Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 2 Episode 38

Kyoto Dragon

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2001 on TV Asahi



  • Trivia

    • When Silphymon attacked BlackWarGreymon, she said "Me first, STATIC FORCE". But she is using "ASTRO LASER".

    • When Shakkuomon says Harmonious Spirit beams shoot from his eyes. But in the episode when MarineDevimon appears he says Justice Beam!

    • TK called BlackWargreymon's Terra Destroyer attack Terra Force

  • Quotes

    • Davis: At least now you can regain you power, right Azulongmon?
      Azulongmon: Oh, not right away. The Digital World is still unbalanced. First, I must plant my seeds of light where the Destiny Stones once stood, and hope for the best. I've never had much of a green thumb.

    • Azulongmon: The Crest of Kindness was hidden by the powers of darkness, so it was necessary to rebuild it into the Digi-Egg of Miracles. It wasn't easy, so we hired a general contractor.

    • Paildramon: Don't take another step, or else!
      BlackWarGreymon: I choose "or else."

    • BlackWarGreymon: Why do you keep trying to protect the Destiny Stones?
      Silphymon: It's a little something we call "saving the world!"

    • Azulongmon: In order to break the seal, we needed to take away the power from the Digi-Destined crests. Of course, Joe complained about it, but he complained about everything.

    • Azulongmon: After a long battle, each of us guardians was sealed away by the Dark Masters. They didn't even leave us something to read!

    • BlackWarGreymon: (to Azulongmon) I'm grateful to have met you. I now know my existence has a meaning... even if that meaning is only to be hated and loathed.

    • Davis: Where are you going?
      BlackWarGreymon: Some place where things go to disappear.
      Davis: He should try my sock drawer.

    • Azulongmon: BlackWarGreymon, I have nothing more to tell you... unless you want to hear a good joke Gennai told me while I was in limbo?

    • Azulongmon: BlackWarGreymon! Ugh, you ask more questions than Cody does!

    • BlackWarGreymon: What do you mean? I want the truth!
      Azulongmon: You can't handle the truth! The Control Spires here in the Eastern Region were built to seal my power, and you are made from a hundred of those spires! You do the math.

    • Davis: Alright, time for Plan B! By the way, does anyone know what Plan B is?

    • BlackWarGreymon: Move, or else!
      Paildramon: We chose "else"!
      BlackWarGreymon: Very well. Terra Destroyer!

    • Davis: We'll keep one eye on the Digiworld and one eye on the real world, and we'll keep the other eye on each other!
      Azulongmon: You must be Davis. Well, despite him, good luck!

    • Azulongmon: When all around you is darkness, always remember to keep the light on inside, no matter how high your electric bill gets.

    • Arukenimon: Wait right there; I'll be back to destroy in a minute!
      Mummymon: Ditto that!
      Davis: Destiny Stone's can break my bones, but you guys are real losers!
      Mummymon: Oh, thats clever; Did you write yourself?

    • Mummymon: I'm going to put those kids under wraps for the last time!

    • (Azulongmon appears)
      Arukenimon: Mummymon, attack!
      Mummymon: I'd rather not, thanks!

    • Arukenimon: Ready to give up?
      Davis: If you're ready to shut up.

  • Notes

    • This episode was published in the manga Digimon Zero Two Volume 2.

    • First and only time "DNA Digivolve" is heard in the background during a DNA Digivolve. This was done during Angemon and Ankylomon DNA Digivolving to Shakkoumon.

    • Ends "The Destiny Stone Saga".

    • Japanese Title: The Giant Ultimate, Qinglongmon

    • Azulongmon will reappear next season, again as the one who tells all.

    • The name of Armadillomon's Baby form is not said, but he is called Tsubumon. He also debuts.

    • First hint that Myotismon is chief villain of this season. Myotismon was actually referred to as the final villain in the Season 2 episode "Ghost of a Chance" when Wizardmon appeared to Gatomon, Kari, and the Digi-Destined in the real world.

    • Azulongmon makes his debut.

    • Azulongmon's original name was Quinlongmon, which
      "Qinglong"[Blue-Dragon] was mandrian for "Shenlong"[God-Dragon]. And it's japanese counterpart was Seiryuu[Holy Dragon].

      Seiryuu was guardian of the east & his element was wood, which has a assocation with thunder & lightning.

  • Allusions

    • BlackWarGreymon: I want the truth!
      Azulongmon: You can't handle the truth!

      This is a reference to dialogue from the film A Few Good Men.