Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 4 Episode 2

Lobomon: Warrior Of Light

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2002 on TV Asahi

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  • This was an exciting episode to watch. Well, maybe because I like Koji\'s character so much. Careful, this review contains spoilers. ;)

    The lengendary of Light, Lobomon, made his appearence in this episode. This episode started out pretty boring, but it got interesting when JP and Tommy decided to leave and go back to the Real World. They bribed a Pagumon with chocolate into telling them how to go back, and that Pagumon brought friends along to get more chocolate. JP refused to give and more and the Pagumon attacked him. This was funny because Tommy and JP were just FREAKING out. Then they got chased into this hole and wandered around the sewers looking for a way out. The Pagumon followed. Koji was in the sewers at the time too. Meanwhile, Takuya and Zoe noticed they were gone and went looking for them. Takuya and Zoe were arguing about who\'s more mature and that got into a big mess. Haha. Anyways, They fall throught the same hole. Haha, and Zoe was HUGGING Takuya which was hilarious because she was blaming Takuya for hugging her. Then they argued more. xD

    The Pagumon caught up with JP and Tommy and chased them into this gigantic bowl shaped place just as Koji entered it. Koji attacked the Pagumon with a pole with some pretty cool moves. Then thinks got stinky. One of the Pagumon digivoloved into Raremon and started to shoot this green acid all over the place. Koji rescued Tommy from the acid while Takuya Spirit Evolved and held the Raremon off for a moment but he somehow Dedigivolved. Then the Raremon shot acid straight at Takuya, Tommy and Koji. Takuya pushed them out of hte way bue Koji got pushed off into a hole in the middle of the the bowl shaped place. There he found this spirit and flew back out of hte hole as Lobomon. Everyone was gaping at him while he destroyed the Raremon. Then he just walked off. I think Koji is so cool and stuff, but he bothers me in the beginning because he\'s so quiet and lonely.