Digimon: Digital Monsters

Season 3 Episode 37

No Mon Is An Island

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2002 on TV Asahi

Episode Recap

Henry, Rika, Takato and their Digimon go to confront the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon (Phoenix) who sent the Devas to attack earth. Henry is acting more determined to end this, because of Suzie now being here. Lopmon leads them to her former master who says he will destroy them. Henry begins the attack by Matrix digivolving Terriermon into Rapidmon, the others do the same and begin the fight against Zhuqiaomon. But Rapidmon is still injured from stopping Chatsuramon from destroying Suzie & Lopmon. During the battle Lopmon calls out to Suzie and some how Suzie's digivice lifts her into the air and she flies to help Lopmon. When Rapidmon turn back into Terriermon, Henry realizes his mistake and starts to apologize. Suzie arrives and knowing that she will be in danger Terriermon is ready to continue the fight with Henry. They Biomerge into MegaGargomon and they defeat Zhuqiaomon. But, soon after Zhuqiaomon rises up again and gets ready to continue his attack.