comes and think that Leomon is attacking Calumon until Jeri comes and says that Leomon is her partner. Leomon starts running again and Jeri starts chasing him. Takato calls Henry and tells him about Leomon. Henry said he coming down. Then Takato calls Rika and Rika asked if Jeri even has a digivice. Takato asks Jeri and she stops running just in time to say no. Then Rika said she’s coming down. Then Kumbihramon comes back and Leomon tries to fight him again until he uses his Deva Cone Attack and Leomon starts getting beat up. Henry comes at this time. Then Jeri takes Takato’ digivice to help Leomon but it doesn’t work. Them she realised that she isn’t Leomon’s partner and falls and starts crying. The weird monkey faced kids goes and makes a weird sound and runs away as soon as Rika and Renmon come, Rika and Renmon follow him. Terriermon then digivovles to Gargomon and helps Leomon. Leomon notices that Jeri is crying and gets mad and destroys Kumbihramon. Leomon walks away. Jeri starts crying more. Henry tells Jeri he’s sorry and Terriermon tells Jeri Moumantai and Guilmon runs away saying “It’s so sad I can’t watch.” Then Takato runs after Guilmon. Then Jeri is left there by herself thinking how could I ever think I could be a Tamer. Then it goes to The Monster Makers and an earthquake happens and it endsmoreless
  • Jeri tries to find her own digimon partner.Even though she had some unsucessful ones finding one.Not until she meets Leomon,who has saved her than got the idea that he was her partner.moreless

    Yeah Jeri tries to figure out to find her partner.At first she thought Calumon was her partner.But in the end he was not her partner.When the next Deva attacked her which was the rat.Leomon came to ruescue her.That got her to believed that Leomon is her partner.So she start chasing him around liked crazy.Yeah this episode was funny.But of course it may seemed that Leomon isn't her partner.But they will become partners eventually in the next episode or so.moreless

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